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Draven Build Guide by Varreus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Varreus

The ADC with attitude.

Varreus Last updated on September 30, 2012
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Introduction: I notice people tend to hate on Draven's end game. But I also noticed that Draven has a great end game as long as he is played right and gets the correct build. (Oddly enough the recommended build does wonders for Draven. A little twicks are all that was needed to make it deadly.)

The build is very simple, if expensive to follow. So make sure you get plenty of farm!

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Pros / Cons

Draven's pros and cons.

Pros: Does amazing damage, (even end game if you build him according to this build.) his passive with crit is dangerous when you stack on the crits. Even if you die chances are you take your enemy with you with a single crit hit. Life steal and attack speed stacked onto this makes him a deadly force to contend with.

Con's: Slow as S!!! If you get slowed or stunned, Draven is done for. Gg, bye bye. Just focus on the weakest enemy nearby to get that kill before you die at least. Also he can't chase very well without his E, and even then its iffy at the best of times. Squishy as F!!! He can not take ANY abuse. Which is good it balances him out but sometimes it can really just make you want to scream, cause if you had a milisecond longer the guy you were fighting would have died instead of you.

Overall: Draven plays well as an ADC, throughout the entire game if played correctly. Just make sure not to screw up early game or you will not get that lead back.

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Building order: Why it is important.

It is crucial to get that attack speed up as fast as possible. Because of Draven's W it can really push for that win, plus you should be having someone assist you in everything. Then life steal on top of attack speed + crit chance always helps.

The building order for those confused.

Start out with Doran's blade for extra damage early game to get that first blood. Then buy your berserker greaves. Then move onto your first phantom dancer, for that attack speed and crit.

Then move into blood thirster for obvious life steal reasons and attack damage is always a plus.

Move into infinity edge for the boost to the critical and attack as well.

Sell the dorans at any point in this process to buy what you need but I recommend keeping it until you have your Blood Thirster.

Now at this point you want extra attack speed and crit so build that second Phantom dancer to get you the win. Enjoy the build!

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How to play Draven early game.

Take Doran's blade early. Most people go with Boots and pots, but I find it does not work so well on Draven. Just remember as you are laning to be a bit more aware of your HP.

But at any rate, focus on attacking champions and get first blood or at least early champion kill or two. This plus farm should allow you to get berserker's greaves or start building it at least on your first recall.

After this you should you should continue to harass the enemy heavily but always remember to last hit those minions. Be aggressive but also don't be stupid. If you do this properly you should be on your way to building your first Phantom Dancer by mid game.

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Draven Mid Game.

This really depends on how the game is going. Ideally you should stay in your lane farm, get turrets, and kill champions. But things happen and your team may need you as back up. Hopefully soon into mid game however, you get your first phantom dancers. That should help your damage output enough for you to get some more kills, and farm better.

Basically: just go where the team needs you but continue to push your lane as much as possible. try to have blood Thirster built and infinity edge partly built by end game. Solo'ing dragon might help with the gold output but only do this once you get thirster, otherwise dragon will eat you alive.

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Draven End game.

This is crucial you get this right. If you don't then you could lose the game for your entire team. Hopefully at this point you have mostly built your infinity edge, if not thats ok. Farm jungle minions and get dragon often to make up for this however.

Depending on the situation you may be doing a varity of things, but make sure you always back up your team when a fight is happening. You should at this point be able to easily solo a 2v1 and murder individual champions with no hesitation.

Most say Draven's end game isn't that good but I find if you give him the right balance of attack speed, life steal and critical hit Draven can dominate the end game. Make sure to blast through that final Phantom quickly though, you will need the extra attack speed plus crit chance to make your enemies fear you.

Good luck and have fun.

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To Summarize: Draven is an amazing champion all game long. Played correctly he can knock down turrets, destroy entire enemy teams like no ones business. His only weakness is his chasing and ganking ability. That and he is squishy like no ones business. But as long as you play him right and make sure to use that W and Q properly, that shouldn't be a problem.