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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azure9861

Team Compositions that are OP.

Azure9861 Last updated on December 9, 2015
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Hello everyone.
Trying something a bit different this guide, showing you some teams which i have destroyed with / been destroyed by.
So without further this thing you don't even read...

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The Malph, Orianna, Yasuo combo

This is pretty well known, but the key is: Who is botlane.
But first i should explain the principle.
Essentially, Orianna will ult, dragging the enemies into one place.
Malphite then ults, kncoking them up.
Then Yasuo ults, keeping them their while Ori and Malph attack them, and by the end of that ordeal, you are probably dead.

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But who is botlane???

There are many ADCs and Supports who work well with this combo. Take any of these in any combination.

Graves - Executes after Combo
Miss Fortune - Can make full use of ult during combo
Sivir - If they disengage or you mess up

Braum - Sets up a Graves ult really well
Zyra- Secondry knockup in case Yasuo doesn't react quick enough
Amumu - So they can't move for about 7 seconds if you chain it right.

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The 'Stampede'

Basically, you need Sivir and Taric botlane.
A Sivir (ADC) Ult and a Ulted Karma (She goes midlane) E means you gain so much movement speed you can run away or chase them down super easily. Also, take Warwick (Jungle) for pick and the W, so you get some attack speed too. Taric (Support) gives the whole team some armor in case the enemies turn and fight, and lastly, Gnar (Toplane) means that you have a lot of cc as well as speed, so chasing or running from you is hopeless if you work together properly.

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'In and out'

This comp consists entirely champions who have insane damage and escapes.
Basically Kalista/Tristana (ADC) Ekko (Top) Zed (Mid) Lee Sin (Jungle) and Braum (Supp) basically means you can all jump in and every single on of you has a reliable escape, meaning a bad fight means that you might come out with 2 dead teammates as opposed to 4.

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Essentially, this comp is meant to bait people super easily into fights
Twisted Fate (Mid) Sion (Top) Nocturne (Jungle) Twitch (ADC) and Shen (Supp) basically mean the initate is incredible. For example, Twitch is alone mid, and 3 enemies come after him. Nocturne ults, even if he is out of range, so they don't see Shen and TF teleport in. Then as they run, in comes Sion and locks them down while they get 5v3'd and die.

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This comp is based around a champion baiting and then becoming invulnerable, while everyone else comes in to the rescue. And if they become low, they become invulnerable. Basically, its super hard to kill everyone, because you have to stand there while they buy their teams about 5 seconds of time.

The comp itself is composed of Lissandra (Mid) Vladimir (Top), Sejuani (Jungle), Kayle (Supp) and Kindred (ADC)

Wait why Sejuani?
So you have AoE cc.

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'Undying' Comp

Basically, if you kill everyone in this comp, you will probably die too.

Kog'Maw (ADC), Karthus (Mid), Sion (Top), Zac (Jungle), Anivia (Support)

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'Terrain' Comp

This comp is used to block off areas to the map so the enemy can't escape.

Anivia (Supp), Trundle (Jungle), Azir (Mid)

As for toplane, take Gnar (Top), so you can stun by ulting them in to created terrain, and Lucian (ADC) so they can create a zone where you literally can't get out of the ult without wasting your gap closer

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'Global' Comp

Before everyone yells 'That's so Season 3', this still works, because of the insane pressure it brings.

Karthus (Mid), Shen (Top), Soraka (Supp), Ashe (ADC), Pantheon (Jungle)

Basically, Panth ults in while Shen ults him, then Ashe and Karthus ult to do tonnes of damage, then Soraka ults to keep you all alive.

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'Jukes' Comp

The thing is with this strategy is that you all split up and therefore, free up the rest of your team to take objectives, because you have jukes for years.

Zed (Mid), Wukong (Top), Shaco (Jungle), Kindred (ADC), Gragas (Supp).

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'Come here now' comp

This is full of top tier niche picks that actually work if you play them right, and if you play around turret you can pick them off easily while they siege.

Alistar (Top), Thresh (Supp), Blitz (Mid), Maokai (Jungle), Kalista (ADC)

Wait, why Maokai and Kalista?

Maokai's insane CC so you can keep them where you want them. Kalista so you have some much needed AD and the ult to position Thresh for a double grab with Blitz, then a Ali W can knock them where they need to go.

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'Versatility' comp

This one basically excels at both poke and initiate so you can kite and then finish them off.

Jayce (ADC), Nidalee (Mid), Elise (Jungle), Gnar (Top), Tahm Kench (Supp)

Wait, why Tahm?

Because you need some global mobility.

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'Stealth' Comp

This comp basically works like the ambush comp but with more invisibility as opposed to engages.

Kha'Zix (Top), Shaco (Jungle), Evelynn (Mid), Twitch (ADC), Leona (Supp)

Wait why Leona?

Because you need more CC and someone to bait into the bush where four of you are waiting. Except you all use your invisibility and hit them from behind where the squishies will be.

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'Awareness' Comp

This comp gives you so much vision you basically can't be ganked.

Teemo (Top), Caitlyn (ADC), Nidalee (Mid), Rek'Sai (You can see tunnels disappearing) (Jungle) and Leona (Supp) for the same reason given in the previous chapter.

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'Pick' Comp

Basically, you have amazing picks in teamfights.

Nautilus (Top), Warwick (Jungle), Malzahar (Mid), Blitz (Supp), Vayne (ADC)

Wait why Vayne?

Because while 4 members of the enemy team can't move, you can 1v1 anyone.

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'Delivery' Comp

So, this is a little bit strange, because Bard mid isn't great, but if you can pull off the instructions, a fed midlaner won't matter (unless the rest of your team fed too)

The comp though, is made up of Tahm (Supp), Shen (Jungle), Kalista (ADC), Bard (Mid), and Kenner (Top)

Tahm - Eats Kennen
Bard - Opens Tunnel
Kalista - Ults Tahm, Throws into enemies
Tahm - Spits out Kennen
Kennen - Ults
Shen - Ults Kennen

And between being electrocuted, eaten,taunted, impaled, and meeped, they should all be dead right now.

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'Throw' Comp

This comp tricks enemies into thinking you are much weaker than you actually are

Olaf (Top), Ekko (Mid), Shen (Jungle), Lulu (Supp), Twitch (ADC)

Olaf because of his passive (I'm gonna assume you know what it is), Ekko because of his ult, (Im assuming you know these champions spells), Shen because of his ult, Lulu because of his ult, and Twitch because they don't think he is there but he is then he kills you.

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Thanks for reading, and please message me if you know of any comps that work well for you.


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