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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asga

Taric 101 the way it's meant to be played

Asga Last updated on May 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first guide on mobafire. i'm not an high elo player but i've played an insane amount of games with taric.
Maybe something will look strange or doesn't make sense to you, but try it and you'll see that works great.

what you have to do with taric:
-heal heal heal heal heal heal
-stun as much as you can (on kata ulti, nunu ulti and so on)
-after stun if you can shatter without getting killed, go for it
-SUDDENTLY WARDS ! THOUSEND OF THEM. you don't have clairvoyance so your team need to see what's going on EVERYWHERE.
-if there is someone who can stealth pick up at least 3 pink wards, put them in the middle of the 3 lanes and pick up an oracole elixir (if the other team start placing wards destroy them all)
what you DON'T have to do:
-last hit creeps, YOU DON'T NEED THEM and your AD carry needs them more than you
-you are a support, support, don't do stupid things such as run into 3 enemys to stun one and then die
-if your team wants to towerdive someone, a good idea is to go first, stun, stay in range of the tower but you want to be at maxrange, so your team doesn't get tower hit, you won't die if you are smart.

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Runes & Summoner Spells & Masteries

red Greater Mark of Insight -> magic pen, no need to explain
yellow Greater Seal of Clarity -> MP5xLVL you'll need them so you can stay in your lane spamming stuns for harrassing and so on
blue Greater Glyph of Force -> APxLVL this will give you a lot of AP in mid and late game
quints Greater Quintessence of Potency -> AP, ap quints will give you a lot of AP for the early game.

summoner spells:

ghost & clarity all day long.
clarity will make so it's impossible for you to go oom (out of mana)
and can provide a good support for your team if someone needs mana.
ghost will let you run away if they are trying to gank you, can be useful if in a team fight,
if an enemy is at 20 HP after a teamfight and is running away the first option is to kill him with your stun, or let him get away (wich isn't a good thing).

9/0/21 what else ?

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So you start with the doran's ring it gives you everything you need with taric,

you shouldn't go B again before you can buy the first philos

After that you want to stay in lane until you can go b and buy T1boots & another philos
(philos with your passive and yellow runes make so you don't have to go B unless you want to buy something and ofc money...)

now : if your tank wants to do the Aegis it's ok, a little bit dumb because you can do it but whatever

Go B take T2 boots, if you don't have to buy the AotL buy an HoG more money & a bit of HP are ok.

Since you don't have clairvoyance your job is to have Wards EVERYWHERE EVERYTIME.

Luxury item -> Rabadon's Deathcap, if the game last forever you can buy a longstaff (at this point sell the doran's ring) so you can take your deathcap later

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Skill Sequence

gemcraft -> melee attacks will give you 7.5% of the damage you deal as mana

Imbue -> a great heal wich scales very well with AP and has the cd reduced everytime you hit someone

shatter -> shatter, a great AoE dmg when used, and a nice buff when in passive

dazzle -> Stun & Dmg, take 100% bonus form your AP,deals a lot of dmg... and stun the targer! use it to harrass when enemys are out of position & so on

radiance -> ok... so taric's ulti will heal you over time (till is active) and give you AD and nearby allied half of the bonus AD.

You want to focus on the Q & E, if you feel that your lane mate has a bit of brain, start with the stun.
Do not take ulti @ lvl 6 or 11, there are a tons of guide, if you want to try this one, DO NOT TAKE ULTI,
after you are done with the Q & E take W.

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So, for the wards position, i don't feel like it's the best positioning but will give you the control of what is going on. this image show only the required wards

- if there is a jungler in the enemy team you should place wards at their red and blue as well for the jungle entrance in your forest.
- In your lane you should be able to get the first blood pretty fast, when i say you i mean your lane mate because you don't want to kill steal.
- One of the key point is that you don't need to kill Creeps, let your mate farm as much as he can.
- don't be afraid when fights come up, you have to swing melee a creep or an enemy champ if you can do it without getting killed, you'll need this so your heal cd will be reduced.By doing so you would be able to spam heal.

If you have questions about this build just ask in the comment section i'll reply as soon as possible