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League of Legends Build Guide Author faminepony

Tanky AP Morgana

faminepony Last updated on March 14, 2011
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Chapter 1

Item List
Ruby Crystal - I start with the Ruby Crystal so I can have some survivability at the beginning of the game just in case your teammate does something stupid and leaves you stranded as bait. But if you want you can start with a Sapphire Crystal and some health potions.

Rod of Ages - The item that starts a ton of mage builds, the Rod of Ages. It gives everything the mage needs, health, mana, and AP. It also gives you increasing Health, Mana, and AP to a certain point.

Boots of Swiftness - Now I choose either between this item or the Boots of Mobility. It determines, do you want to get around the map faster, or do you want to be able to escape battle if you need to, but if you do okay without movement I would suggest the Sorcerer's Shoes.

Abyssal Scepter - This raises your ability power and your magic resistance, so you won't just have health but you will also be able to survive magic attacks a little better. As another bonus it lowers your opponents magic resist by 20, helping your whole team out.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Another amazing item, and I am glad they split Zhonya's Ring apart and made the two new items. But I get this one first for the armor and more ability power, and the active ability work with Morgana if you run in and soul shackles, I would only use it if you are being targeted and close to death because the active will wear off before your last part of soul shackles, but when they are stunned you just run off.

Guardian Angel - This item helps out if you do manage to die, you get an extra life and you also get more armor and magic resist, so you have more survivability, which is always loved and needed.

Rabadon's Deathcap - This is the last item cause by this point you are going to need more damage output if the game is still going on, the deathcap gives your more AP than the ring, and more AP percentage increased.

Summoner Spells

I Chose
Flash = So I changed this from clairvoyance because it works great with Soul Shackles. You Flash into the team fight and activate Soul Shackle, then when you see that you are taking damage you activate Zhonya's Hourglass to make you untargetable. By this point everyone will either run or be stunned helping your team get some kills.

Teleport - Because Morgana is slow, and she needs to be able to get to places, and this can also help with ganks, and it really helps if you have teemo shrooms, or Jack-in-the-Boxes, so you can teleport to them, end up behind your enemies and snare them and you are your teammates have a field day on your opponents health.

You Can Choose
Clarity - If you have a hard time with keeping mana, then I would suggest this spell.

Ignite - Hey it is amazing early, it can do some more damage a probably help get the First Blood

Exhaust - I don't like it much, it helps if you have the mastery in it to reduce magic resistance, but you can already snare and slow so you don't have much of a problem getting away or keeping people near you.

Ghost - Another amazing get away ability, but I still don't like it enough to take it because of your snare, but you can take it instead of teleport so you can get to places faster or run.

Greater Mark of Force - I like the greater mark of force because by level you end up getting more AP early on than you would if you were using the marks for static AP, so by the end of the match you will have more AP than you would with the static.

Greater Seal of Replenishment - These will help you early game with Morgana's mana ***** problem, it will help you be able to harass a little more and stay in the lane a lot longer.

Greater Glyph on Potency - I like this one more than the dynamic ones because it gives a nice AP base early game which can help in getting that first blood that everyone loves so much :P

Greater Quintessence of Replenishment - While normally I would find the seal's enough for mana regeneration, with Mages I never do, I feel like that she needs some more mana regeneration to keep her in that lane a lot longer.

Morgana's Spells
Dark Binding - This spell is her main spell to set up everything, ganks, fleeings, and final hits. It can give your partner enough time to run away from an opponent or help them catch up dealing a final blow.

Tormented Soil - I see this as a main harassing technique, because you can place it under an opponent despite minions being around and if you have an opponent dark bound then you can harass them with Tormented Soil, but personally I would rather put Tormented Soil there first and let the passive of Tormented Soil work to lower the opponents magic resistance and then dark binding them keeping them the the Tormented Soil for a longer amount of time.

Black Shield - This is a spell you need to learn how to use this on the fly, to prevent spells and slows, snare, etc. from hitting you and your teams mates, you cannot activate it to early, or it is to obvious, but if you activate it to late, well it is obvious what will happen.

Soul Shackles - Morgana's Ultimate likes to be hit by a nerf stick :P, anyways this is still an amazing ability, it can nuke there health while slowing the opponent so your teammates can catch up to the opponent(s), and then, well happy stunning, if you need to you can use it to scare the **** out of an opponent.

This is my favorite way to play Morgana, I know you might have other ideas and I would love to hear them, as always please comment before voting because a thumbs up or down will not help to make this guide any better.

P.S Morgana loves blue buff, and even though the Elixirs were all nerfed they can still help Morgana during the game. Especially early game when she has very little AP.