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Wukong Build Guide by pingo2

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pingo2

The 1 Wukong

pingo2 Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Introduction to the 1 True King

Wukong, Master yi's apprentice, wields a Iron Rod of total devastation, and he does it like a true boss. He is a terrifying assassin in the jungle and a monstrous brute fighter on the battlefield, no enemy is left unhurt. His powers are difficult to control for many summoners, but that is why i give i this guide of true knowledge on how to do so, if you fellow summoners, are ready to learn the way of the monkey king.

I have fought some matches with this Monkey, but no other Wukong could match The 1.

Please comment and vote =D

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Pros / Cons


-Good laner
-Hard to kill
-Hard to gank
-Hard to avoid
-Very Strong lategame
-Great in Teamfights


-Not strong early
-Needs good farm
-Lacks actual slows and stuns

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- 1.66 Armor Pen, the only right choice as a AD carry.

- 0.75% Dodge chance, i prefer those over Armor, they work well with your masteriesand adds more to the ninja part of being Wukong The 1.

- 1.16 MR Adds just the Mr we need for not getting bursted down by all the fed casters. Our passivecontributes aswell.

- 2.25 extra AD each rune to compete with all the other AD carries who chooseinstead ofin early game. Extra AD will also help you last hit creeps.
If you dont have these then imo+ 3.33 Armor Pen is just as good, just not early on but later when the tanks start stacking armor to counter you.
If you are new and are affraid of dying alot then i dont see anything wrong with taking+26 HP. Alot works well with Wukong The 1, but what works best for you?

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

Summoners spells
- Exaust is an amazing spell as it allows you to gank and win some important 1v1 fights.
Imagine that you are being chased by fx. teemo or vayne with about 10% Hp or xin zhao tries to take you on when you have 50% and he has full.

I did this a couple of times.

1st step:
- lets them charge and but thier burst on to your clone.

2nd step:
- Let out some burst and confuse them.

3rd step:
- Exaust them, redusing thier Armor MR, MS and dmg output.

4th step:
- More burst and redusing thier armor even more, autohit untill exaust goes off, then if you can useto knock them up and prevent them from using skills + doing nice dmg. Evt. try to go into a brush and dash out with yet an other nimbus + crushing blow combo.

With your sheen this combo will do insane dmg, watch them qq.

- Just the best summoner spell imo, this allows you to easily escape ganks and land your crushing blow on some who is running away in a teamfight or simply flash out of tower range after a succesful kill.

Other options:

- Ignite if they have alot of healing and you like to do nimbus, ignite, crushing blow, flash combo.
Ghost, if you dont think your trinity force and ghostblade will make you able to chase anyone down. Which they will. But still good for getting fast into a teamfight.
Smite if you are planning on jungling/ semi jungling and getting some early exp advantage + for taking drake.

Wouldent recommend:





- 3 points More Crit Chance for dealing dobble dmg can only be good.
- 1 point Improve your exaust by making it last it 0.5 sec longer and reducing your enemy's Armor and MR by 10 each.
- 4 points 4% more attackspeed,do i have to explain that you are a melee carry?
- 1 point, ignore 2 armor on attacks, yes plz.


Now let me explain, you are a melee carry. MELEE means that you mainy will be close to your opponant if you want to do anything. When you are close to them then you are in range of any possible attacks. You wanna be able to last more than 1 sec in a teamfight, therefor you put 21 mastery points into the defensive tree.

+3 points in each for 6 extra armor and resistance. This can only be helpful and works great with our passive
4 points into this for 2% dodge chance this means that you in the idea take 2% less dmg from normal attacks and next
1 point intowhich make you gain 10% MS when you dodge, great way of escaping anyone who chases you.
3 points into this and block 2 physical dmg from attacks i suppose this means from minions aswell so when you take minions agro you wont take as much dmg from all those small annoying attacks.
3 points into this gives you 36 hp, you may remember endless times you survived with like 36 hp or less, (lucky bastard), this will allow that to happen more often.
3 points into this which gives you additionally 4% attackspeed. offence in defence? =O
1 point into this and our talent tree is complete, imo this is the best mastery there is 4% less dmg taken!! So nice, this takes you a long way and is worth all the 20 points we put into all the other awesome masteries in the defensive tree.

What good are you in a fight if you can only hit and not take a beating too?

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The King's Equipment

As Start item I buy abecause it is the best laning item there is besides the item it is build into -->this item gives u both Hp, mana regan and ½ g/sec, you stay healthy and can use your abilities and generate money, now who doesnt want that?

Now i get ato be able to take more damage and generate even more money! I now generate 1g/sec.


Now for boots i recommendto compensate for the MR you wont get each lvl as with armor. And ofc. for the Tenacity which make you more mobile in a teamfight, which is what Wukong is best at, i explain that later.

You can also getIf you see the other team have almost non ap carries nor cc at all, but alot of ad carries that are based on auto-attacks like ashe, yi, jax, or mf. For example Pantheon, wukong and renektons dmg are based alot more on thier abilities so you wont profit alot from the dodge chance.

is a good pick if you see a team substantual of non-burst champs and can affort to trade the tanky boots for some attackspeed. A team like that could be Shen, trundle, taric, katarina and kayle.

The Damage Core

Trinity Force is the most amazing and important item for Wukong. It has all he needs for dealing magnificent dmg chasing down enemies and escaping from them aswell.
Sheen is the first part i buy as it allows wukong to do some good burst even without high AD.
I only buy this first if i can buy it out when i come back to the shop, if not, i wanna buyandbecause they give way better stats than the ingredienses for sheen, and are built intowhich has an amazing passive.
I always buy zeal as the last part for trinity force because i dont think it adds enough on its own and the MS bonus first really adds up when trinityforce in complete.

I think lifesteal on wukong is a MUST HAVE as it makes him able to do Golem, Lizard and Drake much easier and also stay out in the battlefield much longer, it works perfectly and also adds a great deal to the tanky part.

This item makes alot of sense as we already have bought vamparic scepter and it adds a great deal of his actual attack dmg ecspecially if you get some stacks on it.

Next i like to getto prevent my enemies from just stacking alot of armor to counter me, and since we have Crushing blow to also add armor penatration, then alast whisper would almost be to much. Anyway we wont focus tanks, but we cant let them stand in our way of scoring an ace.

An other good argument of gettingis that it builds intowhich also adds 15% crit chance and besides that has an excellent active which grands a movementspeed boost and 50% attack speed for up to 8 seconds. Use this as much as possible; it's good for jungling and pushing as for chasing and running.

When your core is complete keeping an elixir of agility active is a good idea.

Late Game Staying Alive

Optional items are:

This item i highly recommend because it adds a good amount of armor, dmg and it makes you have about 50% crit chance in total. I would get this in every game, if it wasnt because i can be forced to pick fx. a GAinstead.

Warmogs Armor is a great choice for overall surviveability as it gives you alot of health and it also stacks well with your.
So if you dont see anyone as an ecspecially threat to you then buy warmogs as HP protects from both AD and AP.

banshess is what i get if the enemy have like a fed orianna, annie, brand or karthus, because i wont have top be afraid of charging into thier faces because thier OP combos wont slay me as a worthless noob. SO clearly get banshess if they have a indtimedating ap carry.

Is what i get if the other team have some mega fed Yi, ashe, tryndamere, mf or what ever late autoattack carry. I get this for the great armor bonus and because it will slow thier attackspeed also helping my team8's survive the violent autohit rampage, and besides that it also gives me alot of CD reduction which means alot more spinning, crushing, and nimbusing from my side. =)

Now GA i only think you should get in are very tight situation, you know those fights that are really close and where one teamfight can be the matter of winning or losing. Dont bother getting it if you can see its clearly going bad or good, if the match is getting nowhere this can be a good choice.

Btw I Sellfirst and thento make room for my last items.

When your have all your items, dont forget to buy pots-->-->
Wards are always good for anyone. =)

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Skill Usage

Stoen Skin
This passive ability says what wukong is all about, im not a 1v1 champ(great at it tho), you cant gank me and im a teamfighter. I simply love this ability because it makes you gain up to 40 extra armor and MR, that is 40% less dmg, just awesome. Additionally with time you learn to see when your armor and mr are increasing when fx. you are on your way into a brush this lets you detect if there are enemies, and how many.

Crushing Blow

This ability is great as it let you deal 30% more dmg for 3 second and also for fellow AD carries. This ability should be landed as often as possible because of the amazing dmg it deal and the armor pen effect, if possible land it before you use your nimbus strik, to make it deal more dmg. This also triggers trinity force's passive, so when you push a turret, just spam it.

You wanna put your first skill point in this because you dont wanna fight in lvl 1, just stay alive, so if someone is trying to kill you as you facecheck or you make a mistake, this can be you free escape, always keep it ready. Also when you see someone is about to charge you or cast some ulti into your face, then you cast this and let them it take the burst and then disappear, wonderful abilty. If you wanna prevent a skillshot from hitting you this will gladly stand in your way too, fx. brands fireball, blitz grab or nida's spear. You can also fake this by standing still, but it's not garanteed that it will work so dont fake it too often, ppl will stop falling for it and it can be very risky. Getting out of a fight or make them stop focus you is just hit W and run, dont be to predictive.

Nimbus Strike
This is ability is amazing it allows you to initiate, escape, hit 3 opponants, chase, creep, jungle, even jump over walls.
1st of all, farming with this is great but you cant really trust it to just kill the minions or do much dmg before its lvl 3-5, but it's always good for landing a easy lasthit even in low lvl. In the jungle it is great because when you use it, it gives you 20-40 % extra attackspeed, so use it every time you can also when you are pushing a turrent, then use it on the enemy minions to gain more attackspeed.
When someone is chasing you maybe you're lucky some jungle creeps are warded, jump to them or maybe in lane, press e and escape.
You can easily jump someone under a turret with low hp and kill them (have flash ready if it is early), jumping into a teamfight is easy, come out from a brush, jump someone then use decoy if you think they have something nasty things in mind for you then start raping them.
If someone with low hp is running close to thier friend but you cant reach them, then maybe you can reach thier freind. =)

This ablity allows you to escape, chase, cancel channeling ulties and do amazing dmg, people might run away from you when you do this. In a teamfight this gives very good initiation, often i just flash or use nimbus strike into the very center of the enemies and then i start spinning, they all start shattering and it gives nice room for my team to charge in. Well the knock-up effect this ability has makes you able to cancel ulties for every 1 in the enemy team, malz, ww, mf, nunu and fiddle drain are all gone.
Also alot of times i save my friends by using my ulti to delay the enemies just a little bit when someone is being chased. This ability also gives you more MS over time, maybe just the bit you need for cathing or getting away from someone.

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Farming and Teamplay

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Screenshots and Replays

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