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Taric Build Guide by Fangraven

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fangraven

Taric The supporter

Fangraven Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I am Freakraven also known as freak or raven. this is my guide on taric hopefully actually being good. Now this guide is full for support and not to get kills but to help your teamates to victory. I like Taric since he seems more reliable rather than Soraka. She only gives heals when taric does that AND does dps. Taric also is much more tanky then Soraka. So this is my guide on playing Taric. Now since you are require to get kills you want gold from minions. This is why you pick up dazzle at first. So you can stun them and pick up a last him. Dazzle is also for the early harras so that you dont get killed quick and have a chance to survive. I would suggest ganking and harrasing extremely at level 6. Your Ultimate is your most important thing. people can just get blood thirster or something and heal themselves. But even more dps is great. But heals is good too. Dont ever think that to many heals isn;t good :O.

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I take Seals and Glyphs into Mana rege so that i always can heal or set out ulti. Mana regeneration. This is Tarics most important thing. I also went with attack speed so that I can hit faster to gain more mana is such a faster time. I also took some ability power so in early game i can heal for more and dps more with Dazzle. Since Dazzle is only an initatior you dont need it that much rather then your ulti and Dazzle is ment more for also chasing or running away. But Dazzle is also a good skill in team fights be able to stun everyone and some important targets and also with raidence its a major win for you.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ghost to get away or to initate alot faster. I use flash to pop in or out. Since Taric has mainly two intiators and two escapers. you shouldn't die that much. Unless its Ezreal and his dumb ulti :P. Otherwise your good.

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Faerie Charm + 2x Mana Potion + 1 HP potion: Faerie Charm is a great item to start with. 3 mana regeneration is surprisingly good. and with your Mana pots you should be good until level 4 or 5. Now if you harras extremely then these are good until about level 3. Now never put yourself in danger but only once. Not even. Since Taric is not mean't for harras you should never put yourself in danger. Its called dazzle. The health pot was just incase they try to gank you. But then again you should always be buying wards from time to time.

Merucy's Tread: The only reason I got this rather then Summoner boots is because if you get stunned or slowed in anyway you screwed. But with the tentactiy you should be able to live longer or actually survive. But then again if you buy wards and put them in the right place you should be good (always ward the dragon and if your doing 5v5 always put them by barron and down the rivers too). These are just amazing boots for a SUPPORT Taric keyword SUPPORT.

Elissa Charm: This has amazing Mana regneration. I am eternally in love with this item. This item has so much mana rengernation (well not that much but laning for 5 minutes is like 500+ mana) this item is a must need for all Taric if your going support well thats was this is about anyways :P

Ageis Of Legions: Amazing item this has great potenail for Taric a definete must have and will need. Getting this item totally increase your survivablity and im pretty sure it gives hp rege. This is a total must have. Getting this is definetely a good thing and could probably... possibly never dying again :O

Shruyeails Crown: Whatever its called its freaking awesome. This is a complete survival item. You want/need this item too. Great for team fights. (the only replacement is for this is Sunfire cape)

Soul Shroud: Amazing item just like Ageis of LEgions nuff said.

Wards ward ward ward: You want to ward the place to hell unless someone has clairvoyence but thats only if like all of them are mia otherwise get the next time

Spirit Visage: This will increase survivabilty and healing power on you!!!

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Team powers

Since your a full support only head in once everyelse has gone in. Then run in dazzle the most important person. Then run into the center then you Raidence. Then use Shatter so you can get a good AoE attack and start smacking some people down. You also get the dps buff so you should be dealing a good amount of damage for someone with no damage items :P. You should win the teamfight and start pushing. and since Taric has a high need for costly items (apparently) take out the front turrtets. then the middle turrets then the inner turrets and what not. You should have a good gold income and be able to get all of your items.

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I hope you enjoyed the guide and up good night or good morning i Dont know dont blame me :(