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Team Guide by A7x Impulse

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A7x Impulse

Team Composition A: AoE Initiate (Hard CC)

A7x Impulse Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Original Champion Selection


Possible Subs (Orianna is almo

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Cho'Gath Build

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First team composition of ChalupaLoL, very reliant on having Orianna.

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Pros / Cons


-Multiple long range initiating skills
-Good chasing and escaping with multiple haste/slows
-Ezreal and Lux can snowball hard with good early game binds/ganks
-Have very beefy tanks (cho'gath and sejuani)
-Good dragon and baron control with cho'gath's feast
-Excellent level 1 scouting with multiple, cheap to cast and 1000+ range skill shots
-HUGE burst dmg to start teamfights


-Burst dmg can be a double edged sword if cooldowns are misplaced or missed. Low consistent dmg
until skills are off cooldowns. (No AD Top/AP heavy, Sejuani lacks dmg, Ezreal does dmg with skills rather than auto attacks mid game)
-Bot lane cannot have long trading sessions in terms of HP because of the lack of heal support
-Sejuani jungles slowly when built tanky (utiliy jungle)
-Zero target specific gap closer to pin down mobile champions

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Optimal teamfight (very hard timing, it shouldn't be perfect but this is th


[MID GAME] If we land our AoE crowd control on at least 3 members of the other team, it will guarantee 100% victory chance in the teamfight. Even if we only catch 2 people (regardless of their lane position), the chances of victory if enemy team commits to a fight is still in our favor.

How to initiate:

[Long Range Hard CC]
1. Lux light binding or Sejuani ULT
2. If there are greater than or equal to 2 people caught OR the other team tries to stick around and protect the person caught. Immediately Cho'gath and Orianna follow up.
2.1: Cho'gath Ruptures..... Orianna Command Attack, Dissonance, Shockwave
2.2: As soon as the enemy is in the air, Lux final spark, Ezreal True Shot Barrage
3. IF enemy team very weak after, ezreal aggressive arcane shift to clean up
IF enmey still healthy, normal follow through on teamfight
Note: True Shot Barrage does not have to be aimed at the people we initated upon, hit as many targets as you can to instantly full stack your passive.

[Orianna ball on tank initiate]
1. Command Protect either cho'gath or Sejuani.
2. Command Dissonance + Shurelya's Reverie or summoner Ghost/Flash to get into the other team.
(note here: Orianna can only cast shockwave when she is within range, abandon attempt if the other team is too far away)
3. Orianna Shockwave --> Cho'gath Rupture, Lux Final Spark, Ezreal True Shot Barrage
3.1: Sejuani save stun. Hit the opposing carries with it and then try to keep them slowed for as long as possible. (you will likely die)

[Failed Initiates]
1. Everyone on the same page as to wether we are fighting or running
2. Start running (spam clicking does make you run faster LOLOLOL)
3. When skills come off cooldown, use our slows the cover our retreat if safe; if not keep spam clicking.
*Lux- Lucent Singularity (leave it there) *Orianna- Dissonance
*Cho'gath- Rupture
4. If their carries get out of position, we can also choose to re-engage when our cool downs are back

Note: As you can see, this composition is HEAVILY DEPENDENT ON ORIANNA.

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Champion Select Order (most likely only useful in higher elo, I don't know

[When we have first pick]:
Bans: Orianna counter, Orianna counter, situational.

Picks: 1st--> Orianna, 2nd and 3rd--> Ezreal and Cho'gath or Sejuani, 4th and 5th--> Lux and Cho'gath or Sejuani

[When we have second pick and want to run Orianna comp]:
Bans: Oalf, Vayne, Malphate

(Orianna not picked)Picks: 1st and 2nd-->Orianna, Cho'gath, 3rd and 4th-->Lux, Ezreal, 5th--> Sejuani or subsitute.

Note: If orianna and/or ezreal is picked, we should just run subs or different composition.



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