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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khangfucius

The Burning Tiger (Jungle)

Khangfucius Last updated on April 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Udyr is a great jungler, he can clear jungle very fast and become a threat to any lane straight after. In this guide I will try to describe both Tiger and Phoenix jungling. Both are very viable(and fun) in my opinion I play Tiger as DPS (obviously) while Phoenix as a tank. Tiger or Phoenix though I do prefer Phoenix, it's YOUR choice.I hope you enjoy this build

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Pros / Cons

Pro / Cons (tiger)
- Insane burst damage all game
- Ridiculous attack speed
- Great Jungler
- Can Gank extremely well
- Eats turrets and squishy characters
- Tanky

Pros / Cons (phoenix)
- Decent damage output
- Decent AOE damage every third hit
- Very tanky (almost never dies if played right)
- Control over team fights
- One of the fastest junglers in the game

- More team reliant then Tiger Udyr

Both forms of Udyr in my opinion have the same cons
- Susceptible to CC (Crowd Control)
- Has to get close to do any form of damage
- Not the easiest champion to play

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Summoner Spells

Smite: This is your best friend as a jungler It allows you to
- Jungle faster
- Counter jungle
- Control dragon and baron

Ghost: Just for chasing or escaping. Ghost and Bear form almost always means no one can ever get away from you or catch you.

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Everyone is different when it comes to items so if you don't like my items feel free to change them around or suggest to me which items would be better I am always looking for ways to improve.

Tiger Udyr has great burst damage potential most of the time Wriggles, Youmu's, and Sheen -> Triforce will provide you with insane damage output through most of the game from there on you can build tanky of go for more DPS if you wish.

Building Phoenix Udyr can be quite tricky because not every game has the same character set up. For example if the enemy team has 5 AD carries what is the point of going "Force of Nature" you might as well go for a "Thorn mail" and "Ninja tabi" over "Mercury treads". I'm just saying build accordingly to your game. Usually I will always go Aegis first due to the heart of gold change but after that go nuts items should change according to you game don't follow the build blindly.


Madred's Blood Razor
Ok since I started using Udyr not too long ago people have recommended that I should include the Blood Razor into my build although im not a big fan of this item, I find that Blood Razor is really effective on Tiger Udyr it provides more attack speed and extra damage depending on the other persons hp hence giving you more burst damage. I would only get this item if the other team has alot of beefy chracters with lots of HP because even without it your burst damage is still very very high.

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Team Work (Tiger)

Jungle / Laning Phase: Tiger Udyr
Udyr the moment he has lizard buff and bear stance is a beastly ganker the moment you get red and bear stance and take a look around. If anyone on the other team is over extending go slap them in the face with bear form then tear them a new arsehole with tiger form. By the time you have wriggles tiger form should be doing +300 damage on its first hit. On the other hand if there is no one over extending go ward*, counter jungle or dragon until you see an opportunity to gank**.

*As a jungler for the first part of the game IT IS YOUR JOB TO WARD the rivers and enemy jungle.
** PLEASE if your team mate is overextended and calling for a gank while the enemy hero hugging tower NO MATTER how hard your team mate rages at you tell him to back off stop over extending then maybe you can gank. ONLY TURRET DIVE if you know you can survive. Better safe then sorry.

Mid Game
Most games will end at this phase during this phase you should roaming the map controlling both your buffs and enemy the jungle buffs. Team fights should be happening all over the place, please make sure you are relatively close to you team so you can join a team fight at any time. Your job in the team fights is to kill the biggest threat to your team. REMEMBER to control Baron as his buff can turn the tables if you are losing.

End Game
If your game ever reaches this point then this is where it starts to get quite hard for you as tiger Udyr everyone is protecting their carry and that is your main target in team fights. Most of the time if you can kill the carry you win the team fight generally speaking of course. Wait for your initiator to do his/her thing then use bear stance and youmu's in stun the carry and burst them down then if they die proceed to hurt the team. AND REMEMBER TO PUSH so many game I have seen get to this phase and when a team scores an ace they all go back to heal.

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Team Work (Phoenix)

Jungle / Laning Phase: Phoenix Udyr
It is a bit harder to gank with Phoenix Udyr but with a decent team it can achieve the same results as ganking with tiger. Yet again bear stance is needed while red if you have it, it helps. Remember to gank the over extended lane and WARD.

Mid / End game
As Phoenix Udyr you are a tank it is your job to run into a fight and control it. If you don't have an you can do it. Run in with bear form stun as many people as possible switch to phoenix this will force them to spread out due its deceptively high aoe damage if you are taking to much damage switch to turtle tank a tad bit more then switch to bear form and stun etc.

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Well that ends the guide remember that this is a guide it is only meant to guide you on how to play, change up the items as you please play it your way not mine. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Just keep in mind that both paths of Udyr are very effective and are very different.

Thanks for reading my guide