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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ka$hman

Tankin' it old skewl

Ka$hman Last updated on April 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my Alistar build. There weren't many tank alistar builds out there that I liked very much so I thought I would put the one ive been having success with for everyone to enjoy. Alistar can be a devastating force. Not only does he work well in the other teams face tanking damage, but then he can stun and headbutt members of the other team back to his team and watch as they ravage him. This works really well in the laning phase too. If you are laning with a champ that can put out some damage wait for them to get low then flash (if you can't get close enough without it which is usually the case) pulverize, headubtt. It takes some practice to get it down well, but once you do you'll be serving up kills to your team on a silver platter.

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The runes I use are attack speed marks, dodge seals, attack speed glyphs, and health regeneration/5 quints. Attack speed is great on Alistar because it increases your farming capability and adds to your very low damage output. The dodge seals are a great compliment to the evasion and nimbleness masteries. This plus some merc. treads and the enemy team will be hard pressed to bog you down when you and your team are getting away from a dangerous situation, as you will likely be the last one out of the battle. The extra health regen will keep you in your lane as long as you need to be.

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masteries are focused in defense. 0-21-9. The attack speed runes will make up for not having masteries in attack. And points in the utility tree will give you more health and mana regen.

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As alistar is a poor farmer your first item will be a regrowth pendant, you will have some pretty insane health regen at level 1. This will eventually be upgraded to a philosiphers stone giving you health and mana regen plus much needed gold/5. Next item will be merc. treads. After that get a glacial shroud. This provides you with mana, armor, and cooldown which are all good things Alistar needs. Then you can upgrade it later to a frozen heart. But first your next items will be the ingredients for a force of nature. Even more health regen, plus loads of magic resist. After that I like to get a giants belt, then upgrade it to a frozen mallet. This is where Alistar starts getting pretty beastly. The health is great, but the frozen mallet slow effect with your attack speed runes can be devastating to the other team. A lot of times if your abilities are on cooldown Alistar is just standing there not able to do much, but with this item you can really make a difference with your auto attack. After this you will have to decide if you need more magic resist or armor depending on the enemy team. If its armor you need upgrade that glacial shroud to a frozen heart, if its magtic resist you need get a spirit visage. This great item gives you health, magic resist, cooldown reduction, and increases your healing effect on yourself, plus it is relatively cheap. If you need more armor upgrade to the frozen heart first, then get spirit visage. And if you still havent dominated the other team yet get a guardian angel. This gives you armor and magic resist, plus makes you basically invincible.

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Skill Sequence

I get pulverize first. You should wait by your tower for the minions to come, and when they do walk straight to the bushes. If there are enemies waiting there pulverize them and you and your lane partner can focus one down. This has lead to a lot of easy first bloods for my lane super early, if you dont get the kill, which likely they will be able to escape, they will likely recall. If they dont you can get them at level 2 when you get headbutt, which will be your second skill. Third is triumphant roar, Alistars healing ability. after that skill up pulverize and heal keeping headbutt at level 1 for a while.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ghost. Flash is a must on Alistar. It will lead to many many many kills for you or your lane partner throughout the game. wait patiently for your partner to get one of them low in health then, when the time is right, flash right up on them immediately pulverize, then headbutt them back to your lane partner who should be able to finish them off. Ghost is always useful for catching, retreating, or if your flash is on cooldown you can use it to charge up to an enemy and pulverize/headbutt them back.