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LeBlanc Build Guide by GundamMeister

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GundamMeister

The anti mage carry carry

GundamMeister Last updated on October 15, 2011
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Le Blanc is one of the " always will be OP" type of champions,but you can still be horrible with her.This isnt a conventional FULL AP guide, but rather a assasin and survive guide. Ive done plenty of builds but this will be my first guide, since simply giving a Le Blanc build is terribly mean. I wish i can do better, but i will. but at the moment i must wait cause i have no time. What i dnt like is the usual " GET MEJAIS" mindset of le blanc, but usualy this means end game you will kinda be a Kamikaze plane, kill the carry and die.

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Pros n Cons

-Nice harrass combo
-Is a gurantee killer when you get ultimate
-Arguably best burster in the game, next to Akali and Annie
-Doesnt depend on AP early on, giving her more viable starting items ( rod of ages, Banshees veil)
-2 (or 4) very great skill shots.
-Best Juker in the game.
-Is an anti carry carry or an anti mage mage
-Can be a very bad laner
-Viable counters
-Can not farm great
-Sadly she is ugly
-CC affects everyone
-You cant run from rammus...

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I take Magic pen for quintences and marks, then get HP for seals. You can get mana regen for glyphs, but i get AP per level.

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I start out with a Dorans Ring, then build into my Rod of ages, after that i either start on getting mejai stacks or rush rylais.I either get rabodens deathcap or zhonyas, which ever u think is more important.I finally end the build with either lichbane or GA, but I perfer GA since i can flash in take some one out, die, revive and run away. You may use items like Code of the ancients or a personal favorite for rammus and shen, Deathfire grasp. If you are being out manned by lets say annie or akali, use a Banshee veil, making you a full anti carry carry.

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Its all up to choice, I go with 2 escapes/chasers, but sometimes i take flash out for Ignite.
You can use exhaust if your team dsnt already have one, but really the 2 escapes are much better.

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The Skill

Le blanc mite be OP but that doesnt mean dont need skill.Here I'll explain how to assasinate,juke, and the very ever present Le blanc kill.

Fisrt lets get the Le blanc kill out of place.( Note u must be at least level six)First You Etheral Chain them, and dont be afraid if they ganking you, because when this happens this is the best time for the Le blanc kill. When they get snared, use sigil of silence and then your ultimate. Usualy they should die around the ultimate, but if they are still standing simply use distortion. This will ALWAYS kill a non tanky champ, and i havent seen any one survive this except mayb Morgana.

Now lets get the harrassment in. Le blanc is great since she has a great harras combo that doesnt require alot of mana ANDD silences them, so those pesky Annies or nunus cant do **** against you. Simply use sigil of silence and distortion. I hope they never nerf distortion, because that what makes LE blance the greatest juker ever seen.

Now lets break down the le blanc juke round.

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The Juke

I wish i can make it more comprehensive, and in the future i will too, but what makes le blanc so great is her very awsome flash. It mite not be the best chaser, but certaintly no one can chase you. Coupled with your ultimate you will be ungankable.

She is highly unpredictable, since you may do awesome things like:

Juke Forward, and just return back again.

flash to yout tower and lead a diving champion, and distort back

Flash 3 times JUST to get away. ( funny i have done this b4 in a straight line)

Scout baron considerably well, and mayb steal it if its low enough.

SUPER DUPER mislead that you just got ganked and distort back again.

Clean up after a team fite that you coudnt make it to and still get away

Just plain fun to kite with ^^

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I hope that this will atleast help some players, and i feel bad that i have no pictures. But I'm really into making guides no one reads not for the fame, but to help nubs like those b4 me who made awsome guides.