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Taric Build Guide by habbeda

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author habbeda

Taric: Faceroll Armor-Supporter

habbeda Last updated on June 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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In many games there is the problem that your random teammates picked much squishy champions against a strong AD-Team. In my opinion the best choice to carry the game as supporter is to pick a support-Taric! Using the strong buff of his W-Spell, the heal of his Q-Spell and the strong stunn of his E-Spell makes him a good supporter on botlane. At Level 6 he does huge damage with his Ultimate and it gives such a strong buff to make it easy for your ad carry to pick up the kill on the other ad carry or supporter.
In late game will be the problem, that your team is to squishy, but with this items and this early skilling of the W-Spell you have a good chance to initiate with the E-Spell and you will be tanky enough to support the squishies of your team. Initiate with a stunn, run in them and use your Ultimate to give your carry the chance to win this fight.
In the following I will describe, why I have chosen this runes, masteries, items, skill sequence and of course the summoner spells. I hope you will enjoy.

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I picked the Greater Quintessences of Avarice to reach the maximum of gold you can have. So, if you don´t do lasthits and don´t make any supports or kills at the beginning you will be able to buy the Philosopher´s Stone at about 7:00.
I aimed for having much Mana Regeneration and Cooldown Reduction, so I compared the effects of the runes and took the strongest Combination:
- 9x Greater Mark of Replenishment
- 9x Greater Seal of Replenishemnt
- 9x Greater Glyph of Focus
At beginn start with the Faerie Charm to higher your Mana Regeneration and to have a start for your Philosopher´s Stone. That will be enough Mana to stay on lane until you can buy the Philosopher´s instantly, if you sometime use Taric´s passive.

A possibility is to switch the Greater Seal of Replenishment with Greater Seal of Focus and switch the Greater Glyph of Focus with Greater Glyph of Replenishment. All things considered it´s a cheaper way, but it has not the effects like buying Seal of Replenishemnt and Glyph of Focus.

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I took the masteries 0-0-30, because in my opinion the Utility Tree is very important for a good supporter. A good supporter shouldn´t have problems with his Mana, so you will need the extra Mana and Mana Regeneration of the Masteries. It is also important to increase the vision range of your Wards. Because of this you can place the ward on botlane, that u can see both Jungle Exits to dragon and of course if someone wanna gank you. The extra gold you will gain with it will be the indicator, which gives you your gold-gaining-items earlier. So, increasing your gold will increase your ward-capacity and your chance to buy early oracle and Armor. The reduced cooldown of your Summoner spells is very important. It gives you the chance to use your Clairvoyance much more than without this mastery. You will need it to help on toplane, on botlane, on midlane and in jungle, too.

A good supporter has to run away from the lane from time to time for placing new wards. Most time you are on lane you will have a carry next to you who makes the creepkills, so you wont get much experience. Because of this fact you have to take the Awareness mastery to increase your experience.

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The way to carry a team of squishies against an AD-Team is to focus on buying Armor!
To make it faster to buy such things you have to focus on buying gold-gaining-items. Playing a good Taric includes using your stunn very often. It costs very much Mana! Because of that I start with 2 Mana Potions and the Faerie Charm. Sometimes your AD carry will get harassed so hard, because he didn´t see a gank coming or getting exhaust, so you have to heal him very much. Use your Potions in this situations! It is very important to start with 3 wards. Place one right above the buch in the river to see the exit of both jungles and to see if someone wanna gank you. Every ward lasts for 3 min. Sometimes, if the enemy-team has a good counterjungler, he will come from your jungle as well, so save your 3rd ward and place it, if you need it!
At about 7:00 you have to b to buy new wards and the Philosopher`s Stone. Starting with this comibnation gives you a good frequence of spamming your heal and stunn. You will need much Health with Taric, so focus on buying heart of gold and then instantly buy shoes! If you have enough supports or creepkills or whatever, you can buy oracle then. It´s a good way to do dragon with making sure, that the enemy-team has no clue what you are doing. Then try to speak with your jungler who should buy Aegis. You need one in the team to increase the Armor of everybody in the teamfights.
Now focus on your own way to tank and support your team this way. A Thornmail is a good start, because you need it later and it doesn´t give you early health. The emeys will look in teamfights, who has the most health and leave him. So try to focus them to hit you, and stunn the hugest damagedealer. Try to show them, that you are a victim, but try to avoid dying at the beginning. Only focus their AD carries away.
Now you can increase your health, because they will focus you from now very often. You give bonus armor to your team, you are supporter and have less money than the others and you are dangerous because of your stunn and Ultimate. Buy Randuin´s Omen and use it when you are focused. It will support your squishies hardly in every teamfight.
No team on earth will come with 5 AD carries, so there will be an AP Carry and often he has stunns, so you can avoid being outfocused, if you buy a Banshee´s Veil. It takes away the stunn, it gives you more Health and Mana and gives you bonus Magic Resist, it makes you more tanky, than you are at this moment! Here comes the point where you have to think about what you will do next with your items. You are very tanky and you are supporter, you have to buy wards! If the Jungler takes the Aegis everything is fine, you can buy wards and oracle and support your team as tank and as supporter. You can buy Shurelya´s Reverie now. If he doesn´t and you have to buy the Aegis, you can talk to him, whether he buys Shurelya´s Reverie. In this case, leave the last place open to buy wards, don´t forget this!

Every game has its own progress, so try to find your own way to build Support-Armor-Taric. In my opinion Frozen Heart is a very good Alternative to Randuin´s Omen. Try to choose on your own, which item comes next!

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Skill Sequence

The first Skill has to be your stunn!
In many cases the enemy-team will try to invade or doing first blood. You can stunn somebody and go for firstblood as well! Taric-Stunn is a very good initiation for tryin to take firstblood at the enemy-jungler.
After this at Level 2 you need your heal in most cases, because your AD carry will be very squishy and the minions are doing a hugh damage on him if he hurts the enemy champions.
At level 3 beginn to max your W-Spell. It gives you great support damage, and the aura of it increases your Armor and the Armor of your AD carry! So it will be harder for the other AD carry to pick up the kill on you or your teammate.
With Level 6 skill your Ultimate. It gives you great bonusdamage for your W-Spell and your AD carry. If the others have a supporter like Sona, Janna or Soraka you can try to flash in them, stunn the supporter, use your Ultimate and then the W-Spell and your AD carry can pick um the kill very easily. If the enemy AD carry has Exhaust and fast reactions, he will exhaust your AD carry and try to do the same. If you notice it try to avoid using your W-Spell to leave the Aura active. Only use it if you are sure you will pick up the kill!
It is enough to skill your stunn. To max it would only have influence on his damage, not on his duration, so focus on the heal to support your team in teamfights. After maxing it you should skill your stunn to increase the damage you deal with it.
Sometimes you have situations, that you have a huge minion-wave and no carry is there to pick up the minions. Use your Ultimate and your W-Spell. Usually it´s enough to kill the minions. Don´t hesitate to use your Ultimate, it has a very low cooldown and you can use it every dragon, baron, turret push or in this situations!

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion it is very important to have Flash as a supporter. There will be lots of situations, when you have to ward a bush in which you can´t see, so you need an escape skill. This is very important for every supporter!
But more important is it for an aggressive Taric-play! If your enemy is running away and you can´t gank him, use Flash and stunn that your team can pick up the kill. Same with lowlife enemies which are standing behind the turret. Make sure that your AD carry is ready and then flash in, stunn him and run out of the turret that your AD carry can pick up the kill.

The second summonerspell is Clairvoyance. Everyteam needs one, that is my opinion. You can use it very very often, to look for their jungler, to prevent ganks, to seek for enemies and to look whether the enemy-team has made dragon or baron!

Cast CV between the enemy spawning point and the enemy nexus at 0:08-0:09. At this time, much enemies will have bought their items and you can watch who buys shoes and who goes on Dorans items. It gives your team the possibility to react on their item build!

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All in all I wanted to present you the big benefits of plaing Taric against a huge AD-team. It happens very often, if they take a bot AD carry, an AD jungler like Jarvan, Nocturne or Trynda and a top AD-Offtank like Trynda, Udyr or Nasus. Try to play Taric tanky and try to support your team with the heal and stunn. You can initiate for random teammates and you can initiate for premades to.

It´s up to you!

Great thanks for reading my Taric-Guide!