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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dudewhereismycat

Taric - Playing Healer #2

Dudewhereismycat Last updated on August 22, 2010
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Alright well this is going to be alot like my soraka build but let me explain reasons for the few differences there are.

Tear of the Goddess -> archangels early for mana, yet I do not go for Innervating solely becuase taric is more durable and Does not need as much health but archangel's AP bonus is nice aswell.

Again I roll Mejai's for another AP bonus, Taric gets alot of assists, yet no global ulti to snag them across the map he has the ability to get actual kills so you will be fine.

Early Game:

Grab sapphire and one of each pot. These can last you till 3k+ gold and taric is good for last hits since he is durable, hits higher, and can stun opponents to stop ganks. Once you have tons of gold and it is safe for your lane to back, get your items and go ganking.
As Taric you want to follow around your highest dps/carry and get all the assists and keep him/her alive.

Around late-mid game (20 assists) its time to end it. So use ulti (gives your entire team a bf sword basically at rank 3) and puhs their towers, healing them so they can dive opponents. Mercury's will help you avoid stuns and just sit back and carry your team with heals.

I rank up stun first then concentrate on heal and a few points in the shatter for armor and minion kills.
Use stun with your laning partner to grab early assists and or kills to get gold to advance your three item game winning set early.(Mercury's, Mejai's, Archangels.)

Advance heal so that you can lane longer. Taric regens mana when he hits creeps so I added atk speed runes there and make sure you always hit creeps so you can spam stuns and heals ect.
Once your lane knocks down the tower (you should have no issue doing this unless your partner is a passive/defensive ie: viegar or a tank or some sort)

I will copy and paste here something about ap from my other build:

>>All the recommended items on healers are junk as they give barely any AP and many people neglect the fact your heal has an extremely high ap ratio. Itesm like soul shroud and frozen heart are just there for cooldowns and defense but you should be smart enough to stay back from combat and using cd/lvl in runes, and getting blue rune most of the time is enough cd reduction on soraka. Banshee's veil added for engame defense.<<

On Taric however I use the Frozen Heart becuase cd is nice if you wont have blue rune all game and he has high enough health already so just give him armor, (if the enemy team is caster heavy get a Banshee's veil instead)( DO NOT GET BOTH )
Sunfire cape also makes a good health item but grab that last/late game.
For the best of both worlds(and if you lack CD runes) SKIP all three of these and get soul shroud.

High ELO games usually end before you can get all six items so I leave you with the three main ones, and suggestions for the other three.

The reason I have many choices for these items is becuase after the three item core build what you use is up to you these are just suggestions from me, as the build creator, to what works best.

I win tons of games on Taric as he is Boss support for ganks and heals, unfortunately banned in most ranked (for good reason) he is still a favorite to play in normal arranged with buddies.

I will also be testing and maybe creating a build that uses Nashor's Tooth soon.