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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quardah

Taric : The One-Man-Six-Auras.

Quardah Last updated on October 3, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my second guide. This one is with another character i like : Taric.

As Taric, playing with this guide will give your team the best support output a support may offer to other team member. I like playing Taric this way cause you only have to be in a fight and sit-&-wait until it's over, cause you won't need to do anything, really.

This build is espacially for team play. If you expect playing solo, then why are you playing League Of Legends? This game is based on Cooperation. Stop being a noob by being helpfull (No offence, i'm just loling in front of my computer writing this. But you're still a noob, cause we all are. Lmao)

Skill explanation :

IMBUE (Q) : Simply your most awesome skill, you'll be invincible if you can use it well (And don't suicide, as well). But hey, isn't healing the basis of any support?

SHATTER (W) : Since you're only objective in life is Aura, well this is an Aura. Even if you'll max it only toward the end, it will be usefull to farm. In gank fight i recommend you do NOT use the active spell, or else you will be defenseless. Usefull preaty much Mid-game, at the end it'll be there and do the job, but you'll have way more powerful auras for your friends. But still, don't spit on it.

DAZZLE (E) : Nice stun, let your buddies kill enemies, and preaty good for harassing. Oh and enemy players may rage at you cause you'll be casting this spell and let the enemy unnatended and stun for 3 seconds. Don't worry, they'll fill the chat with rage.

(ULTIMATE) RADIANCE (R) : With this Aura, all the girls will love you. Sadly you're playing a gay character. It ruins the fun. Ok back to serious. This spell will be usefull for many things : Heal yourself if you don't wanna leave the Lane, Push, Boost team in gank and be awesome. Always use it whenever you have the change of making it worth it. The only thing i can tell you is to be carefull about the mana sapping that spell does. That preaty sad if you're out of mana, eh?

In Game :

Buy the Meki pendent

For the Laning phase, team yourself with anyone which isn't another support (Anyway you ain't supposed to have more than 1 support in a team, and for my opinion, Taric is preaty much the best support Output with Sona). At the begining you will keep on killing creeps and try not to die, altought it's preaty easy not diying because you can heal yourself like crazy. Whenever you are surrounded with creeps don't mind about using Shatter (W) for farming. Anyway the bonus is so low you won't even notice it on/off.

When you'll have Dazzle at level 3, things will change. Start harassing. Really, Taric is a pain in the *** when he keeps on stunning. At this time, ragers gonna rage. At level 6, You'll be able to start pushing if your team's position permit it. Buy the boots of mobility, you'll understand that everytime you die or leave to buy something, everyone always cry for support. With these boots, you'll run fast enought to help anyone in need, just like SuperMan, but gayier. Lol.

Now you'll have to choose what to buy. I recommende you buy all these, but the order depends on what champion you are laning with and what's on your team :

The first one you'll buy will always be The Aegis of the Legion. The armor boost/Hp boost is significant. You'll love it. To make it, start with the Cloth armor or The Null-Magic Mantle (Take the one to counter those you lane against). Then take the Ruby cristal, then the missing item.

Next, choose between those :

Stark's Fervor : If you are laning with a close-combat fighter/tank and/or if your team is more Close-Quarter fighter
Will of the Ancients : If you are laning with a Caster and/or if you have a caster oriented team
Soul Shroud : I personnaly never took that one first, even if it's really amazing. It's preaty much more the one i buy after one of the two item i talked about before. Preaty amazing for long lasting pushes with your whole team.

EXCEPTION : If you have no Close-Quarter/Caster in you team, first it means you are ******ed cause only a well balanced team is usefull (lol, just kidding), but then you could chose to take the Spirit Visage instead of the Stark's Fervor/Will of the Ancients. It'll boost you're healing (As much as if you have the Will of the Ancients) and you're Hp (As much as if you have the Life-steal from the Stark's).

From now on you should have at least 3 auras always activated and your Ult that you can activate anytime. Time to start ganking if you haven't starded yet, cause if the other team haven't started yet well you're all ready to r*pe them. Don't forget : Taric is a close Quarter fighter. It'll be completly useless to deal your pitty 10 dmg on an enemy. Simply keep on Healing friends, stun champions (Beware of missclick) and BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT! If you're too far, What's the poing of Auras, really?

Now you might consider changing your Tear of the Goddess into that sexy Archangel's Staff. It'll help you on the healing, that's the only point. At this point with your 2000 Mana it'll give you aboug 60 Ability power. That's cool, but not as usefull as auras. Do it only if you're feed enought.

Keep on killing creeps. As a good Taric, you should have around [0-1]/[0-3]/[Anything above 5] in Kill/Death/Assist Ratio. More kill would mean you're uber cool and your enemies are complete noob. More death would mean you feed foes like a noob, and less assist would mean you ain't helping your team at all.

At End game, simply do some push with your team and stick up to your teamates. Alone you'll be useless. When it comes to a push, toggle you're ult and follow the team. Normally, your team is gonna be sooooo boost by Auras they are gonna r*pe everything on their wait. Ace and Win ; That's your final mission.

Pro Tip 1 : Never use your Shatter skill if it's not for a kill. It's too long to come back at you and you'll love a considerable amound of armor. Take care.

Pro Tip 2 : In a gank Fight NEVER Heal yourself with your healing skill unless everybody is full. Why? Do the math :
You'll heal yourself 1.4 times what you should do. If you heal somebody else, you'll heal yourself 1 time and the other one 1 time too.

100% + 100% > 140%. Think about it. The more health is going through your team, the more it'll survive.

That's preaty much everything. I hope i haven't forgot anything.

If you guys have anything preaty cool to share i invite you to write a comment and try proving me i'm wrong at a place. I'm preaty much open minded and i'll try all you guys tricks and give you some feedback.

And just like my other guide, fell free to change any summoners spells. I personnaly like those, only because fortify is my favorite and Clarity help you healing. But anyway, it depends, of course, on your style of playing.



(Si quelqu'un ici ne parle que Francais je suis pret a traduire mon guide si vous le desirer. Je peux aussi repondre aux question en francais. Suffit de demander dans un commentaire. :) )