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Build Guide by HEjZmoT

Tank Roflkasier? I think so!

By HEjZmoT | Updated on February 14, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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This is my second build on MOBAFire... This is the way I build my Tank Mordekaiser. Don't vote it down because you think my item build is stupid because in my opinion... it's not. If you don't like it, then don't try it and don't down vote.
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For my runes I take Magic Penetration marks, this gives you more damage so that you can nuke the squishies down even quicker, and reduce the enemy tank(s) magic resist so that you gain the extra damage on them aswell, this will majorly improve your teamfight capabilities as you will be able to nuke down very easily the squishy characters your enemy team may have.

I take Dodge Seals because I feel that it will help you survive more as dodging means that you don't take the blow from the shot(this could save your life when running away if about to die) and you'll be able to get the proc from the mastery more often meaning that you are even more mobile.

I take Magic Resistance Glyphs and Quintessences because this build has a lot of armor in it and I think it'd be useful to get some extra magic resist in there.
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Fresh off the pad I choose a Doran's Shield because it gives not only a 120 health boost, but it gives a nice amount of hp/5 and a small amount of armor that makes you be able to survive that little bit more, it also allows you to take more harassment from those pesky ranged Auto-Attack Champions such as Ashe and Caitlyn.

When I head back I tend to buy Sorc. Shoes, this'll impact your early game and late game presence as you'll be able to pierce quite a fair chunk of that evil Magic Resist that the opponent will have.

Next I buy a Regrowth Pendant for the extra health regen so you can spam spells more without worrying about your health loss.

When I next plod off to base I generally pick up a Giant's Belt that will eventually build into a lovely Sunfire Cape. You can pick up the Chain Vest first if you're having trouble with those pesky High Auto-Attack damage Champions such as Tryndamere, Pantheon and Master Yi(providing he's building for Attack Damage)

Next time that I jump in the recall bus I pick up the rest of my Sunfire Cape(be it Giant's Belt and the Recipe or Chain Vest and the recipe) I do this because it has an amazing permanent AoE damage which compliments your Creeping Death very nicely.

Heading back to base next I will normally pick up EITHER a Negatron Cloak(so it builds into the wonderful Force of Nature) if they're heavy on Magic Damage or I pick up a Chain Vest(for Thornmail) if they're heavy on Auto-Attack Damage.

Next of all I would usually finish my Thornmail and grab a Negatron Cloak or I would pick up all of my Force of Nature or the best part of it.

The next item I would head to base for is Giant's Belt building towards Warmogg's Armor for the truly AMAZING hp boost(as you'll have pretty low health at this point in-game) and possibly either the Ruby Crystal or Regrowth Pendant.

Next I would build towards a Guardian Angel... the reasoning for this is that after buying this, you'll be truly invincible and having that 750 HP Resurrection the enemy may aswell just kneel at your feet and wait for you to completely annihilate them as they'll probably all have low hp(I've won a 1v3 due to this item).
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Situational Items

If you're against a VERY heavy Magic Damage you should consider getting a Banshee's Veil, I know what all of you trolls are thinking, ZOMFG THERE'S MANA ON IT!!!... who give a flying f*ck, it blocks a negative spell, imagine if you're running away and Ashe decides to fling her ulti at you... their whole team is there and a stun would secure your death, now imagine if your Banshee's Veil popped just at the right time so you don't get stunned most probably securing your survival.

If you're against a very heavy Auto-Attack team you could considering buying Frozen Heart, again, I know what you trolls are thinking, ZOMFG MANA!, who cares? the 99 armor... the yummy cooldown reduction... Armor = Taking less damage from auto-attacks, Cooldown reduction = you hitting quicker with your skills = your shield more sustainable = you survive more, it's just a completely win item against a melee heavy team.
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Skill Sequence

I choose to max Siphon of Destruction first because it will be your main source of damage and you can easily harass people with this spell and keep your shields at maximum capacity or atleast very high so you can take a hefty amount of damage.

I get Creeping Death at level 2 as it's quite a bit of damage it also is complimented very nicely by all of your other spells and it's also a great tool for minion farming.

I get Mace of Spades at level 4 because it gives a bit of damage, but not as much compared to the likes of Siphon of Destruction or Creeping Death, so I choose to leave it.

Children of the Grave is Mordekaiser's ultimate, it takes a certain % of the targets health and if they die during the duration of the spell, you gain their ghost as a pet. You gain some of the target's AD and AP and Health due to how much you have... this is just simply overpowered in my eyes, this could turn a 3v1 situation into a technically 2v2 situation(providing you kill the target), I get this as soon as I can, at levels 6, 11 and 16.
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Summoner Spells

Your summoner spells should be an obvious choice... but if it's not clear, I'll explain... Ignite and your Ulti are an amazing combo for that champ that ran away(if ghost is on CD) or if you die and they're on pretty low HP your Ignite and Ulti will finish them off. Ignite is your extra DoT that you will need with your Ult. With these two combined, even if the enemy champion gets away from you, the DoTs can still kill them. Ghost as i said in the Masteries section is for chasing and escaping.
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I have taken a standard 9/21/0 mastery tree as the 15% magic penetration in the offense tree is just too good to pass up, the ability power and ability cooldown masteries are just amazing bonuses for this build.

I have take the standard 21 points in Defense because you'll have more hp from Veteran Scars which will make your take that little but more punishment early game, survivability from the Resistance and Armor Masteries and even a small chunk of AP from Ardor.
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To sum up, this is a very high damage reduction build that'll make you survive like a *****, and still enable to eat your target's faces. If you have any suggestions or tips on how I can make this build better, feel free to leave a comment.
League of Legends Build Guide Author HEjZmoT
HEjZmoT Guide
Tank Roflkasier? I think so!