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Taric Build Guide by Jovaka

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jovaka

Taric, Regenerating Crystal Fortress

Jovaka Last updated on September 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I know there are alot of guides for Taric. The reason for me to write another on is this: Taric can be an extremely durable tank mid-game to late-game. We will focus mainly on three attributes, namely Health, Magic Resistance and Health Regeneration.

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I actually run with ArP on Marks, since you will regain mana with your autoattacks. More damage = faster mana reg. Alternative runes could be AP, AD, Health, Magic Resist. This is pretty much optional and a matter of taste. I like ArP.

For Seals you should run with either some Mana Reg seals or Magic Resist.

For Glyphs I recommend Magic Resist, same for Quintessance.

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Mastery Tree

Nothing much to explain here. Take anything that reduce damage taken and of course health regeneration. Pretty much explains itself.

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Item explaination

To get some more tanky style into Taric you should start out with a plain Ruby Crystal. Try to finish Rod of Ages ASAP. If you get well fed, grab the rod for more potent heals. You pretty much rely on your healing abilities in early-midgame until you've build up health reg.

But, I strongly recommend grabbing a pair of Boots of Speed when you've finished your Catalyst the Protector. This will raise your chances to escape ganks and other dangerous situations with a good amount compared to running around in your socks.

Complete your Mercury's Threads when you got the Rod of Ages. Then move on to Force of Nature. This item gives you a good amount of health reg and magic resistance. A vital core-item which this build relies heavy on.

As soon as you have your precious FoN you should start stacking health. I prefer to buy a heavy (and expensive) health item as Giant's Belt first, but any order will do. Grab the pendant last and then complete your Warmog's Armor.

Your core is now completed, and you will probably be in late-game and close to an end of the game. You might be able to grab one last item, and that item should be Abyssal Scepter. Increases your healing potency and boosts your magic resistance. Nuf' said.

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Laning Guide

The reason you start out with the stun is simple: you should have a strong dps character, preferably ranged, with you in your lane. Teemo, Miss Fortune or Twitch are ideal laningpartners. If your teamwork is good, and you face the right opponents, you will be able to grant your carry a bunch of kills right from the start. Fed carry = win.

Then you start building your heal. You want to max this out before anything else. When you can't upgrade your heal you spend your point in Shatter. Extra damage and extra protection is better than increasing the damage of the stun. Your ulti wont be of any use, so wait with this until you reach level 12. By then you will have maxed out both Imbue and Shatter and that's when you start strengthening your ulti. Max out the stun last.

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Early game:

Play with care. Be aggressive, but never rush recklessly. You should try to hit minions and get a few last hits (don't steal from your carry though) and try to stun the weakest opponent and let your carry fire at him. This is a incredibly effective harrassment that often grant you assists. You are not very durable and can't heal yourself very well, so try not to take any damage if possible.


You should have completed FoN, or at least be close to do that. You got better survivability than you had in early-game, but you aren't that meatwall just yet. You shine as a CC-healer. Never leave the side of your carrys, but stay out of the actual battle. Stun the strongest opponent, heal your teammates, throw in that extra burst, provide health and mana with your summoner apells, help your teammates catch escaping enemies with your stun.


This is where you can stand and take pretty much anything thrown at you. Meanwhile, you also play the support-role you played during mid-game. Tank towers, engage battles and other tankish tasks. Since you have alot of health your FoN will give you alot of HP-reg. Combined with Warmog's Armor and your ulti you will regenerate insane amounts of health every secound.

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Teemo - every dart adds a DoT. He also fire rapidly which maximize the damage he can deal to a foe during your stun.

Twitch - Same advantage as Teemo. DoT, fast attack-speed. But he comes with a bonus: Expunge. He can finish off a lowhealth enemy even at a long range. Flash wont save them here. If you have Twitch in your team I strongly recommend having him in your lane. He is your ultimate laningpartner.

Miss Fortune - Her slow is divine. Stun your foes under a solid rain of bullets. They take damage and will take longer time to escape. She will easily spray them down. She lacks the DoT, but she also have high attackspeed and great range.

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Your defense consists of health and health regeneration. To shield yourself from Madred's Bloodrazor you stack Magic Resistance and abilitypower increase your heal and ulti.

I will come with further updates within a few days.