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Rengar General Guide by Tymleged

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tymleged

The Apex predator of the jungle.

Tymleged Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Rengar , The Pridestalker. (UPDATE BUILD)

Hello , I am Tymlegend and I am new to making guides but as far i know , I always thought I could give it a shot for a champ i really like.

Upcoming :
Item pictures and Situational items.
Ingame pictures from rengar + skin + abilities.
Abilities pictures.

I am open to suggestions ;

So , here is my build for Rengar , The Pridestalker.

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Summoner spells.

Flash , yeah flash is normal for alot of junglers, I like it for rengar, since he hasn't great Gap closers.

Smite , In my opinion Smite is a must.
Since rengar hasnt got really amazing output at level 1, u could have some trouble if u don't have smite.

Additional spell :

Ghost , For Rengar I think it is a good alternative for Flash.
At level 6 , when u walk in with ur ult + ghost u pick up an amazing speed , in which i almost
Consider it to be more surprising than flash.

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For runes i picked :

Quintessences :

It offers an additional 7,7 Attack Damage.
This helps u to finish ur jungler faster and do a little more impact in ur ganks.

Marks :

This will give u 0.95 Attack damage per Rune.
So together with ur Attack Damage Quintessences , u receive an extra 12.4 Attack damage.

4 of these marks will give u an extra 6.6 Armor Penetration.
this will be usefull for the early ganks against some more tanky opponents.

Seals :

I just run with a full flat armor , These runes together give u 12.7 armor @ lvl 1.
I find it really usefull to be a little tanky from the start , so u don't take to much damage from ur jungle creeps.
It will also help u endure some more damage when u go gank on ad-heavy characters.

Glyps :

I also like to go with flat Magic resist from the start.
These Runes will give u 12 Magic resist.

This will allow u to gank mid more safely, the change that when u gank them they might use 1 or 2 moves on u , this can add up to some serious damage, and u don't want to return to ur jungle with low Hp.

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For masteries i Picked ;


Although , if u put some points in Utility , u have longer buff durations , but on Rengar I don't find that neccesary.
With 21 points in Damage, u have enoug lifesteal and damage to help ur sustain and damage.

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Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons


High Mobility. Can be risky jungler
High Burst.
Great Sustain.
Decent Junglespeed
No mana
Awesome predator skin


Can be risky jungler if u don't get a decent pull.
Bad gap-closers except in the jungle.
Long cooldowns at lower levels.

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Items :

1st Item : As my starting item , I start with Boots + 3hp Potions.
This will allow u to come quicker to ur enemy.

After u have ur phage/sheen , get ur mercury treads/ninja tabi.

2nd item : Bonetooth necklace, This item will give u Extra 10 attack damage + 2 per level.
Everytime u get a kill or assist , u receive trohpies.

3 Trophies: +10 armor penetration + 5% cooldown reduction.

6 Trophies: +25 movement speed

9 Trophies: Rengar's leap gains 150 bonus range.

14 Trophies:
Thrill of the Hunt's duration is increased by 3 seconds. Additionally, Rengar's next ability used after activating Thrill of the Hunt generates 1 bonus Ferocity.

3th item : Phage, sheen, If u almost die after every gank, or having trouble in the jungle, u might want to pick up phage before sheen.
If u want some extra damage to clear ur jungle faster or for u ganks, u might want to pick up sheen first.
After u finished ur boots and giant's belt, i usually finish my trinityforce.

4th item :
Giant belt, this item give u some extra tankyness,it also allows u to stay in a fight for a longer time.
After Trinity force,u finish ur giant's belt into Warmog's armor.

5th item : Hexdrinker ;
Hexdrinker gives u some more sustain and damage, and an usufull shield.
Finish building Maw of Malmortius after Randuin's Omen.

6th item :
For my last item , i almost always pick up the Guardian Angel
This item will let u revive, so u have 2 times to fight or to escape.

Bonetooth necklace isn't added, because mobafire hasn't put it in yet.
But if u are picking up kills and assist u might want to get the bonetooth instead of hexdrinker.

As second Item , get ur boots , Don't finish boots, immediatly.

If the enemy is an Ap-heavy team , Pick the mercury's treads.
If the enemy is an AD-heavy team , Pick the Ninja Tabi.

As 3th Item , Get the Bonetooth Necklace , This item isn't show in this build , because i could'nt select it.
But get it as third , Dont get it if u dont like the stats , or if u losing.

As 4th Item i picked the : Trinity force.

U are most likely don't purchase it in 1 go .

So if ur having trouble with surviving or sustain , get the phage, if u just can't get the kills , Get the sheen. The sheen is pretty usefull and does alot damage , for that cost.

As a 5th item , u can get either Frozen Hammer , or Aegis of the Legios.
If ur team doesn't have a tanky character , u can get a warmogs, thornmail , or Force of nature.
But i prefer , Frozen mallet or Aegis of the Legion.

As my last item , i always get the Guardian Angle , this item is really nice , and let's u stay in the fight longer , or have more chance to succeed in committing.

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Skill explenation.

Rengar has some nice skills that makes him The Total Package.""

Passive: Unseen Predator
While in brush or stealth, Rengar will leap at the target when using his basic attack. Rengar builds 1 Ferocity with each ability he uses on enemies. When reaching 5 Ferocity, Rengar's next ability becomes empowered, granting it a bonus effect.

Q: Savagery
Rengar's next basic attack deals bonus damage and grants him increased Attack Speed for a short duration.
Ferocity Bonus: Rengar deals enhanced damage and his Attack Speed bonus increases.

W: Battle Roar
Rengar lets out a battle roar, damaging enemies and gaining bonus Armor and Magic Resist for a short duration.
Ferocity Bonus: Rengar heals himself for a large amount.

E: Bola strike
Rengar throws a bola at his target, slowing them for a short duration.
Ferocity Bonus: Rengar roots the target.

R: Thrill of the Hunt (Ultimate)
Rengar activates his predatory instincts, stealthing and revealing all enemy champions in a large radius around him. He gains Movement Speed and rapidly generates Ferocity while stealthed.

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Ganking , Focus and jungling Route and skill sequance.

If u want to gank , it is usefull to target the champ that stands close to a brush.
In this way ur passive will allow u to jump on them and instaburst them.

When ganking or in a fight.
Focus the ad/ap carry , with ur W

I usually jump in , and use my Battleroar, the instant that i am at an opponent to boost my Magic Resist and Armor.
Than i Spam My q and when they make an attempt to flee , i try to Bola As fast as I can.

When i hit level 6 , u can just run to warded areas with ur ult , and still have enough time to have max usuage for it.

After u jump in , or sneak behind in stealth , u just Hit the combo that i told before.

Jungling Route :

I usually start with Wraiths and than go redbuff.
With a little pull , this should be easy and quick to clear.
After that i usually gank or go do wolfes / golems after that , just go in for blue buff.
Ur W 15% heal will allow u to stay in the fight , even without smite.

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Well this was my guide ,

Sorry i don't have all those flashy pictures and stuff.
This will come in newer guides, depending how this one goes.
Although this guide doesn't have pictures , its really just to read and u will know what to do.

Well leave a like and rating, and if u want to see some jungling u can go to :

This is my live stream that i started doing again today , whenever i play rengar this will be from now on ,it will be watchable on the stream.


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