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Aatrox Humor Guide by Prometharian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prometharian

The Bronze V way of Aatrox

Prometharian Last updated on April 21, 2014
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Aatrox Build

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You are in Bronze V? You think u only stuck in there cause ur Teams are only filled with "Noobs"? You frel like u just be a challenger? Than this is the Right Guide for you! My Name is Prometharian and i will show you how to kill all enemys and how to win 1 vs 5 against TSM. So let US begin with the Champ. You habe to play Aatrox. Why? Cause Aatroxis the ****ing best Champto kill everyone. Cause he has a long Sword. Yeah you are Wright. A long sword.

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Runes? Runes...No no. U don't need this "Noob ****". You are in Bronze V not like the "real noobs"in silver V man!

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Ok ok stop that. We don't need a Discussion here. You are a ****ing challenger. You just stuck in "elo hell". Yeah youre Right. Just putt all 30 points in Offensive cause ur a ****ing Challenger Man. You don't need real Masteries.

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So what now. U have to deal immense Damage. U know? Huh ok i See. These modern Bronze V challengers... Uum ok. So u Start with a dorans blade. Das all. U don't need pots or something. Ur a ****ing Challenger man. After this u need seriously a Blood thirster, hydra , and all u can find in the shop under "Damage". U don't need tankyness. Ur a challenger. Remember u just "stuck in elo hell". Oh and u dont need shoes cause of "no reason why i should have some" and who need wards?

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Skill Sequence

Just learn skills. U don't have to know When u have to learn the one right skill.

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Take teleport and ignite. So u can kill something anywhere on the map and with ignite u can take even More kills.

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So now u know how to play Aatrox. If u want to kill someone u have to 'Right klick'them. And if the enemy junger came than kill him too.


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