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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrpink


mrpink Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

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Utility: 21

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Hello guys!

this is my first build so i apologize if its not precise or w/e...
this is for jungling or laning warwick as well... some people think that warwick is a bad laner, i disagree... warwick is my favorite champion... he can do it all. i have played around with lots of builds for him and this is my there will be 2 descriptions for this guide... one for lane and one for jungle. hope you enjoy this build guide! thanks!

P.S. this is my opinion, im not trying to say that is is the best/only way to play warwick... just my take on it... if you dont agree or like it... try to make one of your own builds and post it... :)

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The runes i stated are the ones i use.... full armor pen reds, full armor yellows, cooldown blues, and armor pen quints. there are many diff rune builds that work here... you can swap armor for dodge yellows. cooldowns for mana regen or attack speed blues, and armor pen for magic pen reds(his hungering strike uses magic dmg and blood razors and sunfire cape do too!) and you can change armor pen quints, to flat health or ability power (hungering strike)

another weird tricky warwick rune build is this:
Ability power Quintessences
Magic Penetration Marks
Mana Regen Seals
Magic resist Glyphs

now, while this one makes him really tanky, he doesnt do enough damage here in my opinion so try it and see which you like more...

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if you chose the runes i used, then stick with those same masteries 9-0-21

if you chose the weird one then put more points in defense and utilty 0-21-9

as jungle warwick you Need most of your points in utility... some like to jungle with points in Offense which also works, but me, i like the move speed mainly... you could go 21-0-9 and do fine, however my personal experience tells me that 9(with the really important magic pen and cooldowns) -0-21 (putting point into mana, ghost, movement speed, experience, and most importantly UTILITY MASTERY for increased best...

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the items i mentioned above are the ones i use and in that order,
if you are gonna jungle then you should rush madreds razors.... but if you are laning, you should rush catalyst... (starting with mana crystal and pots rather than cloth armor and pots)

now sometimes i chose black cleaver for my final item, sometimes i chose atmas, and sometimes i chose guardian angel... it depends on the enemy team buildup...

i absolutely love frozen mallet on warwick! it gives him survivabilty, and it makes it so that whatever you chase cant get away... at all, and if you use the other tank items (banshees, and sunfire cape) then it makes it so that even if they run to towers, you can still take a bit of punishment and get that kill...

other items i consider, again depending on the enemy team, are Force of Nature, and spirit visage...that is if the team has more AP champs...

now some people will laugh at this build because they think that warwick should go all out attack speed and damage... stacking bloodrazors, wits end, and malady which if you can pull it off in the first 30 mins of the game then you will probably win because his damage output with those 3 items and some magic penetration is disgusting... but if your team fails to gank... then you are pretty much screwed because warwick is not very durable late game without items... so though i dont disagree with that logic, this build will make you stay in the game later...

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Skill Sequence

if you are junging you can max out hunters call or hungering strike first... i prefer hungering strike personally... and you take a point in blood scent at lvl 4.... then mid game you wanna max out blood scent, because it will get you in and out of fights quickly...

when laning i max out hungering strike and blood scent first, and leave hunters call for the end, (i take one point in hunters call at lvl 5 though) because early game, mobility is crucial! and it seems that when i take blood scent over hunters call it gets me more first bloods....

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Summoner Spells

Jungle: smite and ghost. (you can swap ghost for exhaust or flash)

Lane: Ghost and Exhaust

in my opinion the only spells warwick should consider using are ghost,smite,exhaust,flash,and ignite... any of the others are not needed... and ignite is a stretch as well...

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Pros / Cons


1. his late game potential is severely increased with this build! his amazing life steal ability as well as infinite duress and hungering strike, will make you a pain to kill (with my itembuild you should be rockin close to 4k life)

2. no one will be able to run away from you... ever, unless they are stealth in which case you buy an oracle an that problem is solved...

3. he becomes an incredible support champion this way... with this build he is a support, tank, melee dps... with his slow from mallet, supress from infinte duress, damage from sunfire cape and ability to take a whooping your team will love you...


1. with this build it is a lot harder to get early game wins... since you arent capitalizing on his damage output.... but if you are planning to play ranked and harder games it will be ok that you arent as good early....

2. also ww is great for soloing dragon! but with my build he doesnt have enough attack speed to solo him early on... so you will need help to take him down... however it always help to keep an eye out for when it spawns so you can scoop up an enemy kill if someone tries to take it while youre around...

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Creeping / Jungling

when you are jungling you can start at their blue or your own... make sure that your teammates help you if you feel you might get ganked... if there is an evelyn or twitch in the opposing team... you should buy a vision ward in case she tries to steal your buffs or kill you when you are low...(its happened to me before, dont let it happen to you) keep your eyes on the map for whenever stealthies arent in lane... at lvl 1 smite does approx 475 dmg so whenever you se the golems health lower than that use smite!

after you have blue buff, you can go to wolves, then wraiths, then with smite back up go take red buff at lvl 2 or 3, depending on what the highest lvl in the game is... if its 2 and you are too, then go for it, otherwise get to lvl 3 before trying it...

after you have red buff you should try and gank someone.... look around the map and see if there is anyone with low health.... if there is... hide until they overextend themselves then pop ghost and land an auto attack then hungering strike! this ensures that they are slowed as you probably wont have boots by this point.... so be wary and if you have a stun on your team then you should try and gank that lane, or any lane in your team that is struggling...

aside from that be aware as i stated above that it will be harder for you to take down the dragon with this build because of your low attack speed and inability to proc madreds razors enough times.... but with one teammate helping it usually goes down fairly quickly.

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well there you have it! my take on warwick.... give it a shot if you want to! have fun!

and remember

"i smell their fear" :)