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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eorthstapa

Taric - Tank Mode

Eorthstapa Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Taric, The Gem Knight

Hello and welcome to my take on Taric. While it is very well known that Taric is one of the most amazing support characters in the game, you can also build him effectively as a tank and annoy the heck out of your opponents. Not only will you be stunning, bursting and healing, you will be hard to kill effectively before your team demolishes the other team. Now, let us get started on an explanation of this build.


- Hard to kill
- Annoying all game
- Can support your team still with heals when they are needed
- Able to lure the enemy team easily if you get caught alone
- Not many people expect a full tank Taric


- You have a rather low mana pool
- You can be ignored easily
- Enemies more than likely will stun lock or silence you if they can
- Expensive build for Taric
- Games usually end before you finish your build

Play style and Items

When using this build it is important to remember, you ARE the tank. You can soak up a lot of damage, you can heal a large portion of it off, and you can stun enemy carries to focus down in team fights as well as burst for around 300 damage. It is important early game to stay alive, even if this means you have to turret hug. If you do not stay alive and level/acquire gold, you WILL falter mid-late game and be an easy target for the enemy team. That is why I choose Imbue as my first skill every time, while it may not give raw armor like Shatter does, it can save your hide and your laning partner's hide as well and prevent enemies from getting first blood, and if they are gutsy enough to turret dive when you heal your ally or yourself, they become a free kill.

When laning it is important to remember that while you may need gold and a lot of last hits, you also need mana. Your passive gives 7.5% of the damage you deal physically back to you as mana, so even if you do not get last hits keep hitting those mobs to make sure you can use Imbue and Dazzle when you really need them! And do not be afraid to use Clarity if you or your partner need mana, as the cool-down is relatively low and it is very helpful towards your goal early game. Remember to co-ordinate any attempted kills with your laning partner, it is very possible to get first blood with Taric if it has not happened by the time you are level 3. Dazzle an enemy that you and your partner want dead, smack 'em and when they try to run use Shatter, it will cause a large amount of burst damage that at level 3 usually surmounts to about 300 damage from you alone!

Now, about my item choice... The first item I get is completely situational, but I find that it is best to start with a Mana Manipulator to give yourself and your laning partner much needed mana regeneration early game if you are both mana users, if you are not laning with a mana hungry champion you can always get a Sapphire or Ruby Crystal and build them into Tear of Goddess or Levithan respectively, be wary if you build Levithan though as it must be early game to work for Taric, and it makes you a HUGE target to shut down, potentially ruining what you may have planned. Depending on how the enemy team is set up, if they have a lot of magical damage by mid game or a lot of CC changes the order I get my items, if it is a lot of magical damage I go for Banshee's Veil over Mercury Treads as it gives more magic resistance, and of course its passive to block one negative spell. If the enemy team has a lot of hard CC, I will go for Mercury Treads instead, just due to the fact that the reduction on CC is very helpful.

To be continued...