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Malzahar Build Guide by DragonStar18



Updated on June 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DragonStar18 Build Guide By DragonStar18 1,800 Views 0 Comments
1,800 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DragonStar18 Malzahar Build Guide By DragonStar18 Updated on June 18, 2011
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hello there I have seen many Malzahar builds but I have never encountered one quite like my own. There are many things about my build that are usually situational and rely on the many opponents and how good or bad your team is doing. Now there are many builds out there so mine will be short and the down and dirty of my game play
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masteries are 9 offense and 21 utility mostly for cooldown and magic penetration
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I have recently changed my runes still in the test phase from magic pen marks, mana regen per lvl seals, and cool down glyphs with magic pen quints to magic pen marks, armor seals, magic res glyphs, and magic pen quints this seems to give me even more survivability and helps me mid against a lot of champs way better
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Summoner Spells

I will not tell you what to get here more because there is no best combo but with this build if you notice i went straight AP no mana items at all meaning with my high costing spells I need something to compensate. Clarity gives me early laning presence and is mostly only used late game during team fights because I spam my spells a lot.... A LOT for damage and really good zone control and general panic in the enemy team any time i come close to running out i just pop my summoner spell and I am no longer useless to my team :). I chose Ghost over flash because it is more versatile there is nothing better than flashing suddenly for a kill or getting away when you normally can not but if your tower is in danger you can't flash to your tower or get to a side lane faster with flash so i use ghost for chase escape and getting across the map WAY faster then normal.
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Skill Sequence

Many people will argue over getting E before Q and leveling up E first sometimes i do not even get my W at all till late game because its all about the farming and harassment early game and i believe E does BOTH much better then Q your malefic visions jumps to the next closest enemy every time the current enemy it is on dies this lets you farm minions easy and makes the enemy stay away from their own minions meaning your the BOSS of that lane you out farm out push and pretty much own the person in front of you. Q can also be very hard to use for people new to Malzahar and the timing can be awkward this can only be fixed through practice
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Spell Vamp is HIGHLY underestimated yes you don't have any particularly powerful nukes to get that one shot 1/4th your health back hit but your visions gives you massive "health regen" with spell vamp and i stay in lane for eternity while others must return two or three times I am already ahead in the farming and pushing areas add the fact i can sit there and do it forever and your lane is in major trouble. Once you have built the revolver into WoTA (will of the ancients) you are now helping your whole team's survivability while helping yourself stay alive too. Deathcap is obviously to raise my ap high, Rylai's though is also for the whole team you can pick out one person hit them with visions and they will be not majorly slowed but they will be slowed for a long time keeping them close to your team when they want to run away, it also helps a bit with survivability. Zhonya's and abysmal scepter give me ap a nice prevetative active and a dangerous magic pen aura but they also make me close very close to an off tank and with my nuke and team helping capabilities we win... Period.
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Unique Skills

here is where i will talk about how i handle team fights and how i help in general. obviously you wanna stay a lil in back of tank and off tank but you want to get the first hit in why? because you have a AOE SILENCE the enemy team can not harm your team much for about 3 seconds end game..... 3 seconds your team can decimate the enemies... then you have your w which is not to be underestimated it is a huge zone control and tank killer and your visions should be put on anything all the time to give you that constant damage and health regen from spell vamp and if anyone squishy steps out of place you ult them immediately why? because even if you don't kill them they will be so low that staying in team fight would be suicide so now its 4v5 and your q is most definitely off cooldown by now..... what team fight
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ok so this is my first build so I am feeling noobish also was a lot of fun to make and helped me with my paper believe it or not. please leave comments rate the build but please try it... i win a lot of games with it so remember.... GO TEAM MALZ
League of Legends Build Guide Author DragonStar18
DragonStar18 Malzahar Guide
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