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League of Legends Build Guide Author RivalForce

The Almighty New Meta

RivalForce Last updated on January 28, 2013
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The Idea

Hello and welcome to my new meta idea/guide. The new meta is a lot like the previous meta but instead of a bruiser/assasin going top they will go bot along with an aggresive support. The ADC will go top, yes this will cause problems if the adc doesnt have an escape. In order for this style of play to work you will need 3 things...

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Aggresive Support

The support that goes bot lane must be aggresive and have the ability to give the bruiser you are playing with potential to kill and shutdown the adc you are laning against

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A Bruiser/Assasin With High Kill Potential

The bruiser/assasin that goes bot with the support must be able to play on the aggresive and shutdown the adc by rather denying them their farm or just straight up killing them which then again will deny them farm

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ADC With the Ability to Kite Well/Escape

The ADC you will go top with needs to be comfortable with their champion (no first timing) and the champion they are using must be able to kite. This works better with a escape but can be used for ashe's case with her slow. (Using ashe is risky top due to the fact of if her opponent can jump on her she will get killed) I would recommend using ADCs such as Vayne, Ezreal, Corki, Graves etc. These champions can all dish out damage and kite but can also escape when needed. The reason i did not put cait on this list is because she needs someone with a attack speed steroid so she is good late. The only times this would work with this meta is if you had a nidalee mid or nunu jungle since they are not very good as a kill lane support compared to taric or leona.
This pick top should try to be your one of your later picks because you don't want your adc to go against a strong assasin top and just get shut down, in the event of this happening you can always shift your adc back to bot lane and your bruiser/assassin top again.

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In this type of team format the jungler on your team will have a similar task to what he/she did before. The difference is that at top lane ganking has a more kill potential than it does bot. This means that if your jungler is doing well they could keep ganking top hence feeding your ADC. Obviously your jungler still has to farm and gank other lanes but your bot lane really shouldn't need a jungler's presence unless going for an early kill to snowball or the lane is just failing.

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Mid Lane

Now with the current meta being so differentiated in the mid lane between ad mids and the normal apc it doesnt matter when using this meta. They do almost exactly what they would do normally except maybe gank top more than bot. The only thing that is different in their play is their pick choice. Your mid is going to want to play a tankier mid such as maybe lee sin, ryze, diana etc. if you are going for a strong mid game teamfight presence

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As you can see this meta has a very good potential if played right and executed well, but if not played correctly can cost you the game like most meta changes that go bad. If executed well though you can shut down their adc and get your ADC and your bot lane combo fed rather easily if the time is spent to practice this formation of champions. This probably won't work the first time you do it, maybe it will but with practice and perfection this meta will dominate the other team while they are confused to what just happened to them after their loss.


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