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Warwick Build Guide by Necrosis IV

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necrosis IV

Tankwick - the werewolf tank

Necrosis IV Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When i started playing league of legends, the very first week, warwick was on the free champ rotation. I couldn't resist to his awsome might, so he was my first champ i would ever purchace.. Later as i reached 30 level, i found out (the hard way) that warwick was not good as a melee dps as it was in low level games... great disapointment... Really loving this champ, i tried to find the best way to play him. so,

i present to you, Tankwick

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For runes i take flat armor and magic resist, nothing much to be said here.

For masteries i go for the 9/21/0, you gonna need the 15% magic penetration for the hungering strike and all the defence you can get. Also archmage's savvy and ardor is a good little boost for hungering strike that may come handy.

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Skill sequence

You will try max out first hungering strike. It is a great spell to harass enemies and be able to survive in battles and hold a lane for much longer. Then you will go for the Hunters Call. Don't thing that you gonna use it for dps on enemy champs, and because you gonna play warwick as tank it wont be needed, so better switch to Blood Scent so you can chase. Hunters Call has a three roles to play in every game:
a) it is the perfect tower distroyer and dragon/baron killer. you will significally boost your teams attack speed. Taking a tower, dragon or baron down will be way faster.
b) it is a great advantage in every team fight for your ad's
c) if you get way too harassed in a lane, making Hungering Strike not enough to recover health, farming with Hunters Call the creeps will restore your health faster due to your awsome passive.

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Summoner Spells

I personally take Ghost and Flash, but other great spells would be cleanse (for countering the cc), ignite (too boost your ulti or prevent a target being healed - such as swain).

if you are confident enough you would go for fortify (in addition to your ulti while enemys turret dive it can be devastating), teleport (for assisting other lanes quickly).

Do not take heal, revive, rally.. you wont need it, and heal probably gonna screw you up.

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You start with the typical Doran's ring, for hp, mp/5, and ap (that is a nice early boost for your Hungering Strike). You will continue with the Mercury's threads then you get Spirit visage, it has everything you need: healing amplification, cooldown reduction, magic resistance and health and then you continue with sunfire cape. this is your core build, you have CC reduction, health, armor, cool down reduction, magic resistance and AOE damage that is a MUST in warwick where he has not a single aoe skill to help him gather assist, therefore gold.

The next items are situational items. If you feel confident and your AP carry is doing good, you will go for an abyssal scepter to boost your Hungering strike in AP and magic penetration, boost your AP carry, and give you more magic resistance.

Guardian angel is a good addition if you get to be the enemies' focus (though that is not much likely to happen often) and banshees veil for some extra health, mana and magic res.

In other tough situations a better choice would be a Force of nature and a Thornmail.

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Your goal is to go for a solo lane and you try to last hit (so far so good).
about harassing:
if the enemy champ do not seems too harass you alot, you will use Hungering strike with ease but you should reserve mana for ulti.

if the enemie harass you, you must try and land hungering strike after his skills (vice versa you will have hp lost and hunger strike's heal will be thrown away)

in both situations when his health reach bellow 50% you will able to move faster (due to blood scent), landing Hunger strike much easier.

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Preparing the kill

As i mentioned above, you try and harass with your Hungering strike. The best you can do is always keep the enemy bellow 50% for mobily. As soon as your jungler comes for gank, you try and land one last Hunger strike and immediatly after that you use your ulti, enabling your jungler too do as much damage as possible. if the enemy do not die, he will sure flash out. If you are sure that one Hungering strike is what is needed for the kill, you reach, flash in, immediatly use Hunger strike and you leave. If the damage from you and your jungler was not enough, you let the enemy escape (unfortunatelly).

Another scenario is that you have to be against 2 enemies in the lane. it is the same. you harass with Hungering strike. you will focus on the target that is more squishy than the other. there are times that you will be able to kill them both after a good harassment session and times that you will strive to hold your lane.

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Team Work

Your role in the team is initiating team fights and saving teammates. in every team fight you get in the front so you will get targeted A LOT. with good resistances the hp lost could be easily recovered with a Hungering strike.

now, there are thre possible scenarios:
you are chasing the enemy team who is retreating after some harassment from your teammates. Your work there is to chase and ulti at their loose end (but not their tank). you get 1 easy kill, and enemies will (in most of the cases) retreat.

you are starting a team fight. soon someone else will be focused (mainly a carry). you will ulti on the player who is dealing the most damage in order to save your carry and give your team an easy kill. If their carry is not targeted first and you have the time window, you ulti on their main dpser and take him down immediatly.

someone is chased by an enemy. You try to reach and ulti immediatly at the enemy and after that you land a Hungering strike. in most cases the enemy will retreat.

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Some examples

my last games, and this is a really special image. If you have study some software development you probably know that number will be:

Uploaded with

see my damage taken? this number is the maximum value that a short int variable can get. i had taken AT LEAST 65535 damage, in a game and i had 6 deaths. there is not any other tank i had tried that took about 19 times his MAXIMUM life with those items as damage, and still had only 6 deaths!

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Playing warwick as a tank it is a bit tricky to learn, but fearsome when mastered. everything has to do with timing. to know when you must land Hunger strike, when you are clear to engage, when to engage to kill or to save. But in the end it takes practise, effort and a good knowledge of the champion.

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Last words

This is the first guide i have ever wrote and im not very familiar to make the guide a little bit more flashy with item icons etc etc, but i may do it in the future. What matters to me now is to give a good guide and only this. The only reason this was written, was purely for love of this champion.

I play him since level 1 and i will not stop playing him.

P.S. im in the EUwest, if you want anything to tell me, pm me there!

hope you enjoyed else, "it is only fun if YOU run"...