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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThaCanuck

ThaCanuck's Official Guide To Morde-Carry?!?

ThaCanuck Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The Morde-Carry!

What is the Morde-carry? You may ask yourself "how can something so tanky also be a carry?" Well the answer is rather simple my friends! Mordekaiser is a tank who dishes out obscene amounts of magic damage and since his Ability Power scaling is just god awful you have to utilize Magic Penetration gained from your in the Offense tree of your Masteries. Many people use Magic Pen. Red runes however you'll know that 15% of the Magic Pen bonuses recieved from your runes are now useless because of that one Mastery point spent, so rather than letting Red Runes go to waste, add some Armor Pen into the mix. Armor Penetration gained from your Greater Mark of Desolation runes will make Morde's attacks hit a good deal harder and since his abilities must always be on cooldown I tend to play him similar to (for those of you who know what I'm about to say will laugh) a Retribution spec'd Paladin in WoW, ALWAYS have EVERYTHING on cooldown simply put.

Abbreviations/terms used in this build description; SoD , Shield (the silver bar beneath your health gained from Mordekaiser's passive ability , CotG C.Death and lastly MoS .

As for playing this build it's a simple enough matter;

Early Game:
Grab a and a as they will allow you to use you abilities (which cost a bit of health with each cast) and sustain some damage from an enemy's harassment. You should be able to stay within your lane and ALWAYS last hit minions with your abilities... Which following my build you will be using both and when they are both off of their cooldowns. Keeping in mind to kill the minions with the abilities so that you are making a great deal of gold all the while. By the 11 minute mark of the match you should be able to afford a completed and your level 1 boots . Continue to harass your opponent and keep them on the defensive so that when you go back to the base to shop they will not have landed any hits on your tower before your return to your lane. When I say harass your opponent I mean when they're pushed against the tower take some "pot shots" using your SoD at them while they camp under their tower, the more pressure you apply to them the more likely that they'll need to fall back to base and heal while you continue to push onward and take their tower down. At level 6 you will get Mordekaiser's Ultimate , which is quite possibly one of my favorite skills in the entire game for many reasons; first it has a passive lifesteal when cast (3% of the target's health with every tick of the damage over time effect) meaning that you are gaining health not only from your regen effects from your 'mog's Armor but also the Ultimate's lifesteal component. Secondly, when an opponent dies while CotG is on their heads you will gain control of their "ghost" which not only acts like a pet (you control their actions with use of the Alt key while your right click, giving the "ghost" the order to attack a target independant of yourself) and gives Mordekaiser a substantial buff in his combat statistics, his Ability Power, Damage, and Health will increase and the "ghost" receives bonus combat stats based upon your adjusted stats, so in layman's terms a seriously strong ghost used to push down a tower or get an extra kill with relative ease. Usage of CotG is what will separate a great Morde from a bad one, if you don't get a kill using your Ultimate the only situation I can forsee this happening and NOT feeling bad about it is if you needed the lifesteal component from it to survive a teamfight that went poorly but, generally speaking, as Mordekaiser very few teamfights will go awry with smart play style and good communication with your team (I cannot stress this enough a team that does not communicate will almost always suffer at the hands of a more organized one, so PLEASE call out the MIA's and ping when you need a gank on another lane it makes for a better gameplay experience for everyone involved trust me).

Mid Game:
After you've completed your you'll now be able to regen a great amount of health and as you're laning you should also take a second or two to hit the creep camps near your lane in the jungle so that you can build upon the passive to your shiny 'mog's Armor garnering yourself more flat health and additional health regen. Your next purchase will be your F.Mallet as this is a staple to keeping your allies close and your enemies always within striking distance, the amount of pain that you can dispense with a F.Mallet and your C.Death ability while smacking them around with that rather large mace of yours plus using MoS and SoD in conjuction with your chasing is something to be reckoned with. With the items in your inventory ( + + ) you'll have at least gotten a kill or so and some assists and with your new found coinage go and make the purchase of your next item the with this little bitty you're now looking rather dashing in your full plate armor and ablaze all the while ^ ^. Your chase techniques will remain the same stay on top of one target using your abilities to maintain your Shield and continue to batter them until they are either dead or camped under their spawn point in their base.

Late Game:
At this point in the game you're going to start getting nearly untouchable with smart usage of your abilities to maintain your Shield (it's a well known fact that Mordekaiser is actually slightly less of a "natural" tank in comparison to other champions such as Singed, Cho'Gath, or Galio without his passive Shield from )and always focusing one target with your team you'll have enough gold to go on ahead and purchase your next item . Now this is one item that many people have questioned me on however my response is simple, with my ability to pound a single opponent into dust what happens when a teamfight starts to go a bit awry? I'm the last surviving member of my team? Well with the obscene amount of health regen from a fully "leveled up" (for lack of better terminology for the passive of your in which you gain flat health and additional health regen I refer to it as leveling up the armor) 'mog's Armor and a nice 20% Lifesteal from your you can withstand some serious punishment while taking down the opposition. Always note that the use of Morde's Ultimate, as previously stated, is what will determine a great Mordekaiser player from a mediocre one, you can always turn a one-sided fight against you in your favor if you get a kill off with CotG as you'll now be stronger than before PLUS using your newly acquired "ghost" to pound your opponents (I should note that your "ghost" can only auto-attack and cannot use their abilities however... with every attack that they land you'll gain more Shield and I'd also like to point out that the "ghost" benefits from your items such as F.Mallet's slowing effect which with your own will allow you to shred your enemies and let noone escape. The first 5 items in this build are the sequenced purchases and are critical to the success of this style of play, the last 3 that I placed in the list are circumstance items meaning if they have a hard physical carry champ such as , , I would suggest going the route. If they haven't got a mixture of magical damage champs (i.e. , , ) then absolutely grab the G.A. provides a balance of Armor, Magic Resistance and the nice ability to "reincarnate" upon death once every 5 minutes, not with full health mind you so be careful. However if the opposition isn't doing that well and you have the money to spend then I recommend getting a second Cape to put the final nail in their coffin, you're now going to be a powerhouse from which noone can survive one-on-one against since you'll have your C.Death's damage coupled with the 80 DPS (damage per second) from the 2 Capes and your other abilities to maintain your Shield at all times they will either concede and watch as their Nexus gets torn down or they may just surrender so that they can lick their wounds and move on to their next match.

As with any of my builds I always appreciate comments, criticism, input is always good however if your flame my build please give a reason and also TRY IT before you say negative things.