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Warwick Build Guide by CBalli89

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CBalli89


CBalli89 Last updated on October 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pros / Cons

Before Going any further into this, I suppose this is what you want to get a good general idea of this Warwick build.

- Great survivability.
- Ult makes for amazing ganks.
- One of the best Initiators.
- Self healing tank.
- Hunters call with team can destroy
the enemy turrets/groups quickly.
- Very early tankability with turrets.
- Can still demolish enemies as tank.
- With blood scent your run speed is
- Almost unstoppable 1v1, 2v1.

- Useless ganks until 6 and you will
catch hell for this from people who
don't know Warwick.
- Without blood scent your run speed
is only low 400.
- High penetration champs like ashe
late game can hurt you a lot if
not taken out.

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This is a quick guide to a Warwick that can easily initiate/tank fights, and also do a good portion of the damage. He's great for carrying people....Not that you would want to.

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This can vary by personal choice. I'll quickly explain why I use the above set.

Greater Mark of Desolation: I use this mainly for its initial arm pen during the beginning of the game. It makes life much, much easier.

Greater Seal of Vitality: While the arm pen is important in the beginning, the life at level 1 isn't. However the life at level 18 is.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity: Besides your hungering strike eternal thirst is a large portion of your healing, and it greatly depends on attack speed.

Greater Quintessence of Vitality: There are several things you could use here. Personally, I love extra hp :).

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Again this will vary from person to person, there are a few things I just want to point out that I find important.

1. Archaic Knowledge is a MUST because you don't have a whole lot of AP, so you need to make up for it with mag pen for hungering strike.

2. I feel that the extra 4 points are better spent in alacrity rather than finishing out utility, simple because I personally feel that the sum and champ cds are fine as is.

3. With his ability to heal himself so well, and if initiating a good fight. I don't feel that you need anything invested in defense. Again, this is my opinion and it suits the way that I play.

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The above item list is exactly how I buy these items and in the precise order (with the addition of the breakdown order.

The reason I chose "Malady" instead of its counterpart "Wit's End" is for its reduction in the enemies magic resistance for all players. Which, in turn is also why I chose "The Black Cleaver".

Being a tanky build, I like to make Warwick a very team supportive setup. You could argue that you should switch "Aegis of the Legion" with "Spirit Visage" because it would make Warwick a bit better, to which I would say you're right. However no situation is going to be perfect and your damage dealers will be targeted, so I find that Aegis does better in a large scale.

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Creeping / Jungling

I will keep this segment very short, when first playing Warwick I read a lot into figuring out where to start, and the paths to take. In the end I played some solo custom games to figure out what worked best for me.

There are 2 ways I would do this depending on the situation.

If the enemy team has no jungler: Get leashed blue and burn smite. Move to wolves and kill. At ghosts burn smite on the big ghost. Move down to small golems and kill. After this go to town and pick up the razor. Start on your red then move to their blue and wolves then back to town for boots. Where you go from here is up to you.

If the enemy team has a jungler: Start with small golems burning smite to initiate. Move up to wolves and kill them with no more than 2 hungering strikes involved. Move to ghosts burning smite on head ghost to initiate after they're dead, move down. Kill the small golems again, don't use smite when it's up, instead burn it on lizards minion for the 10g then run and recall. By the time you get back you should have enough for razor, at this point start with blue golem and work your way back down to the small golems.
NOTE: I wouldn't attempt to counter jungle until you at least have boots of speed.

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Team Work

So this is the main thing, being a tank and initiator you need to know when and when not to do things. Some things come with experience and some I can help with there are 3 very important things you need to get used to with Warwick.

1.Situational Awareness: You need to know what is going on in the map, once front turrets are down you NEED to be where the action is. Always look for gank opportunities after level 6, don't wait for a teammate to ask for it. Another thing that falls into this catagory is paying attention to your, and enemy levels. I don't care how much stuff you have early in game, if you're a level 14-15 Warwick and they have a level 18 champ, you're going to die. This is the only time you would want to leave your team for brief times of creeping or laning to play catch up.

NOTE: One of the biggest things you want to pay attention to when entering a game is if an enemy has clairvoyanceif one of them has this be aware of 2 things.

A. Most players will use this immediately at their enemies base to see which lanes everyone is going to. This affects you because they will know which part of the jungle you are starting which will make you very easily ganked at the beginning. Always wait to see if they use this.

B. They will sometimes use this to see what creeps you have up or to plan on ganking you or taking your buffs. no matter what, if clairvoyance goes up on your position, let nearby teammates know.

2.Timing: Timing is everything when it comes to killing. The general things to consider when using your ult to initiate is:

A. Will this target be killed if I use this.

B. Is this a priority target. An example of this is, yes you may be able to kill Mr level 9 Garen who has no idea what he's doing, OR you could go ahead and assist in killing the level 14 Akali who is kicking the s*** out of your Annie. Which brings me to C.

C. It might not kill them but will it save a useful team member? (Don't get me wrong even ****py ones you want alive.)

To give A B and C priorities I would say C is always most important because with a team member down, most your fights will be losses against full teams. B generally comes second unless you for some reason happen to be nowhere near your team with no plan to team fight, which then I would suppose would fall under category A.

Lastly in timing, there are tricks you can do to get easy kills, especially in the beginning of games. A good example of timing is baiting an enemy close enough for a turret to engage them. If you can get away, get away. If you know you will probably die let them dive in, and use infinite duress on them, which will pin them while they are getting hit by the turret. Follow up with a hungering strike and if they are not dead yet they will most likely die in another turret hit. I can not tell you how many greedy people I have killed with this simple thing.

3.Helpfulness: After level 6, always offer to give a helpful teammate the blue buff and help them with killing it. Le Blanc in mid could use the mp regen and cd much more than you can. If noone wants then its free for you. If there is an enemy jungler, and nobody is available to get it take it, because it's better off on you then the enemy.

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This is not by far the most flashy guide and it isn't intended to be. This guide is just sharing a build for Warwick that I find to be extremely good. In the end I wouldn't suggest following any guide for any champion completely. Just use them as a basis for your own ideas and builds. Everyone has different play styles and even the slightest differences in them will affect what works and doesn't for you drastically.

On an end note look at Warwick, Jungle King by DEWO (if you haven't already) for a much more in-depth guide to jungling with Warwick.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it helps :).