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Team Guide by nehnehnehbooboo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nehnehnehbooboo

The Best of the Latest Meta-Game (updated every week)

nehnehnehbooboo Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Team 2012

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What should I play this week?

What is the latest heroes in the current meta game? Read to find out!

Note: My choice of champion rankings is base on my opinions. We may disagree, but lets try to be friends.

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The Top 3 Champion of the Week

Top 3 of 1/1/2012

Best Hardcore Tank
1. A tank that can jungle and gank. Wink*

2. I am spiderman.

3. Healing, CC and tanking? GTFO Alistar.

Best AD Fighter
1. For players with high IQ.

2. Insane damage when she was able to pull off her full combo.

3. Great jungler, great CC, awesome ultimate.

Best AP Tank Mage
1. The King of Metal is BACK

2. Hard to master, but deadly when done right.

3. A good Morgana, is great on any team.

1. The recent patch gave Sivir new toys to play with.

2. New hero, but he works.

3. Undying Rage + Good Team Timing = Lulz

Best AP Caster
1. Once fed, she will eat you.

2. Timing is everything.

3. Ninjas. Ninjas everywhere.

Best Support Role
1. Long Live the queen of support!

2. A close second. Very close.

3. OP JUGS wink*

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The Best of the Best

Team 1/1/2012
and the X Champion


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