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Taric Build Guide by Fantell

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fantell

Taric the Bloody

Fantell Last updated on October 15, 2011
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This is my build I use for Taric. It is by no means the only way I build him, but it is the baseline I have before I worry about what changes need to be made to compensate for the other teams abilities and whatnot.
Also, I don't worry about survivability as I worry about being able to get into a pair of champions and and burst them down hard for my lane partner to pick up the kills. This is important. GETTING YOUR LANE PARTNER THE KILLS. you will die. people will laugh at you. call you a noob. you will smile and know that your 8 deaths in lane were worth it to get your carry bulked up with at least 8 and usually more kills, often under the tower when the opponents think they are safe from that crazy gank. you smile because all that power (gold and xp) is concentrated in one character on your side of the field, and the other team has split the 'easy kills' from the stupid Taric between them. and of course, you have started your own collection by all the assists you have stacked up. this should ideally be the only gold you get. it IS enough. trust me. By the time you get the tower down (usually early) you can make a run for either mid or the other lane to help them push using the same methods you used to so effectively dominate top lane. your lane partner, with several kills more than the enemy under his belt, should be able to hold lane on his own and start roaming very effectively. You, on the other hand shine in a team fight, and should position yourself where you can make the most of the burst damage and stun to decimate soft enemies while your team cleans up. by now you might be under leveled but you are still a threat. you are also a bit of a trap for the other team, as you have 0 kills (if things went right) and do not appear to present much of a threat to the other team. you might just pick up a few kills due to the surprise of being actually being able to put out a bit of damage with your autoattack (due to attack speed) and able to heal your self consistantly (cooldowns + 3 sec reduction on heal per hit vs enemy). dont get me wrong, it is still your spells that will kill them, but your auto attack is very important as it reduces healing cooldown AND increases your mana per hit.
In a team fight, you are generally the initiator, catching one of the other team out of position with your stun before running in and shattering them down while someone else picks up the kill.
if the rest of their team rush in to try and save, activate your ult and rain damage on them and have your team step in and start focusing whoever is the biggest threat. dont worry about positioning yourself to hit the right target, just hit something. even if its the tank next to you just start laying into them, >>>BECAUSE HEAL IS STILL VERY IMPORTANT<<< and attacking an enemy champion reduces your cooldown A LOT! and it is surprising how long you can last by spamming that heal as often as you can

Please, also remember that because you have virtually no kills and a high death ratio, your gold worth is very low. if someone has to die, it should be you. it seems stupid, I know, but its not just about kills. its about worthwhile kills. If you die and feed them half what they would normally get, while your carry manages to kill their carry and quite possibly another one or two others, your winning. even if the scores are even, the gold earned by the other team from you is spread around, while all the gold from your lane should be all one person. its also MORE because the other team DOES have kills under their belt. yours. which dont really give them too much gold anymore because you have been avoiding getting kills the whole game.
in my opinion, GG right there.

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Runes and Masteries

Well, I'm not a big user of Runes, I mostly stick to flat attack speed marks, armor seals and magic resist glyphs. I know this could be better, but it IS a good base to start with. I just haven't found a need to change them as yet. Though I used to play with cooldown glyphs when I first started, I found that I didn't need them with the combination of Nashors tooth and Ionian boots (which is my standard item build nearly EVERY game I play.)
Feel free to run with whatever runes you think would suit your playstyle.\
As for masteries, I go with attack speed and health or damage reduction, mostly for early game sustainability.
its not really fancy, but it works. most of the time...

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Skill Sequence

Level one stun. you'll often pick up first blood(or more acurately your lane partner will). then level shatter first and heal when you can't level shatter, unless your ultimate is available. easy to remember, and you do it because stun doesn't get better or longer, it just does more damage. and if you can't close to shatter and autoattack, then you shouldn't be wasting the mana just to harrass the other team.

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Go for meki pendant first, for the mana, it helps keep you in lane. if you have a really good lane partner, you'll need it. also pick up a couple of health pots just to keep you in lane till you get you heal at level 4.
after your first death, buy boots and/or chalice of harmony if you can afford it. boots for cooldown and ability to close to melee range, and chalice for more mana regen so you can spam that shatter when you need to. it also adds magic resist. which is nice....

once boots are done, either start building attack speed with stinger and try and pick up malady at the same time (daggers first if you have to make more than one trip. once you have finished malady and nashors tooth, build wits end or aegus of the legion. depends on how badly you need to stay alive long enough to get that kill for your partner.
Wits End is usually next then I get rageblade for that last little bit of AP and attack speed. sell the chalice once you are finding you dont need to worry bout mana as much and put the money back into one of the big end items as much for space as anything else.

of course, if you are being focused by a lot of magic damage, then switch out one of the attack items for a quicksilver sash. also good for anyone who has something you need to cleanse often.