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League of Legends Build Guide Author Railen

Taric DPS

Railen Last updated on August 17, 2010
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So a DPS Taric, your character gets a 3 great skills for being a melee dps class, 1 he has an awesome stun, 2 his w skill rapes enemy protection or if not popped adds survivability for yourself, 3 his Ult adds 30/60/90 AD. Sion runs makes a great AD character and he only gets 65 AD from enrage at the highest lvl. Because of your passive even without buying any mana items as long as you are swinging your hammer at something you will be able to keep your ult up for 10-20 seconds.

Great damage, and excellent early / mid game regen
Excellent Stun / Burst damage from w / e
Mediocre heal (simply because you're not ap built)
Good DPS all game, great DPS late game.
Your stun allows you to help feed yourself early game.
Because your ULT adds so much damage you only need to build for Crit chance / IAS

In pickup games your team is expecting massive heals that you cannot provide
Shatter / Dazzle do not hurt someone very much directly
If someone is running from you while you have your ult on its a huge waste of mana.
Lategame your regen from your ult starts to lag behind enemy DPS, you need LL to supplement this.

Starting out, Early game depending on what your laning against you may be forced to put 1-2 points into heal if you are being harrassed a lot. Don't worry too much your heal will be most effective early game with this build anyways as lategame its just going to be limp.

Try to lane with a high dps champ or one who has there own stun for early game feeding. Double stun can = dead champ pretty easily between lvls 2-4. At lvl 6 you will be able to tank the 2 heroes in your lane pretty well with your ult use this to farm some kills / push tower. You will also hit a lot harder then they think all of a sudden. You should have a Zeal by lvl 6 and maybe some cheap boots as well.

After you get your seal its a good idea to work on that infinity edge, but you can build the starks first if you prefer, or even finish the shadow dancer, I've had success all three ways.

I'll assume you went Zeal, Cheap boots, Infinity edge (building pieces at a time) then finish Berserker Greaves and the Phantom Dancer, at this point its lategame and you need some life leach, Starks is good as it has IAS as well. After that everything is gravy, Second phantom dancer and a Guardian angel work very well.

Remember when using your ult for DPS you need to be swinging that hammer for your passive to be regening mana to have it up for any length of time, its surprising how long you can have it up if you are hitting things and with the low cooldown it's not a big deal to use it everysingle fight everysingle time.

Please feel free to offer me advice on how to improve this. I am well aware that an AP Taric owns something fierce this is an alternate way to play him.

*** Sorry for not including Masteries as I cannot get the Masteries page to work properly I usually go for 9/0/21 ***