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Taric Build Guide by Scara

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scara

Tarics ultimate guide to the homosexual lifestyle

Scara Last updated on June 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction to Taric ultimate gay guide

Congratulations, you made it to the introduction which on itself is already truly truly amazing. Although this guide is far from finished i hope it gives you a nice view off how i play my taric. My guide is about Taric as a support, although i might add other chapters later this will be the initial theme. I never really like playing support, i have always been a fan of the more challenging characters like anivia that require a lot of skillshots in order to be played succesfull. So why have i started playing taric? Honestly i do not have a clue, it was probably my inner manhood that screamed out to play one of the most masculine characters in game ; Taric the gem knight.

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My rune page is far from perfect i realize that. Advices on how to improve this will be very welcome and i will try to implement them as soon as possible. The most important thing about it however is correct, "the movement quints" play a key role for this build, which will be explained later.

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The aim of my masteries is to maximize support and keep up with both lvling and the gold aspect of the game. Falling to much behind on an early level can weaken both you and your team, since your later build will be mostly towards helping your fellow teammates with valueble buffs.

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- Your initial focus should be buying enough wards to give early security to your AD carry.

- When you have your lane properly secured with wards, you can start to think about making some cash, because as a support you give all the minion kills to your AD carry. That's why it's very important to buy philosophers stone as early as possible, without giving up to much vision trough not buying wards.(CV can function as an emergency ward, if you can't warp back yet)

- After that it's Boots of swiftness (wards need to be bought troughout the game, buy pink wards if there are stinky rats or evelyn arround)

- Now you can do two things either take a bit of a guess and buy ORACLE, or save up your money a bit more and first buy shurelyias reveree. (and buy ORACLE after that) As soon as you have both reveree and boots of swiftness, there is really no need to die anymore and you will be one of the safest characters to put Oracle on. Shurelyias reveree is perfect for getting out and chasing characters, although i'd advice you to be carefull with chasing untill your item build is more complete. (because at this point you are still rather squichy)

- Now you have your basic build , it's time to move on and become more tanky and give your teammates much needed buffs. My personal buying order is frozen heart, than aegis of legion and as a last items quicksilver sash. Frozen heart and aegis of legion can be purchased in any order depending on the game situation your in. Quicksilver sash is really a late late game item, which you will likely not achieve. But when you do it will give you more freedom to jump in with your ulti up close as it functions as a free cleanse. With both cleanse , ghost and shurelias reveree you must be really unlucky not to be able to make it out.

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Team Work

-- Your job is to support your AD carry early game

-- In mid/late game you will be more free roaming escorting teammates in the enemy jungle so in case of a gank you can stun and heal.

The team fight:

Keep your distance and stun any AD carries/ or AP midlaners , so your team can take them down ASAP. Try and have your ulti ready when the team fight stars, this will give a huge damage boost to the whole team. If your not being focussed try shattering your opponents in the middle of the fight and after that quickly move out because you will be very vunerable untill the recharge of your shield.

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The famous Taric gank

Will soon follow when i have time to work it out. It has a big succes rate and there is no risk involved. Your whole team will laugh as your run off with first kill.

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More will follow later with interesting pictures and a self made map of where to put your wards. This ward map will be extremely usefull and it's different from the ones arround right now, so be sure to bookmark this guide and check on it later.
If you have any questions or advice feel free to comment below.

p.s. keep in mind this guide is still in an early stage, so i'd rather not have it rated untill i have progressed slightly further with it.