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Taric Build Guide by Ismellschicken

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ismellschicken

Taric Tank/Support/Carry/MVP

Ismellschicken Last updated on July 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Simple Build for a Simple Champ

SOP=Standard Operating Proceedure=E+R+W>E+Q>E+Q>E+Q>R+E+Q=Etc....

The Stacking of Armor early is to anticipate faceing Enemy Champs who do Physical Damage, but if you find yourself faceing a Magic Damage Champ feel free to switch the Item Order around abit although with Athena's you already have that Small amount of Magic Resist to wear if your Useing your Skills Properly and with good timeing you should be fine 1v1 with just about anyone.

As your going through the Game you really need to focus Defensively! specificly early Game if you are Solo Laneing which i what i use this build for the Most. Catching an Enemy Champ just within tower range with your Dazzle after they harass Tower dove you is a Very funny and often perfect way to score a kill early Game and sometimes even Late Game.

About level 11 you should be able to 1v1 any Melee Champ if you have Boots and Athena's and atleast 1 part of Frozen Heart (Chain Vest) Your Dazzle+Heal combo should be used Heavily. Dazzle being the Initiation so that you can move close and Hit your Radiance and Shatter for some Quick Burst Damage. Following the first 3 seconds of combat you want to use your Dazzle every time its up same with Imbue, if you start to get low on Health or Mana thats what your Summoner Spells for. If Imbue is still on Cool down then hit your Heal for some quick Health and your IMbue shouldnt be far behind.

ALWAYS Dazzle Before IMbue in 1v1, it gives you that short amount of Stun time to cast Imbue unimpeded. Your Shatter should be left alone unless absolutely needed since while the opening Cast is useful, if you use it again you could be harming yourself more than them from the loss of the Armor Boost.

The only real Difficulty i have ever run into is Kassidin, and he is easily Delt with aslong as you Hit him with Dazzle before he Silences you starting off. Other than that just Follow SOP and even he will go down.

Alot of people Think Shaco is the Answer to any Armor Based Champ which is pretty much nuked with the Build You will be Sporting. Shaco will no longer be Valid i Promise.

While in Team fights Dont hit Radiance or Shatter until your all in a nice big brawl so that you hit as many champs with the Burst Damage as possible, it will make killing them faster and give you More Assists which are just as useful as kills lol. When Harrassing with a Team often when the Opposing Team is under a tower, wait for one of the Enemy team to try and bait then Quickly Dazzle them so that they are stunned and your Team can quickly dispatch them.

When in Team fights make sure to use your Heal on the lowest Champ, doesnt matter if your sure they will die because sometimes **** happens you heal that person and BAM they get a double kill. Happens more often than you think, and with that 1 heal you get both those Assists.

Dazzle the Enemy champs in Sequence starting with the Squishy Mages or the Champs with alot of CC. disabling these champs early will provide your Team with a Superb advantage in the coming team fight. After Dazzleing the chosen hero, simply run into the middle of the frey and hit your Radiance and Shatter then begin SOP on chosen Hero. Remember that Imbue heals you AND a Team Hero so make sure you not being a Heal Hog :D. Blowing your Spell Heal if you see your team is even 25% hp lost is a good move. Useing it too late is quite useless since by then you have lost a team mate and YES its your fault.
If the fight drags on Blow your Clarity nearest your Team as you can get. Although Team fights rarely last long enough for that it is always a good idea to plan for the worst.

At Level 18 and Full build. Dont be Heroic and charge into a 3v1 its dumb and no matter who you are, unless your fed like crazy, you will die. But 2v1's are actually quite possible. Simply get them close then hit Radiance and Shatter, and continually focus 1 while Healing yourself as often as possible. when the First dies simply move to the next and repeat the SOP GG...

Its really a quite simple Way to play Taric and i have not Personally Lost a Game with this Build yet and ive played with it in 20 games so far. I have Lost games were i was useing this Build but not because of this build.

Note: this build and Technique do require Timing and a Detatched CAmera, it is not recommended for players who have not reached level 30. It is also not recommended for players who Grew up in Co-Op AI. it does Require Skill and timing like i said. but if Mastered, which is not hard, it is quite handy and often Makes you one of the Strongest Players on your Team.

BTW this is my first Build Submitted to this Site, i hope it helps those of you wanting to try new things with Taric and that it can do with you what i can do with it :D