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Taric Build Guide by rexpimpwagen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rexpimpwagen

taric too stronk" jungle tankey ad taric

rexpimpwagen Last updated on June 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide will show you my build for jungle Taric and some game-play strategies that will have you stomping every team you come across in ranked solo/duo que.
Be aware that this is my first guide on moba so please give me feedback on anything i should add to the guide or anything you would like explained better because i might forget or not know a few things.

READ THIS: Don't down-vote before trying the build more than once as you may come across invades, counter jungling or other things that take a bit more practice to compensate for and can ruin your game should you not know what to do about it. And yes i have written about how i found this build like a story.

As a Taric main, I would get bored from time to time and decide to try "different" builds and styles of playing him. Normally when I jungled as Taric it would be slow and ineffective clearing jungle at around 4 minutes and being under-leveled for most of the game not helping my team as much as i would should i have played him as support.

One day riot decided rework Taric by changing his ult and increasing his base attack speed. Because of this his prowess as a support character was reduced and the prospect of a very strong tankey ad char appeared. This prompted me to once again try jungling as Taric. Amazed at my new clear time of 3:30 I began to gank lanes. Beginning at bot and working my way to top performing ganks, I found that I was always successful in getting a kill or assist in each lane. Whilst returning to base I ran into the enemy jungler, a lee sin who I believed would kill me if I started to run, I engaged him beginning with shatter and following that up with a stun once he had activated his life-steal ability. quickly dropping his hp down and sustaining my own with my 5 second cd on heal i was surprised when I beat him sustaining only 1/4 of my hp in damage.

I proceeded to carry that game finishing with a score of 15/2/10 with the enemy team surrendering at 30 minutes. After this I began to win every ranked game I played as jungle Taric with at least double kills than deaths and with many assists.

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High damage output for a bruiser
very good duelist (who am i kidding hes ridiculous 1v1)
support, jungle, tank, melee hard-carry all in one
can switch to most other roles should a solo ranked que turn bad and you have already locked in
swain/taric ganks are unstoppable!!! (more on this later)
damage output and tankeyness surprises most players (for now)
heal has a high base and 1:1 scaling with his ult
safe/fast jungle
decent clear-time surprises most players (for now)
good burst for ganks

slow movement speed early game
can be counter-jungled (this is kind of a problem for all junglers)
weak to ap burst early game
people complain in que a lot of the time (fact of life for jungle Taric)
malphite will destroy you completely (do not pick a fight with the rock monster)

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Skill order

follow guide till 6 then evenly lv out q and w taking r when you can. If you need more armor take more w, simple as that.

maxing w/q together makes sure you have the right balance of armor and heal and damage so you don't lack in one area which can leave you weaker than you should be.

max e last as you are not building for ap damage and lvling it does not decrease its cd.

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For runes i take a full attack speed runepage because this maximizes the amount of times you can use q whilst jungling leaving you with full hp at the end of the first run allowing you to go straight into ganks. (starts with longsword and pot)

You can also take attacks speed glyphs and seals with ad marks and armor pen quints for better damage but you will finish the first clear on less than full hp. You can just heal yourself on the way to ganks but i find i get oom when i do that. (starts with dagger and pot)
This is the build i am currently using as it clears jungle faster after the first clear allowing you to avoid getting underlvled should you fail your ganks or the enemy team all has escape mechanisms.

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the mastery page suggested is the page i use for jungle in general so is not specifically for jungle taric.
i will take any advice/suggestions people have on this as i didn't really put much thought into this part of the build as i dont consider the bonuses the mastery page gives you to differ too much for any jungler.

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Start with a longsword and a pot for full as runes
build first tier boots then madreds razors
complete wiggles and merc treads (you will always take mercs because of the cc reduction, your too dam slow and too dam important to be slowed down even more by cc effects)
after this build trinity starting with zeal (your too dam slow) and then choose the order you get the other two in depending on your needs (after this your not slow anymore and can deal a ton of damage too!!!!!!!!!!!)
frozen mallet (helps you stick to people and gives you hp, both very important)
atama's impaler taking the chain vest first (at this point you say "Taric too stronk" and the enemy surrenders)

game usualy ends here or earlier

The last item on your list is entirely dependent of your in game situation. (games never go this long)

need more damage? take infinity edge and crush your enemy
need to tank for your team? take frozen heart or banshees
ad carry giving you ****? take thornmail and smash his/her face with you mighty hammer
ap heavy team or ap carry being op? take a witts end, you will heal more often and deal more damage, the mr helps too.another choice is the maw of malmortius, its also good
wanna live more? grab a gaurdian angel and become an invincible bringer of death.

The witts end is one of the only item i recommend taking earlier in the build should you need it the rest of the build is kind of fixed and i haven't found any other way that works as well in most situations.

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Summoner Spells

flash and smite
smite (your a jungler)
kassadin and lb cant escape your ganks
you can flash over walls
other stuff you use flash for
why would you take anything else?

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The Evil Forest


get a leash on blue (you need this otherwise you will die)
Shatter whenever possible (between autos to maximize damage and increase clear time)
kill blue and heal as soon as you lv up before going to wolves
heal whenever you get the chance (but between autos to maximize damage)
after wraiths if you don't have full hp start using the pot before heading to red
save flash for ganking mid its usually the best place for ganking as taric

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stun shatter and hammer away
co-ordinate with your team so that you are not double stunning but instead landing one after the other.

in 5v5 you want to try and initiate with your stun otherwise hang back and wait for an initiator to start the fight then run in and stun an important target.
important targets
ad carry
fed players
squishies with high damage
someone running from the fight

It is also your job to keep people alive because your heal is still very strong even though you have low ap because of your ult and the triforce you get +100 extra heal on your q.
use this to protect people who are at low life and keep them alive or at least in the fight longer. many times have i healed the player being focused keeping them on around 100 hp only to have the enemy team switch targets and letting them keep dealing damaging winning us the fight.

Protect your carry. this is your main goal after the initiation, if someone goes for your carry beat their head in.

here is the part most people think that taric would be bad at and the part i love the most about tankey ad taric. After the update tarics heal was changed to cd 3 seconds every hit against an enemy champ leaving his heal on a 3 second cd in a 1v1 situation with 1.0 as. my build gives you just a little bit more as than that and therefore a spammable heal that procs sheen and dosent interfere with your auto-attack should you target something instantly afterwards. This makes him a monster 1v1 because with his armor pen stun ult and heals you can win practically any 1v1 situation.

Agains say a jax for example you would just open with your ult and shatter then wait for him to activate counter strike and stun him before he can reactivate it and hit him with an auto then you walk out of range and then back in once its gone off gaining a free auto against him. you would heal now putting you back in front in terms of hp% left and then continue to cycle through your abilities activating sheen with each one saving stun for when counterstrike comes back off cd. doing this you should win with the same amount or a little less gold/xp.

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Team Work

Teamwork is essential. You know what it means and you will suck if you don't prioritize it over your own opinion of what is right.

If someone is feeding help them and don't be a ****, they are probably countered by their opposition and you wouldn't be able to do any better than them.

If your team is going for tower instead of baron you are also going for tower even if you think baron is a better idea.

Suggest lane changes if someone is doing poorly

There are billions of ways you can help your team and as Taric it is your job to do an many as you can.

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Highly compatible lane/gank pairs

this is the number 1 most unstoppable gank in the game
you stun he snares they die end of story
if you duo que you will figure this out pretty fast, its soo easy to co-ordinate

I have never lost a game as Taric with a mid swain.

stun snare burst same deal as with swain but the lb snare skillshot is hard to place behind minions

stun stun stun dead at lv 3

basically anyone with good follow up burst and cc will guarantee you kills

Solo top
good cc and stun also ad damage amplified by your shatter

solo top ganks are easier if you come from the gap just behind baron (if your blue team)

Bot lane pairs
any pair with decent follow up
Basically everyone.
Bot ganks are easy if you come from that gap behind the dragon (if your purple)

this trio is a guerrilla warfare machine
you kinda have to figure this one out for yourself because it would take a book worth of writing to explain it.

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Some gameplay and results.

this was just after perfecting jungle taric

will upload gameplay video at a later date