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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smulshy

Taric, AP/AS support

Smulshy Last updated on January 2, 2011
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This is my first build, try and take it easy on me ^^
If you don't like it or see something wrong or something you would change, please tell me so I can improve/change it.

Taric in my opinion is the best support in the game, offers great all round support for the team. A nice strong short CD heal, a defensive aura, an offensive aura, and a short CD long duration stun. Everything a support player needs.

-No need to recall during laning phase.
-Strong heal with moderate CD, depending on whether minions are near.
-Nice short cooldown stun.
-Ultimate has a short cooldown and great for pushing towers/in team fights.
-Great survivability.

-Lacks any true DPS so will be starved for kills.
-Needs teammates around to be effective.
-Can be hard to last hit minions.
-May experience some mana issues early game.

SKILLS: (Read above for what they specifically do)

GEMCRAFT: Not a great passive, can help you keep your mana up early game if you're not starved of minions. Also works very well with manamune if you decide to take that over archangels.

IMBUE: Great heal, small cooldown and heals you and another target for a moderate amount, the reduced cooldown each time you hit is why attack speed runes and items are so effective on Taric as it also helps with your passive.

SHATTER: Great aura, gives you nice protection early game and to your whole team late game, don't be afraid to use on minions to get last hits off early game, but I recommend not using it in team fights as I think the armour boost helps more than the armour reduction, unless you're certain you can win.

DAZZLE: Great short cool down stun with moderate damage late game.

RADIANCE: Amazing for heavy physical DPS in team fights, and also great for pushing turrets with minions, just be wary of how long you're keeping it on for and remember to turn it off.


Why not clairvoyance?
I tend not to take clairvoyance for the fact that I believe every team needs an escape or chase spell, flash is great for Taric as you can flash away from ganks, but also flash in for a stun, allowing other champions to catch up and get a kill.

If no one eles takes clairvoyance you may have to take it, but be careful with no escape spell, as clarity is a MUST, unless the champion you are laning with has clarity as its not as much required late game.

Flash: Flash is good for the reasoning above, it can allow you to escape ganks and also allow you to flash in and stun, allowing your allies to run in and hopefully secure a kill.

Clarity: Clarity is a MUST for Taric, he has a major lack of mana early game, and late game it can be used for people who don't stack mana items but rely on spells. (Rammus, Ashe, eve etc)

My choice in runes are pretty obvious.

Attack speed marks for reducing Imbue cooldown and to help your passive.
Mana regen per level seals to make sure you can stay in team fights longer.
Ability power per level glyphs to increase your healing late game.
Flat health quintessences as Taric lacks survivability early game and apart from Banshees gets no survivability items.

Just quick reasoning behind getting each item.

I get a meki pendant first over sapphire crystal as you have clarity, and you should be staying in lane for a long time, altogether, meki pendant will give you more than 200 mana by the time you recall.
Also I don't get a starter item such as Doran's shield as you are starved of minions early game and its not really required.

Get tears of goddess as soon as possible, great cheap item to increase your mana pool late game, and also builds into archangel's staff.

I tend to get boots next as most champions will by now, get whichever boots fit your personal preference.

I then finish off tears of goddess normally with archangel's, for the increased mana regen and ability power, however you can get manamune if you want to play a bit more offensive, great for farming and works well with your passive.

My reasoning behind banshees. You lack health and it gives you a nice boost, your Shatter gives nice armour but not nice magic resist, banshees allows you to have amazing survivability and be an off-tank if required, although not recommended.

The item sequence after this isn't incredibly important or what order you get them in, but I have put my suggestions above.

-Try not to just last hit minions early game, try to get as many hits in as possible to proc your passive.

-In team fights I find not using shatter works better for my team, then use it when you know you are winning and they are falling back.

-Dazzle doesn't deal great damage and costs a considerable amount of mana when its so starved late game, use it wisely.

-Don't be afraid to use Shatter early game to try get some last hits, farming is important and getting as much gold as possible is crucial.

Try and get a nice fast strong DPS in your lane to take full effect of your stuns and the fact they probably lack healing, as long as they understand you need some last hits too. For the whole early game, just concentrate on getting last hits and laning.

Taric on his own isn't much, try and stay near an ally and make sure you're there for every team fight, that's where you shine and you should be in every single one of them. Also after the team fight Taric can be great for healing up your team and pushing turrets when there team only has 1 person alive.

Please give me feedback on what you think of this guide, and whether you would like to see guides from me with any other champions, my most played apart from Taric are Vladimir, Akali and Rammus.