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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Kagesh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kagesh

Tf, The Hybrid Poker Player

Kagesh Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My first build/Introduction

When i created this, i was a fool, but after a little while, i learned of a far better version of the build..

This build is not meant for you to dive in and kill who you want, when you want..
This build is meant for you as a support Champion, to go in and help your team get the kills and cap the points to stop them from firing on your team.

Sadly to say, Twisted fate has had alot of downfall due to more champions like Volibear and Fizz being able to either outrun or out damage him in most games..

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The reasons why i chose the runes is due to survivability, attack damage, ability power, and attack speed build into one. The heath is for survivability, the damage is well for damage, ap for ap, and then the attack speed and armor pen is meant to give you an advantage at the begining of the dominoin game, by giving you faster flying cards and quicker ways to get to stacked deck

the health can be changed to whatever you prefer, but this is just how i play him..(and being ip poor kinda sucks when building a guide from scratch without proper runes int he first place)

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The masteries can be set up up so you have alot of damage at start, and the lifesteal is enough to give you back some of the health to stay in the fight, the rest of the mastery points aloow for a quicker revival, better movement, and more ad to take apart peoples health as your attack speed allows for stacked deck to hit far more often and harder

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The items i chose give Twisted fate an early supporting lead as you Use wild cards to stop the enemy capping the top point, while supporting your team with gold cards and stack deck hits...As the game progresses, the items give your team more lifesteal and attack speed while also reducing the enemies defenses to near zero in both magic resist and Armor with Starks and Malady..Then you see the damage become amplified and their armor become nothing more then melted butter as Black cleaver puts their armor down to 0 after 5 attacks..And with your attack speed so high, 5 attacks come very quickly, especially with a gold card to start the show..

I only included 4 items because the last 2 items are based on truly, who you are fighting

If the enemy is building armor only, get Rageblade to give stacked deck an added boost
If the enemy is building Magic resist, Add Damien Blade to really pack on the power in your attacks
If the enemy has invis people like eve,twitch, teemo, akali, etc, get the lightbringer and laugh at them as your team swarms them when they fail the easy kill and are revealed to all
If the enemy is running faster then you or you need more speed, Zeal into phantom dancers are your friends and they will help you

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Skill Sequence

Focus stacked deck and pick a card to help you out in team fights, other then that, your rely on your auto attacks for killing and supporting, and your wild cards to hold off enemy caps for your team to arrive.

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Summoner Spells

When i first made this build, i had used promote and alas, that doesnt help agaisnt a health heavy garen, So i switched to surge which gives TF a boost in attack speed and ability power in which gives stacked deck more frequent uses, Use Ignite on enemies that seem to tank your team like volibear or Malphite, and then try and finsih off their most damaging like Leblanc and riven with a surged auto attack/gold card..That way, your team can focus and kill the tank, without being harrassed by the heavy hitters in which can nearly insta kil at the start of the game.

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This build can be annoying, but you will never win if you dont have a good team backing you up,

If you are in Draft Dom, you mainly want to get the perma bans like shaco, rammus, and poppy out first and then have your team build 2 tanky champs, The best as ive seen for TF are Allistar for his healing,ramming, and knock up. And yorick, who is by far, one of the best Bot holding champs thanks to his free minoin summon and free lifesteal and slow thanks to those minoins.

For support, a soraka would be best as her silence and magic resist dropping spells will surly help the team when needed most, Most importantly, for Tf who loves seeing the enemy already have nearly 0 Magic resist when he flings his stacked deck at them

The other champion on your team to end the line up can be anyong of your choosing from Jax, all the way to little teemo, it all depends on the best counters for the enemy team, if Ad auto attack heavy like noc, then teemo is your best bet, if mostly Ap ability heavy, Viegar is your best friend (malady+soraka magic resist drain+alot of enemy ap= Viegar stun and nuke)

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In truth, this build isnt for those looking for kills, its for waht tf is meant for,

Flanking: destiny into the bush in front of an incoming enemy and then gold card them before they can react

Assassin: See a team fight going into your teams favor, destiny into the enemys run path, pull a gold card, and let the surging/igniting/stacked decking fly!

Support: save a teamates life by destinying in with a gold card ready to stop the opponent and maybe even kill them in the process

Territorize: when the enemy is pushing and no one has an all map ulti but you, tele into an enemy cap point and take it for your own

Code Name: F.A.S.T

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After recent debate and a little more thought, i noticed that my guide is now ive added an edditing page to give people the ability to see what changes i made from here on, so please comment and i will change the guide...but dont make it something completely reversing... for instance someone says to make it all ad and i do change it, and then you say make it all get the point

Edit 1: changed the mastery page to a more full AD champ, the last two points seemed off to i placed them into the more damage to minoins, as a belief to give you more lifesteal help after a long teamfight and no one is guarding top but you

Edit 2: Changed the item paragraph to include a "If you need more speed" notation
Also changed the random atricty quin to a desloation, to give a flat 10 armor pen at the start of the game