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Leona Build Guide by pyromyko

Tanky annoyance

Tanky annoyance

Updated on November 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pyromyko Build Guide By pyromyko 1,684 Views 0 Comments
1,684 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pyromyko Leona Build Guide By pyromyko Updated on November 22, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



This guide was meant for my play style which consists of coordinated fights relatively. Also is built to how I felt she lacked. (which was that she got melted relatively fast compared to other champs). I built this to be a tanky harrasment with CC .

P.S. I hate people running away unless its me lol!.
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Skill Sequence

I open with stun so that you can peel or stun someone for/ from ganks. E for threat of Harrasment. W for an exploding shield.. well your a tank and the shield well explodes and deals dmg.

The reason for maxing e before q is because when you cast e and land it it immobilizes your target till you get there and then you can hit e. E is alos normally on a shorter cd than e. so to have e higher allows you to keep them from running alway and combo with e faster.

When ganking open W>E>Q for a burst combo and skill shot her ult. to stun longer.
If ganking solo then wait for an auto if possible because of her passive which lets you do a little more damage on next hit.

Early game this leona isnt so much a pusher to save mana for coordinated pokes/ganks. Late game leona should use e and then q to wipe out minion waves to push/ kill time.
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magic pen so that lower lvl fights your shield pops for a decent amount for a little more burstiness. mr and health for the usual

normally people use health quints but at around lvl 10 the one over time makes up however inline with this guide: I HATE PEOPLE RUNNING! which is why its move speed and the health is mead up with a mark.

If i can catch you and slow you down enough so my team can catch you thats good enough for me.
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with her new masteries and runes she will have max cdr and the masteries were built for late game stability also, with health.
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Force of Nature to be swapped with Thornmail if AD heavy..Force is primarily there if balanced and because of the movement speed. Lucidity for the cdr :) If not insanely bad another route is after warmogs >Frozen heart> Force of Nature > Thornmail/Atma's> Banshee's Veil. or you can get the cdr item from frozen heart then build force or nature.

The reason I do NOT have heart of gold is because yes it is 5 gp10 however i rather have the health from a giants belt which is twice that of the heart of gold and not much more.. The reason that I dont have heart of gold other than health is that 850g/5g *10s is still 1700/60 which to have it break even is wearing it for 28.33 minutes and by then its the end of the game or I could have used the gold on something else (closer to finishing warmogs). It was a econ opportunity cost decision.

I kept philo. stone so that early game you can stay in the lane for ages and that the additional cost after the pendant is 365/5*10 is 730 which is a bout 12 minutes which is still relatively good because you probably wont sell this off till the end.

The reason behind this is leona's w gives insane MR and AR, there is DR(diminishing returns) so we build health then more MR if the enemy is nuking us otherwise thornmail. Then Atmas for a little more damage because who likes not doing some damage. To have faster cool downs we add reverie then frozen heart if still tons of ad else perhaps trinity force.

Other viable items:
Ninja tabi: for dodge
Merc treds: for the tenacity

sunfire cape for a little poking aoe.
Randuins Omen to slow since they will be attacking you

Spirit Visage for health regen increase

Guardians Angel: who hates undying people?! esp annoyign tanks!
Trinity force: great...but leaves you alittle squishy so if its not too bad switch this for atmas.

turn philo stone into eleisra's Miracle

reason for no tenacity: tanks dont commonly do too much so they just ignore them halfway and burn cc on others.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pyromyko
pyromyko Leona Guide
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Tanky annoyance

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