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Taric Build Guide by Ku5hlol

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ku5hlol

Taric Tank-Support for Ranked Games

Ku5hlol Last updated on December 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction to Taric Tank-Support for Ranked Games

Hello, and welcome to my guide for Taric in Ranked Games. I play Taric as an aggressive Tank-Support mainly focusing on Support. My goal for this guide is to introduce new players to the world of support in ranked games. No I am not extremely high ranked and I play relatively casual and that is who this guide is going to be for. I will try to keep this guide as simple as possible with as much information provided as possible.

Thank you and please leave comments or questions if you have any.

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Summoner Spells for Taric

The summoner spells I will choose almost 90% of games are Clairvoyance (CV) and Flash for obvious reasons, I am the support on the team so CV is a must have for most games but there are rare occasions where I will play with other spells such as Exhaust and Ignite explanations are below.

Clairvoyance - Use this in most (90%) of games you need to learn how to track the enemy jungle as it helps your jungler know when to gank or when to counter jungle as well as help laners know when they can push or when they need to retreat.

Flash - This in my opinion still the best escape in the game even after the nerf, use this to get out of tight spots or to land that clutch stun on the enemy carry.

Ghost - This is also pretty good, I will sometimes go with this to have a little different play style similar to Flash in it's uses only downfall is no jukes through walls etc.

Exhaust - I will go with this if the enemy team is HEAVY melee (3+ Melee) for it's obvious uses as a blind, I will take the mastery if I want to play more aggressive, but the basic spell is good enough for most encounters.

Ignite - I will use this ONLY in duo queue if someone else has a Clairvoyance and we already have an Exhaust and if I am planing on playing very aggressive in lane with a strong AD carry such as Vayne or Caitlin.

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Masteries for Taric

I use pretty standard support masteries making sure to take movement speed, better ward coverage, gold per 5 seconds and Cooldown Reduction.

I have tried defensive masteries and it's usually not that great.

If you are duo queuing and have a strong AD carry with you such as Vayne or Caitlin, then Offensive can be fun sometimes but I do not recommend them for serious games.

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Skill Sequence for Taric

I get Dazzle at level 1 for any possible invasion into their jungle and to maybe get a First Blood in bot, after that I max my Shatter, this is what makes Taric an aggressive support paired with your ultimate and a strong AD in mid laning phase it can absolutely devastate people. After that max your Imbue and finish your Dazzle late game.


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Team Work for Taric

When possible in lane you want to save your stun and heal for when you try to land kills, don't just spam either. When possible sit in the brush and do nothing but pop and off heal when your AD carry is low on HP (about 60% or less) and open to a gank. This will make you unpredictable, and will allow you to punish the enemy support or AD carry if they get out of position or get cocky and try to jump your AD carry.

When possible at level 6+ you want to remain in the brush and communicate to your lane partner that you are ready to look for an opening for a kill, at this moment you need to watch both the enemy support and AD carry and wait for them to get low enough or out of position for a stun.

If this happens open with a stun then ultimate imediately if your AD carry responds in time after this you want to run in front in case you can get another stun off, while doing this get right up in their faces and smash them with your Shatter. Either enemy if not both should be dead by now as long as your AD has farmed enough CS.

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Warding and Dragon as Support

Warding is extremely important and is part of your job if you can maintain at least 1-2 wards at all times while laning, if you get a good kill on the enemies you are laning with it is helpful to CV their jungle (around Blue golem) to see if their jungle is around. If he is and it looks safe try to go in for some harass on him or a possible kill. If he isn't then it is always nice to either steal their Blue if it's up or pop a couple wards in their jungle to help your jungle counter jungle or to leave lane and help your AD get a kill.

ALWAYS WARD DRAGON WHEN POSSIBLE! This is crucial and it is on of your main jobs, it is not the jungler's job to ward dragon or anywhere in bot, his job is to ward top lane areas when possible.

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Taric is an amazing support and possible the best as far as being aggressive is concerned, he can be very aggressive even by himself. I will add more in the way of pictures and explanation when I have the time, but please feel free to comment, vote and leave any questions and I will be sure to respond to them right away.

Thanks for reading!