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Twisted Fate Build Guide by MetalViper420

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetalViper420

TF AD carry??

MetalViper420 Last updated on August 21, 2011
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TF AD carry what? Yes people it can be done and its epic when it is done. I have still a amateur at builds but i have seen this on in action and it kicks butt. Dont knock it until you try it.

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Pros / Cons

High Damage
High attack speed
High life steal
The more you kill the better it gets!
Can carry a whole team if the tank is decent
2 plus gold for every kill for the whole team?


Slow to start
Squishy if not attacking

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Marks and Quints for armor pent to help your hits get through.

Seals for attack speed because the faster you attack the faster your enemy dies and the faster your health goes up while being attacked!

Glyphs for cool down not really sure on this one but it seems to help me a lot get those gold cards out faster after each use.

Open to suggestions on these runes thought still a noob when it comes to runes.

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Mainly offensive masteries to help you start faster and a few utilities that are always useful. Might be a good idea to get greed thought if you think you will not be solo laning because until you have your attack speed and damage up its hard to get last hits.

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Build THE BOOTS FIRST I tried the build without boots once dumb idea. Got yelled at by my team and ganked by bots about 5 times.

Once you got your boots get the Blood Thrister and then the phantom dancer. Start with zeal on the phantom for the speed in case you cant afford to go all in.

Next thing to buy is the banshee's veil for some survivability and mana.

Then finish off the build with your 2nd Phantom Dancer and IE you can take those in any order you see fit.

If the team your playing is really really bad then you can go with the 2nd Blood Thrister instead of IE or the Phantom Dancer it just depends on how the game is going.

If the enemy team has a good burst mage get that banshee's veil fast and if they have some high armor tanks obviously would be a good idea to get Last Whisper or Youmuu's or even both either or works good for the build higher attack damage and armor pen with critical chance and cool down if you go Youmuu's.

Alternatively if you notice the enemy team does not primary you like what happened to me recently forgo Banshee altogether and just stack attack speed damage armor pen (if they have a tank) and life steal. The harder you hit the better you are to your team at that point.

Things to Remember

A lot of your items choice is based off of how your game is going and so for any build to work you need to have a good interpretation of the game other wise you wont know what to buy. Any build you find here is just a basic guide on how to start with that champion for the role you are playing. Always base your choices off how the game is going and what the enemy team has and doesn't have. Like for example lets say the enemy team does not have any mage's and their entire team is based off physical damage not magic probably a good idea to skip banshee's and get something for armor maybe? SO main advice here go with the flow change your build to the match not the match to your build!

Here is a alternative item build I have toyed with. Boots-Blood Thirster-Phantom Dancer-Last Whisper-Phantom Dancer-Infinity Edge. and late game you can sell the boots and add in either another Blood Thirster (solo baron) or a Phantom Dancer (more attack speed as if you didn't have enough already) I go with Last Whisper for armor pen over The Black Cleaver simply because TBC only drops what 45 armor total? and you got a enemy tank normal armor (at least when I play tanky garen) its 200 plus armor so still 165 armor left over but with LW its 40% armor pen so you get by a total of 80 armor with LW leaving 120 armor left. If I did my math right and if it works like i think it does then against enemy tanks LW would be the better option. As for normal characters sure TBC would do better but the point in having armor pen was to nuke tanks right? A normal enemy champ either carry or just fighter wont even have enough armor to make a difference if they are building right.

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Skill Sequence

Pick a card first or Stacked Deck PLEASE never get Wild Cards first. They are helpful in the beginning to harass but they are not one of TF's better abilities.

Much better to get Pick a Card pop a gold card and nuke the guy. As long as you get both Stacked Deck and Pick a Card before Wild Cards the order doesn't really matter much just make sure to max out Stacked Deck and Pick a Card first. Because those are your bread and butter with TF.

Wild Cards some people say really? Whats the point? Well its simple Wild Cards are good harass and the range on wild cards is long enough that if someone is running from you with no health yet pop a Wild Card out and if your aim is true you just got a kill. My last game I got 2 kills while a guy was running and 1 lucky kill during a team fight all because I used wild cards. So WILD CARDS do get 1 lvl early they are very helpful and have more uses then most people believe.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport and Ghost all I have ever needed. Teleport allows you to base and grab a quick item then get back into the action also combined with TF's ultimate it allows you to go help a team mate out and gank 2 times in a row! Ghost so you can get away or make that last dash to catch up to the fleeing enemy throw the gold card and finish them!

Revive and Heal.
Revive is useless. If you just died why would you revive run back into the battle and die again?

As for Heal it has its uses but for TF they are very limited and if you cant get your HP back from life steal then heal is not going to help. Also clarity not really needed TF is not really heavy on the mana. Most the time you just throw the gold card and auto attack to death.

And on the off chance your mana is looking lol you simply cycle a blue card with Pick a Card and hit with it for mana.

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To start with TF is slow farming unless you have very good timing on last hits. But by the time you got phantom dancer just find the creep wave and sit close to it let auto attack do the rest. you will be hitting so fast its almost impossible for the minions to finish them before you. With the plus 2 gold per kill from TF's passive you will be rolling in the money in no time at all.

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Team Work

TF is a ranged player and you must remember this. Dont get up close and personal with the enemies in team fighters you will die before you can blink. Play cat and mouse with them draw one out a little pop a gold card and nuke him. Then repeat. Abuse the gold card you team will love you. Naughty little tank supports cant heal when stunned and die faster! Also when a team mate and you are running since your so fast the team mate will probably be getting hit if you can pop off a gold at the closest enemy to your team mate and 7/10 times you just saved their butts! So remember dont be the first one to run into a fight and the gold cards can be used for more then just killing.

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Obviously you will be playing the role of a AD carry here so to start farm gold and dont feed dont try to hard to get kills at the beginning unless the enemy is dumb and feeds you then eat them up! Once you got your build going unless you get gang banged 5 to 1 your going to be pretty hard to stop. Also if the enemy team starts turret diving on you wait until they get turret agro then pop a gold card on them and watch them die! I cant stress how godly the gold card is. It has so many uses and is basically how TF lives or dies. Use it and abuse it! When I first started with TF i barely used his cards and I sucked. After I started using them it was pretty hard to suck so you get what I mean? Dont forget thought he has more then just gold card. the red card will slow the enemy which is just as good as the gold sometimes in catching them or getting away. Also if your low on mana pop a blue card out and recharge very simple and easy process! Remember to always go for the other teams carry during a team fight first dont sit the smashing the tank while their carry ruins your team unless the carry backed off and the tank is being stupid then finish him off and hunt the rest of their team. Also never push to far and keep a eye on the mini map TF is very gankable when moving so dont get cut off.

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So we got a AD carry version of Twisted Fate here and its a pretty decent build if you know what your doing. And he still fills his role of assassin very well. Plus we might have a character that could possibly solo baron? If you use this build plz find out for me If you ever have the chance to get a full one going on and let me know I will as well but its very hard to get that much gold even in a bot game unless you get fed big time because most games dont last that long. Also please dont rate it until you have tried it! Or unless you just are that awesome and know how good it works just by looking at it! lol thanks for reading see you out on the battle field!