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League of Legends Build Guide Author warchief591

TF Hybrid, no limits.

warchief591 Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build on this site so please post your advice on how this build can improve. I used to play TF on and off a while back, but never as much as I do now. The two main options were dps and AP TF. Both of these types of play limited his full potential as a champ. As dps TF you had to become a ranged carry with a stun and aoe slow that didn't hit for anything. His e would proc all the time but with no force. AP TF was the option I usually chose, but like dps TF, this was also limited. When your burst (which got completely countered by MR) was over, you were a sitting duck until your cd's refreshed, and as a squishy champ you could potentially die easily. As Hybrid, you have the best of both aspects of TF and can effectively nuke players while staying in fights.

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Attack speed reds help with restoring some of the lost attack speed that is lost when going hybrid.

MP5 runes, they are very helpful with keeping you in a fight without making you waste PAC on blue.

CDR, Hybrid needs both his abilities and his raw attack power, so this helps the abilities portion.

Health Quints, TF is squishy, very squihsy, these generally just help you stay alive in teamfights.

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I personally go through the utility part of the mastery tree for the cdr mastery tier. I enjoy the extra refresh on my abilities, but this is my playstyle. These are open for change to fit your playstyle but I personally suggest the cdr so that your nukes are more frequent.

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Trinity force is a must for this build, it is what makes TF be able to have the best of both AP and dps. If the other team has a lot of AP nukers but not so much CC, an abyssal scepter can be substituted for the banshee's. Also if they are weak on DPS and you can survive fairly easy, a guinsoo rageblade can be used rather than banshee's.

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Skill Sequence

I like to go with stack deck first just because in the beginning of your laning phase, so many people underestimate how much damage it does when it procs. If you try to gun someone down while you have a yellow/red/blue card over your head, they are just going to head back without taking damage. Second I go with PAC just for the mana portion. The stun is the most important part, but in early game it is rare that your opponent will actually let you get close enough when they see a card above your head (unless they are melee). The next skill is wild card. At level one it hits lightly, but at level 3+, you will force the opponent to blue pill very easily while comfortably sitting behind minions, with good aim of course.

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Summoner Spells

I personally choose ghost and ignite because I can charge into an area and stun someone, and be able to flee if necessary. You can substitute flash for this ability for an annie like ambush of flash/yellow card for a guaranteed stun, but late game all you are doing is allowing the enemy to cc you after you flash in range of their group. With ghost it lasts long enough to run in and stun, then run back out if necessary, plus you can out run gankers while yellow card kiting them. Ignite helps with your late game nuking, and helps ensure kills in early game. Teleport is a skill that I sometimes get in place of ignite, just because it is an all time favorite of mine. If I feel like it, I'll sometimes ult into a base, down an inhib. and tele back out. Clarity isn't needed because you have blue card for mana. Clairvoyance is another spell I sometimes get, but you either lose your gank/survivability spell or your burst.

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I normally mid when I play Twisted Fate, then when I'm level 5, nearing level 6 I get aggressive and go for first blood or just for the other opponent to blue pill so that I myself can finish leveling to 6 and blue pill. This is when, if the other lanes have been doing a good job harrassing, I go and gank the lane with the lowest health, or the enemies furthest from their tower. If neither of these conditions are available I usually Ult back to my lane and continue pushing. (Note: TF's ult is great against junglers. As a mid you normally can catch the jungle at around level 4-5 and low on health or you can ruin their ganking opportunity.) The main combo to ensure a kill is Yellow card wild card and auto attacks should be efficient enough to kill a low on health enemy. Ignite if necessary.

When you get gunblade, the real nuking starts. Yellow card/wild card/gunblade/basic attacks/ignite can almost always take down a squishy champ. If you get fed, which happens to me most games, just remember NOT to get cocky. TF is by far one of the most squishiest champs in the game, and he can easily get ganked giving whoever gets the kill your spree. So many TF's ult into a location expecting to 1v2 people and get destroyed from this mistake. Banshee's normally makes you an effective carry by giving you survivability, and green hand makes tanks run in fear. Rylai's helps in fleeing by slowing with wild cards, or even getting a gank along with the extra survivability. All elixirs work wonders on TF so end game should consist of buying each elixir. After you try Hybrid TF, I guarantee you'll change your view of TF.