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Not Updated For Current Season

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Malzahar Build Guide by JasonT816

Tanky Malz FTW

Tanky Malz FTW

Updated on September 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JasonT816 Build Guide By JasonT816 6,712 Views 11 Comments
6,712 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JasonT816 Malzahar Build Guide By JasonT816 Updated on September 7, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity



This guide is unique as far as i know. Malz has been my main since i started and got 6300

to buy him. His spells can do massive damage taking out any other champ if used right. I

learned quick how squishy Malz can be. Not only that but after time I learned how truly

powerful he is with more than one voidling handy : )). that means life and mana, lots of it.

Everyone laughs when i say tanky malz but when ww uses supress or xin comes at me its nice

being able to survive that initial onlslaught and hit em with all my spells for the kill : ))
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Items Explained

So to start i just get a pair of boots, and a few pots for extra lane time and early harrass, 2 health and one mana, but mainly boots, I hate being slow.. My next items situational. I try to stay in mid lane

(if noone else insists on it, though i dont mind laning at all) until I have over a 1000 more

gold. Doing my best to not take hits, still play aggressively (throws them off when you keep

hitting them with MV and call ; ) should still have good health and i use clarity when i run

out. Im acutally usually still in lane until i use clarity a second time. Ive read soooo

many posts about the uselessness of Malz Passive but I disagree, you want voidlings as much

as possible. So if I have 1150G i go back and get sorc shoes and a mana crystal. If for

some reason im forced back early and i have only 400 ill get a mana crystal and save boots

for when i have it. Same goes for next time i store if i have enough ill get catalyat

and a blasting wand for some ap to build a rod of ages(in my opinion malz most important item) . now there enough mana to be

constantly be throwing spells without too much worry of running out with clarity handy as

well. Next...void staff. i like the extra mag pen and the AP, Items/Runes/Masteries help a

champ early game but only learning skill with the character and knowing when to go in and

when to GTFO will accomplish that. with a catalyst which i should say is a big help staying in

lanes and surviving when health starts to get low and then you bounce back up when you LVL

which early game should be fairly often. I always try to make it my goal to lvl faster than

anyone else, i feel thats important to success. Ok so now we are a beefy malz with health

and mana, we are now mid game and ready for some AP. ppl may disagree saying aps malz strong

point, theyre right it is but his spells will do good dmg without it. : ). Rest of

game should stay in AP section of store. I work for Void staff first. I dont know exact

numbers for dmg dealt and such but i have over 300 games with malz and notice the health of

most champs go down a little faster with the magic pen, what its for right? : ) So I build

Void staff, from here most games usually get close to an end and if they are longer malz gets

gold very fast if you keep pushing lanes and even jungle a little so rabadons cap is what i

build next. ill be honest from here out you have a couple slot still open and can buy whatever you

want, i mix it up sometimes, get another cap, arch staff is good, morello's

is nice for more cd, ap and mana regen but you have so much mana by lvl18 you really dont

need like i said end game you can do whatever, ive had a couple games last long

enough to sell stuff and just have boots and 5 deathcaps ; )~
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Runes Explained

Runes is tough for me, I just dont know for sure what is best and they seem to offer so

little bonus even with full page but i know it does help and many people have different

opinions, ill explain why i use what i do. Marks i go for mag pen to help spells hurt a

little more early game. seals are up for debate, i used health regen/5 which helps you get

back up if youre low to stay in lane longer, switched to mana regen/5 but with all the mana

items bought it doesnt make toooo much difference but maybe a little help early game keeping

mana up. and i am sure that i like CD reduction glyphs, not planning on changing those. my

ult for malz is down to 56 seconds mid-late game and is up fast : )). quints...i started

with 3 2% exp. gained, i definitely lvld faster than anyone with that and the mastery a total

of 11% bonus experience gained. only maybe zilean or people that paid for exp bonus with RP

can lvl faster. i recently switched it for more magic pen quints and one mana regen quint.

really only to make the number looks more even ; )~. so with magic pen marks and two magic

pen quints you get +12 magic pen(which really isnt much compared to what you get from

items...) 4.9 mana regen/5 from seals and one quint. (again not much) and 5.89 cd reduction

which i do notice how fast spells come back up. those are up for debate and im open to

helpful suggestions on what might be better, thats just what i use.
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A little strategy for Malz

Playing aggressive keeps the other team wondering how op you are while bringing their

health down little by little, avoiding their attacks comes down to knowing the game and other

champs as well. i say malz is the best for farming and pushing lanes. i max malefic visions

before anything else because at 5 it does awesome dmg to minions and great for jumping onto

champs and draining their health, early game i even ignore minions sometimes to try to hit

champs trying to farm GREAT HARRASMENT SPELL because you can hit them with it from decent

range. AAAAnd once hit your voidling, (preferably mature) will run to the infected champ and

start tagging for added dmg. i love chasing a fleeing champ to their tower so voidling can

get a couple hits in as well as throwing a couple auto attacks myself and when they get to

tower it will target voidling first if youre back enough to where you can get another hit in

before retreating or another spell, ignite, etc. once you have rod of ages and know a voidlings coming up, champs like xin

or ww as long as youre sure its 1on1 you can let them supress or attack, stand there and hit

them with all youre spells poool and MV (ult if its up) even without theyre hard pressed to

keep trying to kill you with all that and one or two voidling hitting them they do so much

dmg that youre chances of survival are better than theirs unless another champ comes to help

them. never ult without MV and pool on them unless they have such low health you know they

will die or are trying to hold them in place for another champ to come finish the kill.

Along with maxing malefic visions i work on maxing pool to help maximize the ult for the

kill. call only gets one point until the end it does ok dmg maxed out but for me is only

useful for its silence. (hit fid when he starts his drain ; ) or any champ that you know will

use a powerful ability or even to help with harrassment, scare them into staying back.

sometimes timing is key for that spell as well as skill shotting it where either you think

theyre are going of theyre just standing still. It can be used over most walls either to

help a teamate fighting on the other side or even to get a kill on a fleeing champ with

really low health on the other side. not all walls apply. Ive read that malz is no good for

taking out towers and i really disagree, hes as good or better than mordekaiser with a ghost.

if i know i have the tower to myself even if for a short period with all of my mana i will

spam spells on the tower or minions gathering at base to get at least one or two voidlings to

help. the tower will target the voidling pretty quick but if its timed right it will stay on

minions for a second giving the voidling some hits on the tower while youre hitting it and

will do great dmg. as long as you keep killing other teams creeps you will get a chance to

stay before the tower kills all your creeps and voidling to target you. i destroy towers so

fast most teams dont come right away cuz they dont think malz can. just because its a tanky

build doesnt make you a tank so dont initiate team fights youll just die, he still is

squishier than most but you can really chip away the health of the best of them from a

distance especially using MV and voidlings. I guess that's about all I can think of, the

rest comes from gameplay....hope this build helps anyone trying to use malzahar : ) i think

he's awesome, fun to play. It's good to keep a second champ you like, mines now Wukong b

because he hits super hard all throughout and has fun abilties, in my opinion best AD champ to use.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JasonT816
JasonT816 Malzahar Guide
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Tanky Malz FTW

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