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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vivi

Team Composition

Vivi Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Hello everyone and welcome to my comprehensive guide about team compositioning. This guide is not meant to give awesome results so you and your friends get a win every game but this can help you to get a better understanding of the game and the composition of your team. This guide its main purpose is for lower ELO players but High ELO players could maybe learn something from this. I'm still a young person and my English isn't that decent so bare with me.
This guide is not really about Janna, I just had to pick a champion :p

Let’s just jump right into the guide shall we?

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Overview pre-game composition

What is pre-game composition?
It is the way your team is setup in any possible way.

What is going to follow is not always going to make sense to you but believe me, in the end this could help you get to higher ELO. Before you’re going to read the next chapter you have to understand one important thing. Don’t be selfish.

First of I want to talk about pre-game T.C. as it is forgotten a lot by players. How good your T.C. is is depending on a lot of factors.

- Balanced damage output. (Not all AD or AP)
- Whether your team has a support
- If you have a decent tank
- Jungler
- Clairvoyance. (Really important at times)
- Balanced ranged and melee (If you don’t have any ranged you’re ****ed)
- Area Of Effect Damage
- Crowd Control
- Team Buffs

Maybe you’re thinking right now: Wtf is this guy talking about: I can facerape with my AD yi every game I don’t need a tank or CC this is BS DOWNVOTE. I understand you but you’re completely wrong. In LOW ELO you could win with your thinking. But my thinking will win in High ELO.

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Balanced kind of damage output

- Damage Output.

I’ve seen this a lot in Low ELO games, 5 squishies who are all AD and get totally faceraped late game. Why is this you ask? I thought Tryndamere, Yi and Ashe are so good in dealing damage?
Its because they all do the same kind of damage. Which you never want to have because the other team can easily counter that damage by getting a High Armour item. Or when the other team is all AP a high Magic resist item. And the other tank can just absolutely rape you. The perfect setup would be 2 magic damage, 2 attack damage, 1 hybrid (Both attack and magic damage)
Tip: Learn whether a champion does magic damage or physical damage, early game and late game as with this valuable information you can easily counter that champion. Also: some items are magic damage but used for Physical damage champions Like madreds bloodrazor and sword of the divine. Observer what damage the other team does so you can counter it.

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Support Champion

I bet you’re thinking right now ‘What the hell you want us to get a soraka in the team? Really? Noob!’
Well yes I do actually. (If it’s a good one off course) A support is such an absolute need in High ELO because you always want to have somebody who can babysit your carry and can protect them because you don’t want them dieing in 2 sec because they get targeted. A support is also very good in combination of harass champs. If your team is taking some hard harassment in preteamfights. (When the entire teams are close to each other but nobody is commiting yet.) Your support could give them a shield or heal them. What you don’t want to do is getting 2 supports because else they almost have nobody to babysit and you still want to deal some damage to them. Remember though, you’re a support not a carry so let your carries take the farming as they need to have gold for heavy items. How can we get gold than? Well assists for kills, and items who give you gold, getting a Heart of gold and Phil Stone (Not kage's lucky pick as that doesn't build into a supportive item) can help you in lane to stay their much longer and also get some gold!

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A tank

Whether you have a decent tank or not can decide the outcome of a teamfight. A tank has the ability to soak a lot of damage and can commit without dieing in 2 seconds. This is extremely helpful in late game slugfests because he can take all the damage from the carries which gives time to your carries to deal some damage at their carries. Best choices for tanks are CC-tanks and Support-tanks. CC-tanks are the tanks who can stun (Amumu, Malphite) or taunt (Shen, Rammus). The support-tanks are the tanks who can defend their carries like heals (Alistar) or give them boosts (Nunu). How can you know when a champ is a tank? I can just buy defensive items and be a tank right? Well yes offcourse but you’ll be a bad tank. Tanks can be recognized by their tanky abilities. If they have a
- Shield (Shen, Blitzcrank)
- Damage reducing abilities (Maokai, Garen)
- Simply when in the tags of the champ ‘tank’ is named :D

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A jungler

A jungler is also extremely helpful. Why? 2 big reasons:

- This way you have 3 solos. Instead of 1. One in mid one at top and one in the jungle, this way you get levels faster and you can get more farm because you don’t have to share it with a teammate.

- The jungler can gank. Because he is in the jungle he cannot be seen by your enemies, this way you can setup some surprise attacks to get a kill.

Best junglers are the ones who can jungle fast and can gank good in lane. You don’t want to go experimentate with jungle heimer, he can’t gank that decent. Good gankers are the guys with the blinks and fast movement abilities. (Mini teleport) Like Xin and Amumu. Also you have to be viable in the jungle, you need some sort of defense or lifesteal or heal. The best thing to do is get the tank in the jungle but we’ll discuss that later. You can also double jungle but I will not discuss this. You can also get a roamer but a roamer isn’t that great imo as he actually gets xp from lane anyways. It can be good for ganking and such but I’m just not a fan of it tbh

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This is probably the most important spell of the entire game. It is just such a good spell believe me. Every team (a good team) needs such a spell. Why? Well it simply reveals the map which is amazing! You can locate junglers, check baron, check dragon, etc. This can decide the outcome of a battle. With this spell you could know where the enemy team is and you could kill them by surprise because they start panicking because they’ll get scared knowing that you know where they are. Again only 1 spell is needed on each team but the guy who gets the spell should get it upgraded. The upgraded version makes the spell so much better. Also don’t let the DPS take the spell but let the support (preferably) take it, or the tank.

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Ranged and melee balance

Very important part, you’re absolutely not gonna win with 5 tanky melee, why not? You are all melee and if the other team has some champions who have some decent harassment (Nidalee, Lux) they can push you back to the tower and even kill it because you guys can’t respond well. You could still have some champions who have awesome blinks (Akali, Xin, Amumu) but if the enemy team is smart you won’t get the chance to commit. Also don’t get 5 ranged as ranged champions are weaker than melee champions. If they got you CC’ed you’re ****ed.

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Area of Effect

Area Of Effect damage is really amazing when used correctly if each member on the team uses their AoE correctly you can simply rape in teamfights. In larger teamfights mostly everyone gets to each other and is packed up and this is where you need your AoE. A Miss fortune doing her ultimate on a teamfights is a real pain. Also you can use your AoE on single targets but remind yourself this first before you do it: will it be worth it. Wasting an Amumu ultimate on one person is really bad because it has a really long CD. Again, don’t get a team full of champions relying on AoE too much is never good. Although most champions also have other spells so you can experimentate a bit with this. (Amumu, Panth, Anivia, Morgana Miss Fortune combo to give you an idea what an AoE-team is ;D)

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Crowd Control

Extremely important. Every team needs CC, why? Else the carries can just do what they want! You can still burst them down but for that you need a stun as the tanks and the support usually don’t let you get close to her. Also don’t get only slows, get some balance in it, some slows, some stuns, and also some balanced whether it is multiple targets or single targets. Being able to CC down a trynd is such a gift. Also get 2 exhausts in your team so you can disable the AD carries.

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Team buffs (Global or Area buffs)

Such an important thing you need to have. You might be thinking:

WHATTHE****ICANBUYSOMEELIXIRSYOUNOOB!!!111!! Well yes you can but you still NEED those team buffs. Having a Taric in your team with Aegis and Frozen Heart is such a pain for the other AD carries. The entire team suddenly gets less damage from the AD champs which is amazing in teamfights. In every game you need an Aegis of the Legion on your team. Again let the support take such items as they are there to support right?

Some team buffs items are:

- Soul Shroud (CD)
- Randuins (Reduces AS of the opposite team)
- Shurelya's Reverie (Gives movement speed to nearby teammembers)
- Aegis of the Legion (Gives Arm and MR)
- Starks Fervor (Gives AS, Lifesteal, HP regen and reduces Arm of opposite team)
- Abyssal Scepter (Reduces MR of opposite team)
- Frozen Heart (Reduces AS of opposite team)
- Innervating Locket
(I know it doesn’t exist anymore but I put it here to remember the item)
- Will Of The Ancients (Gives AP and spellvamp)

There are also champions who give global or area buffs to their team as a passive (Janna, Zil etc.) and champions who give buffs as an ability. You don’t need to get such items but when your support gets a few of them than it would be great.

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Some combo's and tips!

A few special combinations and tips!
You can get some special combos in your team because of the synergy between certain champs.
1. Evelynn – Shen – Twisted Fate – Nocturne combo

Very famous combo as almost the entire team can get to spot in 2 seconds. Without the other team noticing it. How you perform it:

1. Let your evelynn search a target
2. Let twisted fate activate his ultimate to see if the champions(s) you wish to go aren’t assisted by others you didn’t see first (Remember that Banshees Veil blocks the sight)
3. When chosen a target let Nocturne activate his ultimate and all teleport to the spot (Shen ulties TF fyi) you have chosen, always let Evelyn initiate for the first stun, second stun for TF, as third Noct’s fear and as last shens taunt
4. ???
5. WIN

2. Veigar – Amumu/Rammus/malphite (Preferably Rammus and Malphite) – Miss fortune
Also a decently known combo as this is great at bursting down and disabling an entire team
Why? Well in ranked when people see veigar they’re often afraid of getting an AP champion as he almost 1 shots AP champs with his ultimate so people often go Attack Damage which Rammus Malphite and Amumu absolutely rape. Also these champs have some awesome CC, a good veigar can often land a good stun on half of team so that malphite can also do his stun so that the Miss Fortune can do her ultimate untouched.

I know there are way more combo’s but I don’t remember them for the moment post them down below if you know more and I will put them in with your credits!

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Team compostion in-game overview

Now that we had pre-game team composition let’s talk about in-game team composition which is even more important! Again I will give an overview:
- Lane choice
- Team fight setup
- Warding
- Buffs
- Mia's
- Overextending/

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Lane choice

We all had those guys who absolutely want mid and shout it they want mid. Well I absolutely hate those guys.. Often they will get a weird champion at mid who isn’t viable there. For me this is the perfect setup.

Jungle: Tank
Top: Off-tank (An off-tank not a tanky DPS) preferably Trinity tank
Mid: AP carry
Bot: Support and AD carry

Some of you guys are like: What the hell normally the carries take mid and bottom, what is this ********? Well to have a powerful off-tank in your team is extremely good sometimes even better than an AD carry, why? He can deal crazy damage while tanking, a carry and a tank in one? Sounds good right? It’s just the balance between a tank and a carry just less good in both things than a normal tank or carry. And second I like to have the AD carry being babysit by a support so the carry can farm the entire day without problems and since the support should not take the minion kills its almost as good as solo lane? Only less xp. And why the tank in the jungle? Tanks don’t get superfarmed in lane like Amumu so they just go in the jungle to get some decent CS (Minion kill count) and some decent levels.

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Team setup

This is the way your team is setup to engage in a teamfight, this is the most important part to win a teamfight. You can compare it to a football game.
This is how the the team shold be setup:

1. -In front: tank and offtan
-In middle: Suppport
-In the back: Carries
2. -In front: tank
-In middle Off-tank and support
-In back: Carries

You can change it a bit to how you prefer but remember: Let the tanks go first! They are ideal initiaters! You don’t want your carries to go first as your main damage will be gone in 2 seconds flat. (Karthus is exception as he can continue dealing damage while death)
Also the tanks don’t HAVE to commit, the offtank (ex. Jarvan) or the carry (Ashe) are sometimes great initiaters! The support should be behind the tanks but close to the carries to keep them alive at all cost even the support his death. Remember carry > support. Carries should get full defense, always and at all cost a good tank and support know this, they don’t care if they die because they knew they protected the carries who eventually won the teamfight for them.

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Such an important part of the game, controlling the map, knowing what your enemies are gonna do, knowing when tis safe to do dragon, knowing when the enemies are doing dragon or baron, such a gift and it all can be done by 1 item: a ward. Really, when warded correctly this can change the game so much! You can surprise attack others and deny the others to surprise you. When you even control the enemy jungle with wards you can just make them so scared they will stay in their base which grants free farm and turret rushing. Remember! I The carries shouldn’t be the one buying wards instead let the support and junglers do it. Support: well they are support right? (I know they have a heavy task, I know) junglers: While they are in the jungle they can plant wards there.

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This isn’t super important but can help! Just very simple topic and very short: know who to give a buff to, let your AP carry take the blue buff and let the AD carry take red (Or Offtank if he’ melee as the slow is 15% more when the attacks is performed by a melee.)

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3 very important words: missing in action. Always let your team know when someone dissapeared from the lane. This way you can avoid ganks and maybe counter-gank the ganker. You can also say where the gank is going to by pinging the map or saying care.
Example of this: you're playing mid and your mid is gone for a moment you say ss mid or mid mia or simply miss. Some champions are extremely fast and can get to the other lane in 5 seconds so say it immediatly. Even when another lane can call a mia, place some wards on the brush as it also can reveal junglers.

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This could simply lose you the game. Why? When you overextend you could get killed and the enemy team can counterattack and destroy your turret, an inhibitor or even your Nexus. Know when to go back, play safe. I've seen a lot of players going solo into a team of 4 players when they see one of them low, they go in die and say: lol how did I die? Almost had him. Wtf did you expect bra? Getting a quadra? You're not playing against the computer sir. Just don't go in.
Also when you just won a teamfight and you're able to get a turret and an inhibitor, watch the dead timers of the enemies and go back when they respawned. Go back, heal, shop and group up again. This way you can never go wrong, remember don't go solo mid-late game. It could cost you the entire game.

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Thank you for reading this guide and hopefully you learned some stuff. Leave me a comment below for feedback plz cheers! :p


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