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Taric General Guide by Fr0stGarm

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fr0stGarm

Taric "Rank" Support

Fr0stGarm Last updated on July 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone this is my first guilde in mobafire and plz sorry my english is very poor so sorry.My main is support so i have in this role salary experience so I think that your good advise.^^

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Pros and cons

Prost:+Tanky support
+Good CC
+Can heal himself and his ally
+AOE spells
+Huge armor
-Mana hungry :i do more mana regen in I made more mana regen at the expense of damage
-Slow movespeed¨:shoes mobility'll eat this disadvantage can be reduced
-Easy ganked if you dont have wards :do more wards wat i can sey more

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is your heal.Great thing about this heal is that it can heal both you and your ally so try to heal your ally always and you both will be healed.If you heal only yourself however the heal will be 40% more effective. When you hit minions cd on your heal will be reduced for 1 second per hit if you atack enemy champ cd will be reduced 3 seconds per hit that is really awesome.

A great spell.It will make you tanky and your lane partner wont be squishy tnx to this. Level it up first so your AD carry will take less dmg from atacks. You can also activate this spell to dmg all nearby enemies and reduce their armor.However while this spell is on cooldown you wont have armor aura for your allies.So use it cleverly.
3.pngThis is why everyone hate to lane against Taric. Just sit in bush and wait for enemy to come close then pop out of it with Dazzle and Shatter and your AD carry will do his job. Only time an enemy AD carry can survive this is when support saves him.It is also good for interupting chanelling spells.
4.pngOne hell out of ultimate.Once you activate it you will dmg all nearby enemies,you will get 70 AP and AD and your team half of this ammount. Cooldown is low so use it if you pushing tower or doing baron or dragon.

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do not feel like breaking down a long time I was carrying it and I eventually ended in on this one thing about it must be justified

Tought skin
indomitable :someone tells you that it's stupid and not use it early but you can freez lane with far less loss of life freez lane alterations that keep the line just before the tower but not so that they fired the tower

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Taric is really an awesome lane partner cuz he can keep his AD carry in lane for a long time. This is what you should do at laning phase of a game.

-Protect your AD carry at all costs.
-Do not take minions or kills from your AD.
-Do not push.
-Be ready to sacrifice yourself to save your ally.
-And ofcourse put a lot of wards.
core job in line

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Combo with taric

Best combos are Graves ,quite tristane ,Draven caitlyn,sivir can be
Ez not bad simply champions what can mobile use stun Taric

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This section is about teamwork.What you should do in fights.

When a teamfight begin dont go in first. Taric is tanky but not that much. Your priority is to protect your ad carry by all costs. You must be near your ad cuz he will be focused first and if they kill him that gives great advantage to the enemy team. Dont waste your stun on tanks, use it for enemy ad and ap carry and heal all the fuc*in time. Dont forget to activate your items in battles and i recommend you leave your Shatter aura and dont activate it. It will reduce enemy armor a lot indeed but it will only last for few seconds and both you and your team will lose its tankyness. Shatter + Aegis combo helps more to your team then you can imagine. Dont try to go in middle of enemy team so you can hit them with Radiance, in fact activate it when team fight starts.It doesnt matter will you hit anyone what really matters is that you will buff your team. Most important spells are used at beginning of a fight and u should activate Radiance to improve them. Many people dont know this but in my opinion supports are the key to victory. If you protect your carries with success you will see what will happen :P

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if you happen to someone noticed that I copy the parts so please excuse me for it


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