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League of Legends Build Guide Author CC2 Dreyn

Team Selection Guide

CC2 Dreyn Last updated on January 19, 2015
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One of the most important aspects of playing League of Legends is picking the right champions for the team. Often, team compositions account for most of the team's victories or defeats; having the right or wrong champions significantly increases or decreases a team's chance of winning a certain game. This is especially important in solo queue, because most of the time summonners simply pick whatever they want without analyzing whether or not who they picked could actually contribute to their team's success.

So how does one pick the right team composition? While many guides out there give you a specific selection of champions for every scenario, this article would tackle the issue in such a way that it would work with your own playstyle. Those team compositions might not always work because as many would have already seen them, several counters would have already been made against them.

Team compositions are not as hard as many think; picking the right champions for your team simply hang on these three principles:

1. Pick a champion that would work with your team. This idea is fairly simple - when selecting a champion, pick someone who would not just be a laning powerhouse, but would synchronize well with the other champions in your team. Don't just pick champions because of their ability to 1v1 enemy champions - pick someone who even after the laning phase can still give your enemies a run for their money. This is why many players in competitive leagues pick champs like Jarvan IV, Rumble, Janna, Thresh, etc... They may not pack a lot of damage as Fiora, Master Yi or Tryndamere, but at least they would not die as fast as these three in a teamfight.

2. Pick a champion that would work against your opponent. Depending on your playstyle, you would want a champion that can either overpower, match or outlast your opponent in lane. Obviously, getting stomped and feeding your enemy champion is not in your team's best interests, so get someone who could dish it out with the big boys. This is especially true for mid-laners, who have the responsibility to roam from time to time to help both the top and bottom lanes.

3. Pick a champion that YOU ARE GOOD AT. This is the most important principle of picking champions. A certain champion might be the best for your team, but if you are not confident in playing them well, then don't choose them at all. I have seen numerous teams getting stomped in teamfights just because that particular champion they expected to initiate did not do its job, obviously becuase the player could not handle the champion well. So if your team wants you to pick Malphite to complete the combo but you know for a fact that you would suck at him, then don't pick him.

Standard team compositions are composed of a marksman and a support or tank in the bottom lane, an assassin or mage in the mid lane, a fighter, assassin or tank in the top lane, and a jungler (could be an assassin, tank or fighter as well. It is essential that players understand their roles very well so they can contribute efficiently to their team. This means that if you are a support, don't CS from your marksman; or if you are a jungler, don't overstay in a lane and gank when possible.

Ultimately, it is a wise option to first try out all the roles before actually playing ranked games because most players who get first picks usually go for the mid, top and marksmen roles.


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