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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Fonxito

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fonxito

The best mordekaiser(By Fonxito)

Fonxito Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Hi, well the truth is that it is my first guide, I've done that to see the other guides Mordekaiser, and my build I decided to make it work better.
Here is the look of Pentakill (which I like):

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Guide about the game and skills

Here you have a good tactic to find the fb (first blood) up in 5v5, if you're alone with the enemy:

For objects, if you derive enough money for Wargmon armor go directly to the Will of the Ancients, but then I recommend you to buy the armor mentioned above.

Here you have a penta youtube of a guy:

Iron Man (the passive):
With the passive Morde can have a good shield so if you problems because you are chasing to kill you and make him champ distance enemy is Siphon destruction and you're hurting not only the champ enemy, but also give you a shield, and if it will merge with creeping death will give you more defense even more difficult it will be murder.

Mace of Spades:
This ability along with Siphon destruction are the main minions and champions to kill enemies. The Mace of spades is good for if a minion and Champ are together to give the 2.

Creeping Death:
This ability is good enough to defend or help other champions Champions kill enemies, for example, to defend the enemy champions when they persecute you can give defense, this tactic also can use you. To help kill another enemy champion, if the ally is killing you and you still had not come to kill you too you can throw away this ability to take damage and even death.

Siphon of Destruction:
This ability is my favorite because it has ranged damage but is not very long distance, if you raise the max. and power items you catch skill is the ability to cause more damage. This ability is also very good to kill minions and take money for killing them.

Children of the Grave:
This ability is final, I recommend you do not use it when the opponent has most of his life, unless you have your little life and I want to steal life, if the theft of the life of the final merge with any object sucking more life steal spell and he can heal you. If you do the definitive turn when you have little life, to kill him and have an excellent pet up which allows you tanking a turret, like the dragon.

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    If you take objects spell sucking skills not only not cost you life, if not heal you and give thanks to your passive shield.
    The final of the champions if they merge with the
Will of the Ancients which gives suction spell, give life stealing skill and spell suction of the object and give you more life.
The ability of creeping death you can not only you apply yourself, but also to the other champions or even subjects also give you more armor and magic.
His passive allows you to have a shield large enough so they can tank the dragon, Baron or a turret.

    If you do the final when you have the 2 (the enemy and your) life to the max. will not do much, just going to give you life, and if you have your life to the max. will not make much effect, since the final does not cause much damage.
    Morde is a melee so if the enemy has ranged attacks can hurt, unless you have the shield of his passive.
    It can be something of dmg, but can not be a main tank, but is very close.

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The best champions to kill

- Ashe
- Caitlyn
- Corki
- Ezreal
- Kog'Maw (AD)
- Miss Fortune
- Sivir
- Teemo (AD)
- Tristana
- Twisted Fate (AD)
- Twitch
- Urgot
- Vayne

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Morde skins

Other aspects of Mordekaiser are all over the guide(except the original)

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Buenos campeones para matar:
Creo aparte de estos que todos los que tienen stun,ralentizan, silencian o se feedean con facilidad como maestro yi, tryndamere o sion, a lo mejor os resultan un poco mas difíciles de matar, os los señalo en rojo los que creo que pueden ser más difíciles de matar:

- Akali
- Irelia
- Jax
- Kassadin

- Kayle (AD)
- Lee Sin
- Master Yi
- Nocturne
- Olaf
- Pantheon
- Renekton
- Shaco
- Sion (AD)

- Trundle
- Tryndamere
- Warwick (AD)

- Wukong
- Xin Zhao
- Yorick

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The Guards

The Guards:
The guards are the most important in a game, avoiding ganks since most of the time, the guards are more important than the "expensive" are placed on the dragon and the Baron.
In 3vs3 you spend less money on guards so it is best to place them in 3v3, in that respect it seems better 3vs3
Below I give you images of the importance of the guards.

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Placing guards at 5v5

I recommend you put guards, many people are not placed (noobs), which do not stop them ganks and logically not expect it because they have no guard posts. The guards can put on the list of objects where you want but do not make them too soon because you do not have money to get items, and if you do it very late and have killed many times.
If not colocáis all does not matter, but I recommend at least the red, blue, dragon and Baron .

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Placing guards at 3vs3

In 3vs3 you have to put much less with which you can cost less money and get more objects (as I said before). The main ones are buffs (which are just above except that the network is down) there and the Dragon, the others are minor, but by no means, do not put them.

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Summoner spells

:The flash will allow you to escape from certain death and that the enemy champion can catch you, you can even walk through walls, not too wide with ease.

: Lighting is good, because if you do it merged with the final cause further damage and kill even if you have a little more life. And find the fb.

: This spell caster can also be very useful to be tank since you can save from certain death. You can also take this spell to build the tank.

: This spell caster replaces flash, if you're not level enough to flash, you can replace flash.

: This skill is very good to kill an enemy champion or to escape from certain death.

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Look how I go with my build,