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Zed Build Guide by meanwords

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League of Legends Build Guide Author meanwords

Tanky AD Zed

meanwords Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Starting Off

I would recomend starting off mid but if not possible go solo top. Get your Q first and your choice after that. I like to switch it up ever game between my clone and my E. I fyou feel like harrassing them get your clone. Other wise just get yout slash to farm minions. Just make sure by level 3 you have all 3 skills forr maximum harrassment. Try to poke as much as u can with your Q and hit them every once in awhile with auto attacks. An easy way to to do that is lay down your clone, throw your shuriken then walk away far enough so they get close to your clone and then switch with the clone last second and hit then with your E and basic attacks. Hopefully a shuriken too if the CD is down.

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Why i chose my items.

I made up my own build because 1. i was tired of the same build everyone was doing and 2. because i found that Zed was dieing to quickly, so i decided on more tank. Even only having just a BT and last whisper is enough damage to help kill in fights. The phantom dancer is for more crits and faster auto attacks. And the mogs and GA is just for survivablity. As for boots, it all depends on the team. If they have lots of stun then get Mercs other wise i go for beserker greeves.

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Late game combos

When fighting you always want to try and lead in with your ulti because after 3 seconds the mark will explode dealing 40% of the damage you do during the mark is on. So lead in with that and spam your abilities. I fins that using your E first is helpful because its slows them making it easy to land a shuriken. after that i like to lay my clone down and use another E for the slow and then basic auto attack. By this time the mark has exploded and you should have them close to dead if not dead. In the case where they dont die hopefully ignite picks up the kill for you.

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Helpful tips

If you do go mid i would recomend buying at least 1 ward to help avoid being ganked by enemy jungler. if not that then just periodicly check brush from safe distance with your shadow clone. make sure you always have your flash or clone up to escape ganks other wise you might just die.

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Team fighting

Try to always let your tank/support initiate first. Even though you might have Mogs and GA, if people focus you then you will die quickly and your no help to the team. Try to focus there AD carrys first because usually they die pretty easy to the combo said earlier. If you get low health stay back a distance and just poke with shuriken. maybe try to pick up kills with it also. Yeah it might be a KS but hey, a kill is a kill, right?

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End game

You should have a fuil build by now and hopefully your winning. If on defence stay at a turret if possible and lay your clone down and hit minion waves with double shurikens and spam your E to clear the waves. Hopefully that will hold them off until someone initiates. If winning though just follow tips from above and always /laugh in the end if you win. Its fun to listen to and its humerous.