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Taric Build Guide by Sgtsmash

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sgtsmash

Taric: the master of all trades

Sgtsmash Last updated on September 19, 2011
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1-Tank 2-Aura 3-Ap 4-Ap/AtkSpd

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A note of importance

The last build in this section (AD Taric) is not something I strongly believe in. It is there because of a request by another person. Do not downvote the guide because, "AD Taric sucks" compared to the other builds because I know that but I was nice enough to give a possible build by request. For those who wonder why he is not as viable as any other build it is as simple as he has bad base physical stats, he has no innate lifesteal in his abilities to help that, he only has 2 abilities to boost his Physical attack which does not counteract the previous points. If he has improved stats or his ult game innate lifesteal he would be more viable as an AD dps, but then he wouldnt be Taric.

Btw any of those interested in AD Taric look below for the AD taric explanation.

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Introduction PLEASE VOTE

Ok so here are my builds for Taric all of these have come from playing ranked and eventually perfecting them for myself (inspiration for Atkspd/AP came from Sixsonatas). These will not work AS WELL for you as they do for me unless we have exact playstyles or unless you find a great niche for yourself also. They all have their obvious strengths and weaknesses. Their durability goes from Tank=>Aura=>AP(when running away)=>Atkspd/AP(in battle)=>Ap(in battle)=>Atkspd/AP(while running). Hope you like them it will be turned into a guide shortly

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Because Teamnames dont work - 1. Tank
2. Aura
3. Ap
4. Ap/Atk Spd
1. Extremely durable no matter what build you take
2. Has a stun
3. Has a Armor increasing (or reducing) aura that buffs your team no matter what
4. His ult has a good heal on him and buffs his whole teams (and all allied minions) attack damage
5. Great tower diver
6. Pwnage Healz

1. Ignite....
2. If your team doesnt have physical dps shater debuff and your ult are screwed (so dont pick him then)
3. Only good at covering towers unless he is one of the last two builds, otherwise they just ignore you
4. Just try running for you life without ghost when a nunu is chasing you and tell me how it goes

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These are the runes that I feel that compliment Taric the best for the positions provided. Tarics main weakness is magic damage (think Shatter Aura) and because of that for tank Taric MR seals are a must. For tank Tank Taric switching out MR for glyphs is completely acceptable even though it will hurt you early game a bit. For anybody but tank Taric Mana-regen seals are nice early game if you want to switch them out with what I currently have but late game you have such massive mana regen that they barely make a difference.

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The masteries I provided are what I feel the best for what I feel each specific role Taric can fill. Since in every build magic damage is a great percent of your damage going 9 into offence is a must while the other 21 points you have are completely your choice what to put them in. (But of course my Masteries are always better than yours... always)

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This is where everything gets technical

Tank Taric - If you have ever played a tank (well at least played them well) you know that you NEVER have a build set in stone, the item build I provided is only a soft guide (builds for other roles are a medium to hard guide) for if you are playing against a perfectly balanced team. The one item you HAVE to get is Aegis YOU ARE A SUPPORT FIRST AND A TANK SECOND (though a very close second) and if their team has any significant source of magic damage (and if they dont you stack armor and win like in any game that happens) you should (but if you are completely against it dont) get Abyssal damage. Another reason to not get Abyssal Scepter is if your team has no magic damage (well a good source at least) then the aura is almost going to waste. (But if your team has no magic damage in the first place the other team goes armor and you lose.)

The things I really miss in tank guided is pounding into your head that as a tank (though with anybody else its important) is too LOOK AT DEATH RECAP. You should already be doing this but if you arent it really helps. If the team is basically balanced but say some1 is more farmed then the rest of their team and your taking 60% magic damage and 40% physical then every % of reduced damage from magic damage is 33% more effective than every % of reduced physical damage at reducing the total damage you take. Do the math and choose your Situational items based on it.

Situational Tank items -

Thornmail - Take this is the enemy is heavy AD. This becomes amazing with you actual boosted amount of hp because of your ult and your heal. The item I would recommend you switch it out with is Banshees veil if their melee dps have alot of non CC spells or their tank has a spell that would pop it before they would use their cc (they probably arent going to use it on you anyway but w/e). The reason for this is the likely hood in a good team for one person on their team using on of their weaker spells on you to pop Banshees veil is huge (though still very viable in solo ques where most people have almost no sense of teamwork (there are standout examples and if you take a strong hold in leadership (Which the tank or a dps which requires chaos to do their best, like Nocturne, should take hold of) you should do much better in solo ques). If not switch it out with Gaurdian Angel.

Force of Nature - If their team is dealing you more magic damage then physical get this. Depending on how much more magic damage they are dealing you is what item you switch it out if they deal 60-79% magic damage to you switch it out with Gaurdian Angel. If they deal 80-100% switch it out with Frozen heart (though the loss of mana and CD reduc may hurt you much and you may need to steal their blue buff to do amazing).

Other items may help other tanks alot more but they do not compare (in my view, the best view)
to the items that I listed. With taric here are your your priorities as a tank 1-Resist 2-Mana 3-CDR 4-Everything else 5-Health
Health almost hurts if he does not have resistances. They make your heals less effective without resistances. Your heals do not scale with hp (like mundo) so health does much less to you than other tanks.

Aura Taric

There is not much room here for change like the other builds but dont get a aura item if its not going to help your team (with good team comp they will) and get a tank item from the list from the possible items that tank taric uses instead of Archangels Staff or Will of the Ancients. (FoN or Banshees for Magic dmg/Thornmail or Randuins (Aoe slow never hurts for a support) for Physical Dmg/ GA for a balanced team.

Ap Taric

No RoA you say I say every item in my build helps more. Deathcap - The massive AP you need. Hourglass - Great Armor and Ap and if you are about to die that Active ability keeps your ult up for 2 seconds longer and also you can get in that heal which can save you because it brings you to full HP. LB - Great damage and MR (same reason for Abyssal Scepter). Archangels - You need the mana for your ult and you get more ap from it. And Remember what I said Resistances ARE WAY BETTER THAN HP.
If you are having some problems with Magic damage get Spirit Visage instead of Archangels (if your team will let you get blue) or (if you are not worried about physical damage) Hourgl both items.***/(if you have to Damage is your least important thing you have) Deathcap because your heals will be about the same with
Everything else is the obvious stuff for ap void staff if they are stacking MR (though damage isnt your highest priority)

Ap/Attk Spd

FoN is an item you could switch out Abyssal Scepter with. This is only if you are having extreme trouble with Magic Dmg. (And then you can switch out GA with Sunfire or FoN (depending again on their Dmg Comp). If you are having no trouble at all with Magic dmg switch it out with Rabadons for the extra ap (which indirectly increases your survivability through extra heals for yourself) or if they have higher physical damage Zhoynas (then you also have the choice of switching out GA with Rabadons).

There is one item I wanna try out and am saying you might wanna try also, Wits end. It gives good attk speed, the magic resist you need, and deals up to 42 damage per hit (if they have mana) Dont get this if many of their Champions dont have mana, You arent being targeted, or they dont have prominent Magic Damage.

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Ranked and Draft mode

Here is when to choose Taric
1. When your team is missing a support (Aura or Ap Taric)
2. When your team is missing a tank (Look at what I just typed)
3. When your team just needs a tanky dps (Ap/Attkspeed Taric or even just Ap Taric)

When not to choose Taric
1. When your team needs a physical dps
2. When you dont know how to jungle with him and your team needs a jungler

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Lane Partners

Taric has many good combinations of lane partners so im just going to give a brief guidline

1. People who have a stun (double stun lane ftw)
2. A physical DPS who needs to farm (Taric Babysits well)
3. Somebody with Clarity (it never hurts to have and endless supply of mana)

Taric can also top solo very efficiently (Though using defense masteries are recommended for that).

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Keep your ult up at all times in a teamfight until you get to 400 mana or below (or 0 mana if you have clarity up)

Tank Taric - Have your team lag behind you a bit and try to "fall into a gank" (you can do this by taking dragon (with your team out of sight when you know they have it warded) Stun their burst carry if they have not poped their full burst or if they have stun their physical carry and get your team to focus the person you have stunned. You can also just run into the middle of their team for a bit and annoy them having your team come in a second or 2 later when you dont have full mana so they may have the tendency to focus you.

Aura Taric - Let the tank initiate. Stun their burst carry if they have not poped their full burst or if they have stun their physical carry and get your team to focus the person you have stunned. All you care about after that is keeping your physical carry alive with your stuns and heals.

Ap Taric - Stun their burst carry if they have not poped their full burst or if they have stun their physical carry and get your team to focus the person you have stunned. Run into the middle of their team and hit them with Shatter (priority goes to who you are targeting). Stay with the physical carry making sure he is getting your buffs and keep him alive with your stuns and heals. going in whenever you can use a spell.

Ap/Attkspd taric - You know the stun drill. Now here is what is different. Unless your whole team has died but you dont run, your more likely going to live if you keep autoattacking them and win the teamfight then if you run away. You can burst heal yourself more often while you autoattack. If your being focused they arent focusing the rest of your team.

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AD Taric (by request)

AD taric will be like any other AD melee carry but with a couple different things. He has more survivability, BUT he has less damage. Like sion his only gap coverer is his stun.

Im still working with the actual build, but here are the things that I am thinking. Try them out and tell me how they work. Trinity Force - A Steriod to your attack, Ability power, Hp, Permaslow, Damage/Crit/Attackspeed, Such a good item. Starks Fervor - Keeps Taric in the mood of support and Gives him REDUCED armor in an AoE. What I am trying with Taric is not armor pen but armor reduction because with his aoe he can easily get a Squishy with low armor to below 0 armor.

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More coming soon

Well I am retiring for the night but here are chapters soon to come

    The obvious reasons I am completely superior to you and why you should feel bad about yourselves