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Taric Build Guide by KungFuHermit

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KungFuHermit

Taric - Make The Save

KungFuHermit Last updated on July 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey ive been maining support for a little while and decided to make my first guide. ive played just about every support and taric is by far my best so im here to talk about how i play him. Feedback would be great!

Taric is a great support with a strong role in team fights with his auras and stuns. His stun gives your team an upper hand in level 1 engages, and the stun and strong heal allows for an aggressive bot lane. My favorite lane partner is Corki because he has the ability to jump onto a stuned target and blow them up in lane.

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Greater Glyph of Shielding - The magic resist is great for in lane handling harass from most supports. Also in late game you'll end up taking hits when u go in for stuns or heals, and its very important to try and pull aggro off of your damage dealers.

Greater Mark of Resilience - will protect you from harass in lane. basically the same as ^^ i dont use gp10 here because i feel you end up with plenty of gold already with the quints.

Greater Seal of Resilience - same!

Greater Quintessence of Avarice - Mo money mo problems! you can use health or movespeed here if youd like.

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Early Game:
This is a pretty standard start for a support the only difference may be with the mana potion. I prefer to be pretty aggressive in lane with Taric especially when i'm with a Corki or a Graves, so i run out of mana fairly quick most of the time.

Next you'll wait till you have around 700 gold at which time you will go buy your Philosopher's Stone and another ward. ALWAYS BUY A WARD WHEN YOU GO BACK. its a good habit to get into. The next time you get to go back i tend to buy my Heart of Gold and a ward, unless you got pushed out of the lane early, then i get boots and wards. once u have your two gp10 and boots you get Kage's Lucky Pick and then your 2nd level boots. Now i get Merc Treads when we don't have a clear tank on the team or the other team has ridiculous CC. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are a good pick as well for the CD Reduction, but my personal favorite is the Boots of Mobility. They allow me to set up/clear wards faster and get to team fights or a teammate in distress faster to MAKE THE SAVE! i normally only get these when we are ahead.

Now oracle's is vital for a support, and gives your team a huge advantage. i normally get mine after my first real item like Aegis, but sometimes you might need one earlier like for stealth opponents or Teemo or just a lot of warding by the enemy team.
Aegis is another important item for Taric and i get it every game, unless our tank is building it. If he is then you have another free item slot to fill with a situational item. Once u have Aegis you dont really "need" any more items. so at this point i dont save money for items as much i tend to buy 5 wards almost everytime i go to base at this point and make sure that our team has good map vision. however when you come into a lot of money like after assists from a team fight you might have enough money for more items.
This item is great for when you babysit your carry or if you have a strong AD team, and the CDR is great and helps make you more useful in team fights.
Now you're GP10 has no doubt made it self worth it, so you can evolve them. locket has an aura as well as an active that gives a shield to you and your team giving your team another advantage.
great for engages, chases, and retreats. basically a staple for all supports. at this point you should have 5 final items and a gp10. games rarely last long enough for you to get past this point, but if it does then sell your Kage's Lucky Pick and you can build a tanky item if you need it but i recommend just going for oracles and wards and even elixirs for the rest of the game

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Tips To Keep In Mind

    your ult is on a low cooldown, so use it as often as possible for fights, towers, and barons.

    in lane, dont stun the other support, use it on the ADC always.

    buy wards everytime you go back

    initiating in lane: stun, shatter, AA, your adc does the rest

    when enemy has an oracle, try to be sneaky with wards and place them in bushes so they might not get seen. (my favorite bush is the U-bush behind redbuffs)