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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oli23

Taric - The Gem Tank

Oli23 Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Hi everyone and welcome to my first build, a build for Taric.

I love Taric, he is a very good Tank, a good melee and can be a good support because he provide more armor to his allies with Shatter and can heal them with Imbue.

This is a full tank build for Taric, with this build Taric is an excellent tank that is very hard to kill cause it gives him a lot of armor, magic resist, HP and mana.

The guide may be a little incomplete for the moment, im working on it.

Please vote!

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Pros / Cons


-Very good tank
-Good survivability with Imbue and radiance
-Can bring down a tower easily with Radiance
-Good farmer with Shatter
-Dazzle is pretty useful to last hit an opponent who run away or stunning him
-Is a good partner with Shatter and Imbue


-Atk speed is low if not on radiance
-Radiance eats a lot of Mana

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I love to play a full tank champs so my runes are reflecting it.

I go for:

-9 Greater Mark Of Vitality (+ 88 HP at lvl 18)

I know its not that much but it is a little extra and i wanted to make a full tank Taric so the HP runes were pretty necessary.

-9 Greater Seal Of Resilience (+ 13 armor)

It gives you a lot more armor and it is pretty cool at the begining of games cause you have a high amount of armor so it makes you very resistant and help you if you need to solo.

-9 Greater Glyph Of Warding (+14 Magic resist)

Again, it is a +14 MR that you have at the begining of the game and it gives you a high resistance with the +13 armor and +14 Magic resist.

For the Quintessence its your choice but i got with Resilience , Warding and Focus. It gives you an extra Armor, MR and a cooldown reduction and its useful to get your Shatter more rapidly.

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Again there i go for a full tank.

21 points in DEFENSE and 9 points in UTILITY.

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Abilities explanation


Imbue can be very useful in early game cause it heal you and a friend. But it does not give you a high amount of hp but it helps.


This is very very very cool. It gives you 60 armor and 30 for your friends. When you use it you deal 100/150/200/250/300 (+0.5) magic damage and decreases armor by 10/15/20/25/30 for 4 seconds to nearby ennemy. It is also pretty usefull to make a last hit in melee.


You can Stun and do damage. It gives you the opportunity to gank or make a last hit on a running ennemy.


It heal you, it increase atk dmg of nearby allies, it increase your atk dmg and your atk speed. Its the perfect ability to tank a tower. But it coast a lot of mana so dont forget to disable it when your finish. You can also use it to escape cause it gives you healing. Clarity is very usefull with this ability cause you can use clarity when your out of mana to continue to use Radiance.


7,5% of the atk damage done is converted into mana for Taric. So when your out of mana and you can't leave and your clarity is on cooldown, hit minions to gain back mana.

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I always start the game with the Boots of speed and a few HP potions and sometimes a ward. You dont really need to buy mana potions cause you already have Clarity to provide you mana and when you hit a minions or a champ you gain mana too. Why do i choose the boots at the beginning ? Cause you already have a high amount of HP, Armor and Magic resist and you can have your mana with Clarity and HP with Imbue and Hp potions so all you need is more speed.

When you can, teleport to the base and buy the Mercurys Boots. It is a good pair of boots for a tank cause it gives you a good amount of MR. If you play against a very physical team, you could also go for the Ninja Tabie Boots.

Second item to buy is the Chalice of Harmony. Its not expensive and it gives you an extra MR and a good Mana regen, wich is very important with Taric in beginning and mid game.

Third item to get is a Sunfire Cap. I LOVE this item. It gives you great armor,HP and the Passive is pretty cool. It is a excellent item for a Tank melee like Taric.

Fourth item is the Aegis of Legion. Its a polyvalent item wich gives you HP, armor, MR and makes you a great friend to your teamate cause it also gives them extra armor, MR and damage when near you.

For the fifth item, i normally goes with Manamune. It gives you more mana, mana regen and 20 dmg. The passive is the most interesting thing. It convert 2% of your max mana into atk dmg, wich is great cause it gives you the opportunity to be more effective into melee.

For the sixth and last item, i suggest the Force of Nature. It will gives you a lot more MR, a good HP regen and a +8% movement speed wich is very cool cause Taric is not the fastest champ.

Finally you could replace the Chalice of Harmony for a Banshee's veil if you want cause with Mannamune you have enough mana and mana regen and the MR of Banshee's veil is better than the MR of Chalice of Harmony.

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Summoner Spells

In 5v5 i use Teleport and Clarity.

Your an Utility Tank and your not that fast so teleport gives you the opportunity to defend a tower quickly. For Clarity i know it is pretty useless in end games but its pretty useful in beginning and mid games.

In 3v3 teleport would be useless so i go with Exhaust or Rally or Cleanse.

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Thats it for my build.

If you follow it correctly, you will be an excellent tank and good in melee. You will be very hard to kill and you may become the key of the victory for you team!

I will add more stuff with time.

P.S: Sorry for the language, im french.