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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingslayer

TF, On-hit massacre!

Kingslayer Last updated on October 19, 2010
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Hello and Welcome to my build for Twisted Fate.

Summoner abilities
My personal favorites are Teleport and Exhaust.
Teleport for the extra map control you get, and for getting back to lane after buying some of your sweet sweet items without wasting your ultimate.
Exhaust for the simple reason of blind. Any other carry with a blind/Exhaust is your worst enemy so to counter this you need it to blind them. Especially when you arrive at a 1v1 with Destiny.

Other Usefull Summoner abilities are:
Clairvoyance - So you don't have to waste your ultimate to know where they are hiding, And getting easier ganks with Destiny.
Ghost - Twisted Fate is a very slow and fragile champion, Ghost will help.
Flash - Same as ghost, I prefer Ghost with TF tho.
Heal - With Heal you cannot loose a 1v1 fight. Period.

Item build
You want to start of with a Vampiric Scepter, You need the Life steal to stay alive in lane as well as it upgrades into Blood Thirster later in game., which gives a nice damage effect. Attack speed is the key to this build and in the end you will be capped or at least have well over 2.0. The boots can be discussed, You might not need the AS, so you could go with Mercury for less of the blind/stun, or with Ninja Tabi for the dodge. After the boots Rush a Sword of the Divine for the extra 100damage on every 4th attack. Now you want to get beefy, Since TF is way to fragile. Just build the Phage for now. Grab the Bloodrazor and then finish the Mallet. The last item can be replaced as well, but I like the Life steal and the attack damage is gives, Together with the stacking it is awesome for TF. You could go with an IE or a Black Cleaver.

You want to go mid, TF is way to fragile for 2v2 and a stun will give them first blood on you, And you are going to lose lots of time for leveling and last hitting. So Mid is the place for you. If your good at picking the yellow cards you will be master of the middle and get several kills. But yea, Stay Mid and don't move to a Lane before you have Sword of the Dive and Malady.

How to use this build

Early game
When you head towards mid with your Vampiric Scepter the only thing you want to do is to last hit as many minions you can, And when you get stacked deck up try to get a hit on your opponent with it to harass some. How ever, if this enemy of your have heal or any sort of life steal don't bother, just last hit more minions so you can get your malady + boots as soon as possible. Once you reach the gold you need head back to your lane using Teleport, NOT destiny, You will need destiny for finishing of in other lanes later on. Stay in mid untill your team needs your help, Hopefully you got teleport ready so you can port back to mid again and prevent a tower kill.

Mid game
If you are doing good you will have your Divine and your phage by now and this is now TF gets really dangerous. With the phage you will get the HP you need and some AD points, The slow is not really needed since we don't want to count percentage. Try to get as much money you can now, Try to get at least and assist of every kill your team gets, With Destiny it will not be very hard. You really need to rush the Bloodrazor so you can start tearing up the other team really good. As I said, Income is very important for TF, Luckily your passive will help with this.

End game
When the Bloodrazor is complete as well as the frozen mallet you probably will win soon, since you will be tearing the other team to pieces in less then 3sec. My record for killing a Garen with 3 Sunfires and a Warmogs is 5sec. That is what you will accomplish with this build and it will cause your opponents to surrender as soon as they start feeling your on-hit effects.

I'm gonna tell you how important the Lizard Buff is for TF, But not now. So just grab it and it will be a game winner.