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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueBaron

Taric AP - the cristal protector

BlueBaron Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everybody.
I have decided to share my build for taric with you since I havent seen any decent AP builds for Taric and I think he simply owns AP(Taken aside his gay voice of course :)).
Since this is my first build go easy on me :)
Hope I did everything right and that this build will help some people own with Taric;)

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Greater Glyph of Celerity:
Since his cooldowns are fairly long I have given him a little head start This will help you chase those running opponents and give them that final stun needed for the kill.
Greater Seal of Vitality:
No itam in the build doesent help you with your life so I put some into runes, U never know someday it may save your life.
Greater Mark of Alacrity:
To help his Gemcraft ability and to regain mana quicker I risen him attack spead.
Greater Quint of Force:
AP owns :)

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Masteries were put to that it helps your spels and are ordered in an purely AP style + 1 point to Haste for even more empowered Ghost.

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I always like to start with a doran ring(still think that Doran items are ulty items to start with even with the increased cost) it helps you to get some early game survavability(dont know if I speled that correct:/).
Then try to get Tear of the Goddess as fast as possible so you increaso your mana pool once after you get Tear of the Goddess together with the increased attack speed there wont be any need for Clarity.
Berserker greaves will hepl with your mana regen sinc they increas your attack speed.
After you buy archangel staff you will have about 130-150AP if played correctly you shuld have it farely quickly ingame.
Deathfire Grasp is a great counter tank item since it lowers the healt of target by 30% plus 3,5% for every 100 AP you have. Plus it gives you an 10% cooldown reduction.
since u have now about 200-220AP Lich Bane will do wonders it will give you an extra 80AP wich will get you to aboud 300AP and then talking about simply awesome passive your next hit will do about 300 Dmg(not bad right, try to immagine an fuly completed build your next hit would do an extra 600 or so Dmg + all the mana regain :)).
Rabadon deathcape needs no itroduction 155AP plus 30% increase of AP.
after buying rabadon deathcape you wont have any slots left so after you have enough money just sell the doran ring you bought in the begining and raplace it vith Hextech Gunblade
Hextech Gunblade is an item I realy like it has a spell Vamp a Life steal(you my say that you dont need all that heal but I say you can never have enough heal) and an active that slows an enemy and deals 300 dmg.

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Skill Sequence

I always like to take one of all the alilities in the begining, but after i like to top shater couse the dmg and couse it gives you 60 armor wich can come in handy.
after shater I top imbue so I can do some massive healing(love to see how I enable my team members to survive a karthus ulty :))
Dazzle should be topped last couse you really just need stun wich does not increase with lvl of ability. be aware though if an enemy is close to you will stun them for 1 sec and deal massive dmg(base is 400 for lvl 5 spell) if an enemy is far away from you you will stun them for 2 sec and deal a little dmg (base is 100 for lvl 5 spell)
Ulty should be taken we you can take it...

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Summoner Spells

I like to take Ghost so I can quickly get into and out of combat, it has kept me alive more than once. it can be also used for chasin fleeing enemies with low health and chasing teammates who are in desperate need of heal.
Ignite is really good late game becouse it deals true damage plus 20 damage per level and it reduces healing and regeneration by 50% for 5 seconds plus lets just say... those fu*king luckers dont get away :)

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Pros / Cons

build can deal a massive dmg and if not stuned heal can heal you for close to 1,2K of health so you are closely to buletproof. you can easily hold a lane by yourself if one of your team is jungling. he is a great to play. He has a stun, heal, an aoe, an aura that raises armor, an aura that raises damage an heals per second.

You lack the ability to tank your way into a team fight and vs a stunner you are fairly squishy. And be carefull when using Shatter becouse your armor will drop by 60 and you will be even more squishy.

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early game u need to just haress the opponent stun him shater your sheild near him and hit him once or twice if he is low health dont be afraid to chase him you have a heal after all but dont be a fool and dive a tower with a 50% or less health to fisih him off just ignite him. If he is not low health just haress him few times and he needs to go to base for heal, and you have peace to farm mobs, if he doesent go into base to heal then its a free kill when he comes closer next time :).
dont hold back 2 much and play offensivly becouse Taric has a lot of health and getaway is easy couse of stun and ghost.
at the end of laning part of the hame you are a great supporter and you can heal you teammates and Shater gives everybody an armor aura so dont shater it at the beggining of a fight try to stun single champions to create a easy gank chanse for your teammates.
lategame you can easily tank a turret yous you can heal yourself for about 1,2k healing teammates becomes even efectiver couse you heal them for about 800 life.
together wit your items you can easily take on 2 v 1, and remmember shater your sheild in end of fights couse it gives a nice armor aura.

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Hope this build will help someone please leave a comment with any kind of suggestion.
Have fund and remmember christals never lose their edge :)