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Akali Build Guide by alorama

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alorama

Tankali-I am not a Glass Cannon

alorama Last updated on June 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a build that i made when i got bored one day. I thought I'm on a winning spree ima have some fun and troll and apparently it's a good build as i realized i can win 3 vs 1 fights and thought to myself trololol. so try and have fun with this build it is evil once you can execute it properly I hope you guys use it well. my IGN is Alorama PM me I'm in chats often and love to play the game (I'm on way too much) and will probably be willing to play games with you people. if you read this rate it pl0x otherwise it'll just lay waste at the bottom of mobafire. THIS GUIDE IS NOT YET COMPLETE I WILL ADD MORE LATER!!!

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Pros / Cons


- If you can play her well enough you can get 2-5 kills before dieing in ranked in a 1 vs 5.
- They will still focus you thinking you should be squishy, but you can easily live and get away while your team deals damage.
- High amounts of AP end game so you can still do ridiculous damage.
- Great to make people love/hate you depending on what side you are on.
- Early and late game you will be very hard to kill
- Can easily solo mid/top lanes
- Good way to carry a team and make your way outa elo hell.


- you have to have a very good knowledge of how to use twilight shroud at the proper times to not screw your team or you over because of the way you are building you cannot use it as you get into a fight to kill people.
- In the middle of the game you are vulnerable.
- This build makes you use Akali very aquardly (at least in my opinion).
- You have almost no attack damage late game thus you have to rely on your skills for almost all damage.
- if you do bad with this build your team will rage at you and use the build as an excuse etc its just annoying.

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I choose this rune page because then early game your added damage passive unlocks and helps you burst down people and at the same time with dorans blade and the marks your passive gives you good spell vamp until you have a gun blade. if you want you can replace a quintessence for more attack damage or HP. i choose the dodge seals because face it don't we all love dodging every 4-6 attacks that people shoot at us?

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I get these masteries because it leaves me with a good amount of ability power and cool down boosts, as well it gives you reduced damage taken and allows extra dodge rate because again there is no such thing as too much dodge. That's about all there is to me said on masteries.

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This Component will take a bit of reading.

First off You get the dorans blade that way right off the start of the game both of your passives are unlocked thus early game laning is a lot easier. You get the Ninja tabi because the extra defense is also very handy early game. now you can either get catalyst the protector or you can get hex tech revolver first here if you get catalyst the protector you can stay in lane longer because whenever you level you heal, but with the hex-tech revolver you will have a lot more luck when you dive someone to try and get the kill. My advice to you is when in a solo lane you get the catalyst first because you recover more due to the fact you level faster. When with a buddy in lane get the rev revolver first so u can easily win a 2vs2/1vs1 because you heal. now you finish your rod of ages here so that the passive can be of a help to you faster. once you have the rod of ages start building into a bilge-water cutlass to improve your passive and allow you to be rid of the dorans blade. finish into a gun-blade and by this point you should have sold your dorans blade. once you have the gun-blade the rest of the build is more of a preference thing on how you build it however i will say the zohnyas is not expendable but the rylai's and abyssal can be because you need the zohnyas active for part of the strategy. That is just the build that works best for me and i've had friends try it and they used it well so i figure it's a good item set up. thats it for items you can build a banshees veil or a randiums omen for all i care just keep those three items.

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Skill Sequence

I don't think that the skill sequence for akali is that difficult as she especially on tankali because you have less safety boundaries. basically you need to use mark of the assassin or shadow dance when your tank has gone in, use mark of the assassin if your close enough otherwise gap close with shadow dance then mark of the assassin and auto attack and crescent slash and so forth. if you start off with mark of the assassin then you jump in with shadow dance auto attack them crescent slash mark of the assassin auto attack or pursue until shadow dance ten auto attack and so forth. if you ever see 2 or more people in range of crescent slash use it. if you ever feel like you might be in danger use twilight shroud then try and shadow dance to a person or minion that will help you escape or put you in less danger.=, if there is no other way flash to a nearby bush or through a wall they only see where you land they don't see that you flashed. USE THE GUN-BLADES ACTIVE IN SEQUENCE WITH YOUR SKILLS!!

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells that work:
Flash- great escape
Ignite- That last bit of damage u may need
Exhaust- keep them in range of all your abilities (crescent slash as well as auto attack)
Teleport- not the best but it can work.
cleanse- this can be really helpful if you see yourself against a cc heavy team take it it'll save your life.
The rest you don't touch.

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So here is the build as far as it goes you can Leroy Jenkins a good number of people, but only if you are fed don't try and go into 3 or even two people without help unless you're sure you can win. you need a tank that can do a decent initiation that's really the most team you need so if he sucks walk him through an initiation plan. This is the build rate and comment please.