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Wukong Build Guide by knocx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author knocx

~THE Banana Executor~

knocx Last updated on August 13, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Wukong ~ The Monkey King

Is monkey with a looooong stick :D... but he is also a melee, DPS fighter! and seriously I really don't think, that any special introduction is important here.. haha ;DD
yeah... if you just didn't noticed I think.. and I am not wrong.. he is best if you build that monkey on AD. *period*

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9 aromor penetration marks
9 armor seals
9 cooldown glyphs
2 armor penetration quintessences
1 health quintessence

For runes I take aromor penetration marks, armor seals , cooldown glyphs (you need this cooldown reducion for early game, becouse normally these skill cooldowns are realy huge) and (2) armor penetration quintessences and 1 for health.

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You'll start with Doran's blade, and you shall stay on your lane untill you have at least 765 or 1665 gold (with that you buy Boots of Speedand Long Swordor Phage. Next time you go back to base you buy Mercury's Tradesand Sheenfollowed byVampiric Scepter 'cuz you'll need some lifesteal.. :D

Trinity Force is as I think best possible item on Wukong, so you shall buy it as soon as possible in the game... one of may thigs which I fancy on this item is bonus damage (after an spell is cast, you deal 150% extra dmg). Point with this item on Wukong The Monkey King is that you use it as often as you can!!! for example: jump in with your E than hit with basic, wait a little (2s coolown), use Q and basic and then use Decoy either to runn away or hit hard again!
again the combo is:

E -> basic attack (b.a.) -> Q -> b.a. -> W -> b.a.

*if you level normally you'll get Trinity Force when you start lvling your Crushing Blow, and this spell is the main user of the item.
*someon complained that I get Trinity Force to late... hehe I like to grab first Vampiric Sceptor, and if it works for me it shall to you to :)

The Bloodthrister gives you AD and life steal

*ONE more thing:

Guardian AngelWhy this item helps you?
Well I'll explain it to you: when you go in fight and you turn you ultimate on is very likely that you'r enemies will focus your champ... and the goal for the monkey is to deal huge amount of damage... which your ulty really does! so.. you go in the fight -> activate your ulty -> when it ends and you have low health, you decoy and run in the bush.. and then jump back in the fight -> or if you die in the fight you can also decoy (when you revive use it as soon as possible).. and then you have clean escape ;D

Infinity Edge
I really hope that an explanation isn't necessary here.

What is your last item is up to you....
-> pick Stark's Fervorif you're doing well, and if your enemies arent much feeded.
-> pick Force of Natureif you are dealing with many (feeded) castersa and the game is not going so well.

P.S. if you have enough gold when you first time arrive at base you should buy Boots of Speed and B.F. Sword.

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Skill Sequence

STONE SKIN ~ Wukongs passive is, as I consider one of the best in team fights.. 'cuz it max.-es you'r survivability... late in the game in teamfights, if I do the maths for you: 5x8=40 -> thats additionally 40 MR and armor on your monkey :D
CRUSHING BLOW ~ Its skill which max.-es wukongs next attack damage.. This skill gest bigger rule when you buy Sheen or even better Trinity Force. Combined with one of this items it gives you a fancy amount of damage! :D
Decoy ~ This skill makes Wukong unique.. It makes a copy of the monkey and then you become stealthed (it lasted 1.5s).. more of this skill T'll tell you later.
NIMBUS STRIKE ~ THIS is the skill on which is based all this build.. With this skill Wukong dashes to the target that you pick (and 2 others)... and If is timed well you can avoid some of the enemy champions attacks (idk. for example Corki's Missle Barrage, Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker)
CYCLONE ~ I have to say I love this ulty! :D it deals really great amount of damage in 4s... BUT you must place it well! It is also good for chasing.. escaping.. ;D

I decided to max my Nimbus Strike first, then Chrushing Blow and Decoy last... The main reason, why I give 2nd point on decoy at lvl 8.. is cooldown.. it lowers by 2s.. I think that is really important.. 'cuz of ganks, teamfights...

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Summoner Spells

I take exhaustfor the first skill... But what I really LIKE on that monkey is FLASH! ('cuz of 2 reasons)

1.when you are trying to escape you just simply use decoy -> followed by flash and that's it...
2. when you are chasing sb.. you can do 2 things: you use decoy and flash (you'r enemy will mostly think you stopped chasing.. and then BOOOM!), or you just use flash and your ulty.. end of the story. :D

Spells you might take:
-ignite, -ghost or -teleport

any other are out of the question.

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How to play

˙EARLY GAME˙ -> This is the most important part of the game for Wukong.. play agressive, becouse you can escape really easly.. but don not risk your life with tower diving.. at least till lvl 6 when you get your cyclone!

˙MID GAME˙ -> GO GANKING! but don't forget to farm.. you still need to level. Mid game ends for you when you get Guardian Angel.

˙LATE GAME˙ -> With Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster and Guardian Angel just win the fuc**** game ;D

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In this guide, I showed you how to build an successful monkey! and I think that any other descusion wasn't needed here... I hope this build'll help you :D


1 more thing... this is my first buld, so be gentle with the comments ;D

guide was updated!!!