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League of Legends Build Guide Author Provocateur

The Balance of Fate

Provocateur Last updated on May 24, 2010
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Wall of text intro:

After my run-ins with Twisted Fate's freebie week, I decided to give him a try and come on over to Mobafire and check out what the general public has to say... ATTACK SPEED! ATKSPD! AS!
Honestly I was amazed at first. The damage output was insane. I was topping the graphs over both teams as #1 in damage dealt. Then one day here comes the pub roller: Enemy TF with a lesser AS build plus critical chance and attack damage. If he ever got the +1up on me, he stomped me. The only thing that gave me the edge over him was my dodge. With that being seen, I took it to the spreadsheets. The numbers I found were not amazingly different in all cases, but being a veteran WoW raider, I like to squeeze my numbers.

Rune BuildCritical hits and attack speed runes are a necessity with TF. Dodge is not, but it's preferred for survivability. Dodge runes can be replaced with more critical chance or attack speed.

Summoner Spells
Exhaust - Double effect. What can you argue about that? Helps run down a speedy target or blind those annoying life stealing ones.

Flash - Always has a good use. Escaping, ganking, etc. You know the drill. Just don't try and flash through the thicker walls with its recent nerf... not that you could very well before. You will get laughed at.
Ignite - Good to finish off kills early to mid-game, but loses effectiveness late-game.
Cleanse - TF is squishy. A well timed cleanse can save your life.

If you play in 3's I'd be asking someone to get fortify. If they are a capable pusher, revive. YES I SAID IT! Less than 1700HP towers go down very fast and I've seen all three towers, the inhibitor and the base fall in the one minute it takes a level eighteen to re-spawn. This is where the lol-revive and fortify can come in handy. Having one or both on the team can help secure a win.

Mastery TreeWe're building an attack damage TF, so the offense tree is a must. What AP damage we have can benefit from the AP per level and 15% penetration. The defense tree can be adjusted for AP armor or AD armor. I often use the AP one (magic armor). Dodge, again, is great to mitigate damage. There's more and more speedy AD people out there now and it helps at all stages of the game.

Skill Rank OrderPick a card is a three-in-one combo. Getting stacked deck at level one isn't terrible, but you never know what you may come across and having a stun or slow is great to start with. From there just get the two and your ultimate, of course. If you feel you're against a hard champion, get a rank in wild cards. It can help harass and I've even used it a few times to get that last few HP off the enemy from the other side of the tower. Just don't invest into it after level 5. It's weak at rank one and won't do much good.

Item BuildGenerally I will start with something I can turn into a core item after a bit of gold, but Doran's shield is always a safe bet. It's one of the best items in the game for stats vs. gold ratio.
From there I like to get a Zeal if possible, but if the laning isn't going so well then go straight for the boots. You want to be mobile and gank ready. Like any game, many of these items are NOT MANDATORY. This is just an ideal build, whereas any game will have situation effects you need to react to.
If the enemy is loaded with AD, get a Ninja Tabi until you feel comfortable, then sell them for Berserker's.

Once things get going with the gold stash, think about the enemy team and what stats and items they are using. Click them and inspect. You can then decide what build to take and start with a few smaller items to help. The Brutalizer and Avarice Blade are both wonderful items for the price. If you get Avarice, try and hang on to it for a bit. It only takes about 13 minutes to make a profit.Phantom Dancer is my personal favorite. It has all the stats I work with. There's no reason I can see to not take this. Core item number one.
Sword of the Divine is the one item that most, if not all, TF builds include. It works directly with Stacked Deck giving you an even higher damage output on that fourth attack. I do not think it as a core item, though, as it is mitigated by magic armor. The huge AS benefit is something worth holding on to, though.
Last Whisper has 40% armor penetration. Even at level one everyone has armor and it increases with level. This item also helps you tear into tank quite nicely. I would consider this a core item.
Youmuu's Ghostblade is not mandatory, but the damage output during its activation is insane. Around an extra 1000+ damage in a full build. Most likely you won't have a lot of chance to sit still and just blast away on someone, so this item works well in general.
Infinity Edge is one helluva boost. If you find yourself getting gold quick, don't hesitate to get this sooner. You should already have crit from runes and Phantom Dancer. Get ready to roll some heads.

Options for Item Build
Malady is a good item for its price, but late game its effect isn't as great as early to mid. The extra damage is mitigated through magic armor. Life steal effects aren't that impressive on TF, either. If anything, buy it then sell it later for an upgrade if capable.
Wit's End also mitigated through magic armor, but can have serious devastation on smaller mana pools. Not a bad pick for mana heavy enemy teams.
Madred's Blood Razor is a good pick for AD heavy teams and also helps farming while creating. I end up farming a lot with TF in the jungle. No, it's not his role, but never waste time. Farm when you can't do much else.
The Bloodthirster can also have a devastating effect if you feel like you can get some use from life steal. The problem is keeping it charged. It's really not worth the risk to get it early unless you are getting in kills and no deaths.
The Black Carver is a great armor killer. Keep an eye on enemy stats. If they have high armor, feel free to replace items in the build for this.

Play Styles

I won't go into too much detail for now, because a lot of TF is practice. You need to use your ult wisely and don't be a tower-hugger unless it's a sure kill. When faced in 1v1 all or nothing fights, I tend to use a double tap method. I tap Pick a Card twice, just taking whatever card fate throws into my hands. It saves you 1-2 seconds of cool down time making your damage output potentially higher, instead of waiting for the stun. If you're faced with champions based on life steal effects, then definitely use the yellow card stun the get the advantage unless you are winning the damage race.

Consider this a second draft of my Twisted Fate build. Once I get some more time and gaming in I will go into more detail with styles and working with different builds or anything the public may request. Unless of course you all deem my build as negative rated. Oh and don't buy the legendary skin. I swear it makes TF smaller and you can hardly see what you're paying $10 for ;)